Road trips make me lose my mind

Road Trips Make Me Lose My Mind (in a good way)

Derek Transportation 41 Comments

Road trips. There’s something about the idea of a road trip that makes many people, including myself, go nuts from intense excitement. Just the thought of a road trip triggers such giddiness and ecstasy that I immediately start dreaming of all kinds of magical road trip scenarios. And I can get lost in such thought for hours. Usually, what makes …

Top 197 Countries in the World - map

The Top 197 Countries in the World You Should Visit

Derek Perspectives 39 Comments

Ah, lists. When it comes to online travel information, there’s no shortage. Top 5, Top 10, Top 20…lists, lists and more lists. Lists telling us exactly which countries in the world we need to visit right now, what to do when we get there, where to stay, what we should see, where we should eat and so on. It’s only …

Morocco Tour - Dades Valley

Wandering Earl Tours 2018

Derek Wandering Earl Tours 5 Comments

The 2018 Wandering Earl Tours are ready! —A new year of exotic destinations, unique itineraries and new adventures await!— I am extremely excited to announce the first group of 2018 trips… India (February) New York City (March and October) Seychelles (catamaran trip in May!) Morocco (May) Jordan and Jerusalem (April) Vietnam (August) Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan (June) Romania (July) (More details: …