For those visiting Japan, it’s crucial to find the perfect place to stay. But considering the grueling journey to get there, the perfect place to stay has to be relaxing first and foremost. And there are plenty of places to kick back and relax in Japan. But this famous tourist spot is such an enormous destination that you’ll likely be as overwhelmed as you are entranced by all there is to see. Whether it’s a warm, soothing onsen, a peaceful stroll through an enchanting garden, or a calming, traditional tea room, you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice in your options. Lets’ dive in! Below are the top six relaxing spots in Tokyo.

Shinjuku Piccadilly’s Platinum Seat

Who doesn’t love a good movie on their comfy couch? Well here in Shinjuku, amidst the bustling crowds and neon lights, you can find a serenely relaxing, atmospheric movie lounge dedicated to complete and total viewing comfort. With the utmost in high-end furniture, including loveseat style sofas placed perfectly at eye-level with the screens, as well as included ottomans, you’ll wonder how normal movie theaters manage to miss this competition. Top it off with a pre-movie lounge complete with a variety of drinks and snacks and you’ll never look at a normal theater the same way again. And if you’re wondering where to stay in Tokyo during your vacation in Japan, you’ll surely find a lot of accommodation options around the vicinity of Shinjuku Picadilly Cinema.

Mt. Takao

Love mountains? Love climbing them? Does the daunting, seasonally challenging task of climbing Mt. Fuji turn your stomach just a tad? Well, never fear, there’s a much easier and smaller challenge waiting just outside central Tokyo: Mt. Takao. Boasting a mere 1,965 feet, it’s not much higher in elevation than simply driving across the Midwest of America. It also boasts a breathtaking view of Tokyo from above its fabulous and silent treeline. If getting up above the hustle and bustle is your idea of relaxing, then Mt. Takao is probably the place for you.

The Marui Rooftop Garden

Yet again with Shinjuku, normally renowned for its hectic appearance, introduces you to the Marui rooftop gardens, a true authentic British garden on the roof of Marui Main Building. Despite hovering above a rowdy street life, these gardens are surprisingly peaceful and quiet with ponds, a large variety of delicate, exquisite roses, and even a surprisingly large gathering of small wildlife that gathers in the lush greenery. Pack a small lunch and enjoy the sounds of nature far above and out of the way of the sounds of traffic.


Japan is known for its hot springs, but this one is a bit different. The water is supplied directly from Nakaizu in the Shizuoka Prefecture. After soaking away your stress and fatigue in the outdoor bath, you can enjoy the Lovely sauna with aroma water splashed over hot stones creating sumptuous steam that actually improves blood circulation. And finally, once you’re feeling rejuvenated outside, visit the Spre Beauty Juice Lab for a smoothie or juice made from scratch vegetables and fruits to replenish your insides. And they’re open all night long, so even late night refreshment is totally possible!

Meikyoku Kissa Lion

Love cafes, but hate the noise? This little hole-in-the-wall is tailor-made for you. The entire point of the cafe is to keep your voice down and focus on the classical music piped in while you enjoy a delicious meal and maybe even a soothing book. The silence and serenity will envelop you, transporting you away to a world of peace and tranquility, leaving only the soothing music and the fluttering turn of a page to distract you from your new-found calm.

Inokashira Park

This breathtaking park is designed both intro and extroverts who seek relaxation both with and without others. Two sides make up the entire park—one which is crowded and the other which is more secluded. In the springtime, the sakura blooms set the sky ablaze with pink and flutter like snow in the gentle breezes. You’ll even find swan boats for rent on the lake to paddle about and feast your eyes on the plethora of natural colors in the trees. And of course, surrounded by serene water and enormous red carp gliding about beneath your boat.

No matter your reason for visiting Japan, or the time of year, your body demands some downtime to recover from the journey and whatever business has brought you to this foreign land. And no matter what your body and soul crave, simply looking around a little will provide you with the necessary materials to satisfy both. With the right combination, your heart will be at peace and your soul will be filled with many satisfying memories that are sure to remain with you for many years to come.