Truly India Travel – Reliable Travel Agency in India

I met Ajay back in 2012 and we’ve been friends ever since. From the moment I met him and learned all about his travel agency, his team of drivers and most importantly, his honest approach to helping travelers make the most out of their time in India, I was impressed.

His company, Truly India Travel, operates out of a one room office in the Paharganj area of Delhi and if you ever stop by, you’ll instantly be treated as family, not as a stranger.

When you need a reliable travel agency in India, whether to book train tickets, reserve hotel rooms, drive you from one place to another or for a longer period of time, to organize your complete experience, pick you up from the airport or anything else you could possibly need, Ajay is your man.

His drivers are incredible people, all dedicated to their work as much as Ajay, all ready to do whatever it takes to make a traveler’s experience as positive as possible. I’m now good friends with all of them – Bhudi, Nipu and Manish – and they are also the drivers I use for my own Wandering Earl India Tours that I lead a few times per year.

You can contact Ajay before your trip and he’s always more than happy to answer any questions and you can contact him once you arrive and he’ll be ready to assist in any way possible too.

And you don’t have to worry about being overcharged or ripped off or anything like that. His prices are always fair, simple as that. No tricks, no games. High quality service for reasonable prices every time.

This can be an intimidating country to visit, which is why it’s super helpful to have a solid contact and reliable travel agency in India so that you can avoid potential issues.

Ajay is that person. Get in touch with him, tell him what you need for your trip and then relax as it will all be taken care of!

(And be sure to tell him Earl sent you for even better care!)

Truly India Travel

1725 Laxmi Narayan Street
Paharganj, New Delhi 110055

Tel: +91 1143084532 / +91 9910127111
Email: [email protected]