Bengtskär Lighthouse, Rosala, Finland

Bengtskar Lighthouse, Finland

Out on a tiny rocky island, some 25 kms from the coast, stands the Bengtskar Lighthouse, a lighthouse that requires a beautiful one hour ferry ride to reach. And inside of the Bengtskar Lighthouse is six guest rooms where visitors can spend the night in what has to be one of the most unusual places in all of Finland.

Without much to do, visitors can roam around the rocks, taking in the lighthouse and the sea views from hundreds of different angles or they can relax in their room or in the common areas, just enjoying the remarkable peace and quiet of this isolated location. Meals are served on the premises, meals that are freshly prepared with local Finnish ingredients and include chicken, fish and vegetable dishes, not to mention dessert and plenty of tea and coffee.

In the evening, you may walk down to the small Finnish sauna, an experience that is usually quite therapeutic but perhaps even more so when you are so far away from civilization.

Guests are free to climb to the top of the lighthouse tower, both during the day and even at night, where you can sit on a chair way up in the light room, staring out towards the horizon and just watching the movement of the sea.

While at first you may think that such a place would get boring, I’m quite confident that, just like me, you’ll find yourself wishing you had booked a room for an entire week. A stay at the Bengtskar Lighthouse is the ultimate break from our normal lives and the benefits are undoubtedly addicting.

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Sauna & Sunset at Bengtskar

Top of Bengtskar Lighthouse

Night Shot at Bengtskar

Room at Bengtskar Lighthouse

Bengtskar Lighthouse, Gulf of Finland


Bengtskär Lighthouse
Rosalavägen 1, 25950
Rosala, Finland

Tel: +358-2-4667227
E-mail: [email protected]

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  1. Sally Mack

    Thanks for the “train” tip. I have reservations at the lighthouse in September and have been wracking my brain how to get there on public transportation. A bus from Helsinki to Taalinhedas, changing in Salo, then a bus to Kasnas which runs only on Wednesdays and Fridays, then a ferry to the lighthouse.

    Your way sounds easier and I wouldn’t have to catch the 7:00 am bus from Helsinki less than 12 hours after arriving.

    Thanks, again! –Sally

  2. Astri

    cool pics and destination!

    I’m going to Finland in August and I’d love to visit Bengtskar. However, it seems like there is no train service to Kasnas from Helsinki or Turku. Would you mind sharing how did you get to Bengtskar? Did you drive or take public transportation? Thanks in advance!

    1. Wandering Earl

      Hey Astri – You can take the train from Helsinki to Hanko and from there you can arrange a boat ferry to take you to Bengtskar. Just contact Bengtskar ahead of time and they can organize it for you. Enjoy!

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