The Perfect 5 Day Portugal Road Trip

After recently realizing that I need more nature in my life, we decided to spend some time outside of Lisbon. As a digital nomad, I felt lucky that I could just pick up and go, knowing that I can still get work done [...]

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How to Travel to Germany on a Budget

There’s no escaping the fact that everything is getting more expensive. With the increased cost of living, you may be looking for ways to reduce how much you spend on your upcoming trip to Germany.  To help out, I’ve come up with a [...]

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Nightlife Ideas When in Prague

  Prague is a beautiful city and it's easy to see why 8 million people savor all that it has to offer every year. As well as the touristy city center highlights, the Czech city has nightlife in abundance. Whereas the Old Town [...]

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Affordable Canadian Cities For Digital Nomads

Many major Canadian cities are fast becoming the most expensive places in the world to live. Ideally, you should travel to Canada before settling there for a significant amount of time, to get a feel for the place. But, for reference, you’re looking [...]

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