Carpathian Cottage – Stay in a Romanian Village

My friend Codrin started the Carpathian Cottage project in 2014, turning a crumbling, dilapidated old country house into a modern, comfortable Airbnb cottage, while maintaining almost all of the traditional charm.

Located in a tiny community in the Transylvanian countryside, high up near the top of a mountain, spending a few nights here is the ultimate chance to stay in a Romanian village.

The place is gorgeous, simple as that. With a bedroom, living room, dining room and kitchen, as well as a modern bathroom and even a sauna, the house is as comfortable as it gets.

Carpathian Cottage - stay in a Romanian village

Stay in a Romanian village

And the setting is breathtaking, with views out over the valley and distant mountains right from the house and it’s yard. The village is a collection of ten simple houses and there are paths to wander around but up and down the mountain. You can hike to the top, you can head out some beautiful vantage points, you can hike all the way around the rocky peak or you can wander all the way down to the main village below.

Codrin can organize everything – from pickup at the closest train or bus station to meals to local activities and more. He’s super friendly and is always on hand to help out if needed or if you want a more private experience, he’s cool with that too.

He can cook some awesome meals on the open fire though!

There’s a reason why his place has received such excellent reviews as there really is no place like it and no better person to organize such an experience.

So if you want to stay in a Romanian village and really enjoy something different during your visit to this country, an adventure that is absolutely unforgettable, check out Carpathian Cottage for sure!

Carpathian Cottage

Paulesti, Romania
(above Bulzesti de Sus)

Tel: +40 762932318
Email: [email protected]