Mathiveri Accommodation: Mathiveri Inn and Mathiveri Island Guesthouse

Yes, it is possible to experience the tropical paradise that is the Maldives without spending too much money.

The answer in Mathiveri Island.

Book your Mathiveri accommodation at one of the island’s two jointly-owned guesthouses, each offering a slightly different experience, and you’ll spend less money for your entire stay than most people spend for one night in the Maldives.

The two guesthouses are the Mathiveri Inn Guesthouse and Mathiveri Island Guesthouse.

Both are situated on this tiny local island that measures 1/2 square kilometer and has a population of barely 800 people. There are no vehicles, the roads are all fine sand, the low houses and simple shops colorful, the local people smiling and welcoming and the beaches truly gorgeous.

And you can experience it all, plus much more as you’ll see below, at these two guesthouses.

Starting rates for such Mathiveri accommodation are around $50 USD per night and while you won’t be staying on a floating luxury bungalow, you will be staying in a comfortable room (with comfy beds, plenty of space and of course a private bathroom) in a laid-back, super friendly guesthouse where you are instantly treated like family upon arrival.

Rooms at both guesthouse are clean, well-apointed and comfortable and each place has their own atmosphere.

Mathiveri Inn Guesthouse – Located only 3 minutes walk from the nicest beach on the island, and 1 minute from the main ‘intersection’ in town (great for shops and cafes), this place also has a lounge where you can just hang out and chat with the staff and other travelers. The restaurant is attached to the lounge, so meals, no matter where you are staying, are served over here. The rooms are a bit larger here too.

Mathiveri Island Guesthouse – These newer rooms (they have 4 rooms) are located in a colorful building that sits only 10 meters (30 feet) behind the main public beach, which is also a beautiful stretch of white sand and acts as the jumping off point to the uninhabited island nearby. There is a common lounge, an outdoor space with lounge chairs and solid wifi here. It’s almost like a hostel setup but with all private rooms.

Mathiveri Inn - Mathiveri accommodation

Mathiveri accommodation

Regardless of which guesthouse you choose to sleep at, the beaches on Mathivri Island really are spectacular…two main white sand beaches, crystal clear water and even that uninhabited island mentioned above, completely covered in white sand, that you can swim to in about 5 minutes or paddle to in a kayak.

Mathiveri accommodation

The guesthouses also arrange awesome excursions at very reasonable prices – snorkeling at a vibrant reef, swimming with manta rays and dolphins (out in the wild), night fishing, visiting a shipwreck, trips to other islands, kayaking adventures, wake boarding and more.

Mathiveri accommodation

Everything on Mathiveri Island – a room, meals and excursions – will cost you an absolute fraction of what you spend at other resorts in this country.

These Mathiveri accommodation options really are the perfect opportunity to experience the tropical paradise of the Maldives on the cheap, something that few people realize is even possible.

I had no idea myself until I started doing the research and I still can’t believe that I had one of the most memorable travel adventures I’ve had in my 16+ years of travel in a destination that I assumed would cost me a fortune to visit. But it didn’t cost a fortune at all and that’s why I highly recommend these two guesthouses on beautiful Mathiveri Island, Maldives!

Mathiveri Inn Guesthouse
Tel: +960 3333501
Email: [email protected]

Mathiveri Island Guesthouse
Tel: +960-742-5437
Email: [email protected]