Buying a Macbook Pro

Yes, it was.


My Macbook Pro works. Simple as that.

It’s efficient, stable and it’s infinitely more user-friendly than any other laptop I’ve ever owned, which includes an HP, a couple of Acer machines and a Sony Vaio. And my Macbook is also incredibly fun to use, something that, for someone who spends as much time online as I do, makes a major difference. When everything looks and works perfectly, tackling a list of 50 ‘Things to Do’ each day, regardless of how boring or uninspiring each task may be, is a complete breeze, an enjoyable breeze actually.

The Macbook I settled on, after three weeks of research and ten lengthy visits to the Apple Store, is the 13.3” inch Macbook Pro with Retina. It has 500 GB of memory, 8 GB of RAM and a 3.0 Ghz dual-core i7 processor. I bought it refurbished directly from Apple’s online store for $1650 USD, a price tag that definitely comes with a painful sting, but when compared to buying a Macbook Pro with Retina, non-refurbished version (which goes for $2199), the $1650 actually looks quite attractive. That’s how I justified it anyway!

I am clearly aware that I could have bought a Windows laptop with the same or better specifications for less money but still, no Windows laptop that I have tested (and I tested dozens during my research), comes even close to the feel of the Macbook. The Macbook is just such a smooth, impressively fine-tuned machine that I actually get excited to turn it on each day, especially considering that it only takes a half of a second to wake it up from its sleep mode. And all of this makes it worth dishing out some extra money for, at least to me.

With that said, I still stand by my earlier claims that my previous laptop, the Acer Aspire Timeline-X AS1830T-6651, is almost as good as it gets when it comes to travel laptops, for most people. The power, speed, weight and price of the Acer are all more than ideal, creating what can only be considered an undeniably impressive package. But for me, these days, I need something a bit more powerful, a bit more ‘professional’, a bit, well, smoother and, in all honesty, enjoyable to use.

And that’s exactly what I landed with my Macbook.

I turn it on and it does everything it should in a way that allows me to get more done in a shorter period of time and to enjoy getting that stuff done as well. Based on that alone, buying a Macbook Pro was a wise work decision for me and I really am quite happy that I made the change.

But I haven’t been fully converted yet. I still prefer my Android phone over an iPhone!

What do you think? Is it Mac or Windows for you? Care to share why you prefer one over the other?