Intersection in India
With only 29 days left until the start of the very first Wandering Earl Tour – which for those who aren’t aware is taking place in India – I wanted to provide an update, not only about this first trip, but about next year’s tour schedule as well.

First, the upcoming Welcome to India Tour 2012 is indeed sold out, with ten terrific participants ready to experience a wide range of destinations around North India during the month of November. The itinerary has been confirmed, the transportation arranged and the accommodation all booked and I personally cannot wait to meet this group of people and to begin our journey around India together!

In addition, my good friend/fellow nomad/fellow travel blogger, Anil from, has decided to join the India excursion as well, helping me to conduct the tour while also sharing his vast travel knowledge with the other participants. Not a bad bonus at all.

Partnership Announcement

In order for me to keep the cost of the tours I offer to an absolute minimum (where else can you get a 19-day tour of India for $875 USD?), I decided to look for a few select partners who were interested in supporting this project.

And I am happy to announce that has become a key partner of the upcoming Welcome to India Tour, something that seemed like a great match for a tour that was created for budget travelers and a company that aims to offer the cheapest airfares possible. ever so kindly provided me with the flight tickets I needed to make this trip happen, which naturally helped me save money and as a result, keep the costs of the tour way down. And of course, this is an airfare search engine that I have used quite often over the years myself, as it just so happens that tends to offer certain flight routes and inexpensive airfares that other search engines don’t seem to find. And any website that can do that is certainly a website I’m interested in partnering with!

The Next Wandering Earl Tour

It’s official, the next tour I’ll be offering will be…

“Wander Across Mexico”March 11th – 24th, 2013

Chichen-itza, Mexico

This tour will visit the states of Quintana Roo, Yucatan, Chiapas and Oaxaca, while including such destinations/activities as white sand beaches, snorkeling among sea turtles, a collection of popular and off-the-beaten-track Mayan pyramids, indigenous villages and towns, swimming in underground cave lakes, hikes to waterfalls, into rainforests and through canyons, mountaintop Aztec ruins, a diverse selection of culturally-rich cities and of course, day after day of incredible Mexican food, not to mention many ideal evenings spent with a beer (or fresh juice!) in hand, listening to the mariachi bands play their music in the central plaza of several towns. And that’s just a sample of what this tour will involve!

As for additional information such as the price and an actual detailed itinerary, stay tuned, as I will be posting more about this tour in the very near future.

However, if you want to put your name on the ‘early list’, please feel free to email me because, just like the Welcome to India Tour, this trip will be limited to a maximum of 10 participants.

While I haven’t finalized the other tours for 2013 quite yet, I am planning to offer trips to Turkey/Romania, Thailand and a second trip to India as well based on the requests that were made in the comments and in emails I’ve received. So, there shall be plenty of exciting destinations for next year!

And that’s the update for now…have a wonderful weekend wherever you may be…