Things to do in Las Vegas - stunt plane

Awesome Things To Do In Las Vegas (My Favorites)

Derek USA 6 Comments

I just returned from an 8 day trip to Las Vegas. It was my fourth time there. As always, I spent half my time in this city shaking my head. There is no other place quite like it and regardless of any pre-conceptions, it’s worth seeing at least once in my opinion. The main reason I was in Las Vegas …

Travel and social media

A Rant About Travel, Awareness and Social Media

Derek Perspectives 125 Comments

Oh, no. No, no, no. That’s my reaction, all too often these days, when I go on social media. I’m sure we all have seen it. The photo of a travel blogger or ‘travel influencer’ in their cutest or most striking pose, wearing a short summer dress or going shirtless with beer in hand…while standing on the streets of an …

8 Day New Zealand Road Trip

8-Day New Zealand Road Trip (Detailed Itinerary)

Derek New Zealand 17 Comments

After a strange immigration experience at the Queenstown Airport, one that involved my girlfriend and I being interrogated in separate rooms about our online businesses, our 8-day New Zealand road trip finally began. Yes, New Zealand would prove to be spectacular, so much so that it far exceeded every expectation, every single day. If the country, at least the south …


VIDEO: Saying Goodbye to My Passport

Derek Videos 13 Comments

After 9.5 years, 110 pages and 319 stamps, it’s time for me to renew my passport. Here’s a short video I made that talks about my torn and worn out passport and why it’s the stories behind the stamps that is really the most important aspect of this little book. How’s your passport? Care to share any stories behind your …

Travel Guide to Dili - city center intersection

A Quick Travel Guide to Dili, East Timor

Derek East Timor, Travel Costs 16 Comments

If you’re thinking about visiting East Timor, this post is your quick travel guide to Dili and its surroundings. My goal is to provide the main information you need to start planning your trip, and all of the details below are based on my own recent travels to this country. Of course, once you have a read, if you still …