Gift Ideas - Some Stuff

Everybody Needs Some Stuff – A Few Gift Ideas

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Everyone needs some stuff. You don’t need a lot of stuff, but it would be quite difficult to go through life without any stuff at all. And while my goal is still to travel with under 10kg of stuff as often as I possibly can, that still means I own at least 10kg worth of stuff. George Carlin said that …

Younger Self

A Quick Chat With My Younger Self

Derek Personal Stuff 67 Comments

Older Earl: “Hey, man, how’s it going?” Younger Earl: “Not bad, yourself?” Older Earl: “Quite well.” Younger Earl: “Sweet.” And so begins the conversation I would have with my younger self, if ever such a conversation were possible. My guess is that, if we could organize such a meeting, we would meet up at Town Spa, a well-known pizza place …