Become A Partner of… offers a genuine opportunity to reach and connect with an ever-growing, enthusiastic audience of travel lovers. With a readership that is one of the most engaged out there (an average of 55 comments per post), this site enjoys a great deal of interaction, which leads to an increased interest in the topics discussed and any products/services promoted.

The main focus of is long-term travel and the reality of travel, and the posts and pages on this site include:

  • Destination pieces
  • Useful travel advice and tips
  • Real-life travel stories
  • Articles on food, transportation & travel costs
  • Healthy discussion & debate on a wide range of topics


You can find my site ranked near the top of almost every list of Top Travel Blogs, including the Time Magazine list of Best Blogs of 2012. Other mentions include being in the Top 5 Travel Blogs (in terms of site traffic) over at as well being listed as one of the Top 150 Travel Blogs for Students (#7). I have also been recognized at the Travel Blogger’s Unite Bloggy Awards in the categories of Best-Designed Travel Blog and Best Travel Writing.
My Own Story

What draws readers to this site is my personal experience as a long-term traveler as I’ve been literally traveling, living, working and volunteering around the world non-stop since 1999. My current mission is to prove that a live of travel is not some crazy fantasy but a realistic lifestyle option instead and as a result, I now aim to give the advice and inspiration needed to help others find the confidence to start traveling as well.
Who Is My Target Audience?

The engaged readership of is interested in:

  • World-Wide Travel
  • Domestic Travel
  • Independent Travel
  • Adventure Travel
  • Working Overseas
  • Living Overseas
  • Studying Abroad
  • Budget Travel
  • Travel Gear & Products
  • Travel Planning

My wonderful readers not only think about travel, but they are looking for ways to turn their travel dreams into reality, to get out there and explore this world. If you can help them achieve such goals, this is an ideal audience for you and/or your organization.
Website Statistics

Available upon request.
*(200,000+ monthly visitors)

Demographics: USA 60% / Canada 7% / UK 7% / Australia 4%
Social Media Reach

Twitter Followers: 20000+
Facebook Fan Page Fans: 39,000+
Advertising/Partnership Opportunities

Sponsor a Post
Promote your relevant product/service with a short promotional blurb at the end of a new or existing post or of an existing page, such as “Countries”. While I do maintain editorial control over the content, blurbs can be 2-3 lines long.

Banner Ads
Space for a variety of banner ad sizes is available on the homepage and on individual posts and pages, as well as in the sidebar of the website.

Dedicated Page
Add a 1000-word page to where you can promote your product or service and include up to 3 links back to your website. You provide the content and then I’ll publish it and promote it via my social media channels.

Social Media/Press Trips
What better way to promote a specific destination than by inviting an established travel blogger to visit and explore what a particular city, region and/or country has to offer. There is no easier way to create an instant and far-reaching buzz as I live-tweet and post my experiences during such a trip, as well as write several articles to be placed directly on my site. (My recent trip with the South African Tourism Board is a great example.)

Travel Sponsorship
If you are looking for creative ways to increase your exposure, why not sponsor my travels? Together we can create a unique campaign that may include blog posts, social media, contests, video series and more, ensuring that you reach the widest audience possible. A recent example of such a sponsorship is my “XShot Travel Series“.

Speaking Engagements
I am available for speaking on a variety of topics including long-term travel, alternatives to the 9-5 lifestyle, travel planning and travel motivation. Contact me for more details and to schedule a presentation for your group or organization.

Other Ideas
Always feel free to get in touch with me if you have other partnership ideas that you wish to discuss.

All rates will be provided upon request.

Please visit my “Press” page to learn more about where my writing and blog have been mentioned on the internet.
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Just contact me through the link below and I would be more than happy to send you my comprehensive Media Kit, full of information about and its audience.
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