Masai Mara safari - elephants

Masai Mara Safari: How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Trip

Derek Kenya 20 Comments

Our Masai Mara safari… …it was a safari like no other, way off in the middle of nowhere Kenya, in the low season with few other travelers around, and with plenty of wildlife to spot out in the hills, in the open savannas, in the ponds and rivers and hidden among the low, thick trees. For three days and two …

Epic Travel Experience

How To Ruin An Epic Travel Experience

Derek Kenya, Perspectives 33 Comments

There I am. I’m sitting on the balcony of a beautiful wood cabin, staring out into the wilderness, listening to the sound of elephants roaring somewhere at the foot of the nearby hill. Flashes of lions and giraffes and cheetahs and black rhinos and warthogs appear in my head. Flashes of massive green mountains and never-ending savannas dotted with wildebeest, …

Budget Hotel in Nairobi - reception

Best Budget Hotel in Nairobi: Khweza Bed and Breakfast

Derek Kenya 2 Comments

When I started looking at accommodation for my week long stay in Kenya’s capital, I was indeed somewhat surprised. Even hotels with poor reviews were way more expensive than I ever would have imagined here. Good hotels were even pricier of course. Finding a good budget hotel in Nairobi seemed impossible and the hostels either did not look appealing or …