I Love to Eat in Mexico

Oh How I Love To Eat In Mexico!

Derek Food, Mexico 49 Comments

Food plays a major role during my travels. I really enjoy my food, simple as that. And I look forward, each and every day, to the meals that await me wherever I may be. During my recent trip to Mexico, the situation was no different, especially considering how fond I am of the cuisine. I really do love to eat …

Food at Blind Restaurant, Bucharest

Blind For A Night: A Most Unusual Meal In Bucharest

Derek Food, Romania 55 Comments

At first, the restaurant looked normal enough. It was somewhat small, with only 8 tables or so, but it was comfortable and seemed to have a cozy atmosphere. The only problem was that I had no idea what kind of restaurant I was sitting in. My friend had invited me out for dinner the night I arrived back in Bucharest …

Wiener Schnitzel

The World’s Largest Wiener Schnitzel

Derek Austria, Food 21 Comments

If the Wiener Schnitzel that I ate at the Plutzer Brau restaurant in the center of Vienna last week was not the largest Wiener Schnitzel ever created on this grand planet of ours, I shall shave my head and eat only cold soup for the remainder of this trip. Or maybe I’ll just travel to whatever restaurant serves a larger …

Heuriger Wieninger

Vienna, Austria: What On Earth Is A Heuriger?

Derek Austria, Food 21 Comments

One does not need to spend much time in the city of Vienna to understand the reasoning behind it’s constant ranking as one of the world’s most liveable cities. I needed only about four minutes to make this discovery myself as, from the moment I stepped off the train upon arrival, I found myself to be a much greater fan …

How To Eat A Mexican Tostada (Video)

Derek Food, Mexico, Videos 45 Comments

Today’s post offers an instructional video of sorts. While at first it may seem completely pointless to demonstrate how to eat something as basic as a Mexican tostada, I have simply watched too many foreigners struggle with this staple of Mexican cuisine to remain silent any longer. What is interesting is that the actual technique used to eat a tostada …

Sleep, Eat & Surf in Singapore

Derek Food, Singapore 53 Comments

When I visited Singapore recently, which was the third time that I had traveled to this small city-state over the years, something quite bizarre occurred. I actually enjoyed myself. During my previous visits, I simply didn’t connect with Singapore at all. I found it to be expensive, culture-less and somewhat boring, three attributes that are not exactly friends of a …

Ciya, Kadikoy, Istanbul

Food, Food, Food & More Turkish Food

Derek Food, Turkey 63 Comments

It’s quite easy traveling without a guidebook. After all, within minutes of publishing my first post from Istanbul, I received both comments and emails from readers offering me tips on what I should do, where I should go and most importantly, where and what I should eat during my stay. Seriously, why do I need a guidebook when I receive …