Hotel Himalayan Villa – Good Nagarkot Hotel

I’ll start with this…this Nagarkot hotel – the Hotel Himalayan Villa – is a little pricier than the places I usually stay, with rates around the $50+ USD per night range.

But here’s why I chose it, and why I’m happy I did.

Nagarkot, Nepal - Good Nagarkot Hotel

Yes, that’s the view from the balcony of my room and I had that same view from my bed as well. I don’t know about you, but I could stare out at those mountains all day long…the mighty Himalayas, a massive stretch of snow-covered, towering, breathtaking mountains that are as beautiful as you imagine.

And the Hotel Himalayan Villa quite possibly has the best view of any Nargarkot hotel.

The location, at the far end of the road leading out of Nagarkot’s main intersection, at first seems isolated. But I quickly learned that despite the silence, despite the uninterrupted views, I was only a 15 minute easy walk into the center of town.

I would enjoy the included breakfast at the hotel and then later in the day, walk into town for lunch at one of the local cafes, perhaps hike up to the viewing tower or just wander around.

And in the evening I would take my mountain blanket, wrap myself in it and sit out on the balcony as the sun would set over the Himalayas.

Simply incredible.

Again, this particular Nagarkot hotel is a bit expensive but you get decent rooms with surreal views and in my opinion, that makes it worth it. Even for one night, to have that view above every time you look up…sign me up!

Of course, as this is Nepal, the staff were incredibly friendly and accommodating and everyone worked hard to make sure I had a great experience. That was just the bonus that made this an ideal stay.

Hotel Himalayan Villa

Nagarkot, Nepal

Tel: 977-01-6680119 / 016205501
Email: [email protected]