During my stay in Istanbul over the past five days, it occurred to me that taking a stroll along the city’s popular Istiklal Street is something that never gets old.

This three-kilometer long, pedestrian-only avenue on the European side of the city acts as the heart of the shopping/entertainment/nightlife district of Beyoglu, with an endless variety of both local and international stores, bookshops, cafes, restaurants, meyhane, food stalls, chestnut vendors, bakeries, bars, clubs, shisha cafes, tea houses and so much more lining both the street itself as well as the dozens of tiny lanes that branch off on both sides.

And the other night, as I found myself in Taksim Square, which lies at one end of Istiklal Street in Istanbul, I thought that you might be interested in joining me for a walk through this area…

(Warning: This is actually more of a sprint than a walk!)

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Have you been to Istiklal Street in Istanbul? Have you been to Istanbul in general? Is it on your list of places to visit?