Welcome To Syria My Friend!

There have been a few brilliantly memorable times in my life when I've been walking down some random street in some random town of some random country and suddenly I find that there's a little extra kick in my step. The hairs on [...]

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Food, Food, Food & More Turkish Food

It's quite easy traveling without a guidebook. After all, within minutes of publishing my first post from Istanbul, I received both comments and emails from readers offering me tips on what I should do, where I should go and most importantly, where and [...]

By |October 16th, 2010|Categories: Food, Turkey|Tags: , |63 Comments

I Love The Unknown

Yesterday afternoon, while eating enchiladas in Brooklyn, a friend of a friend asked me a very simple question. He asked me, “Why are you traveling to the Middle East?” At first, I didn't hesitate to give an answer. I began talking about my [...]

By |October 4th, 2010|Categories: Personal Stuff|Tags: , |29 Comments
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