Burra Mountains, Yemen

Why I Traveled To Yemen For My Vacation

Derek Yemen 148 Comments

A few weeks ago, I decided that I needed to take a vacation. I just needed to get offline for a while and take a short break from the blog. I don’t take such breaks often but a little time away every now and then sure seems like a wise idea in order to keep me fresh and motivated as …

I'm Going on Vacation

Video: I’m Going On Vacation Tomorrow

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Sometimes I just feel like making a video… (If you’re seeing this post via email, please click here to view the video.)When’s the last time you’ve taken a vacation? Was it a good one? Are you going on vacation soon? And before I go, I wanted to mention an interesting website whose founder I’ve recently been in touch with. It’s …

Fear of Failure

Why You Should Travel Despite Your Fear Of Failure

Derek Perspectives 104 Comments

I know it’s scary. I know you’re worried. I know you’re ready to change your life and start traveling but no matter how badly you want it to happen, you just can’t take that first step. You try, and you try hard, but you just can’t get that one nagging question out of your head, that one question that stops …

I Love to Eat in Mexico

Oh How I Love To Eat In Mexico!

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Food plays a major role during my travels. I really enjoy my food, simple as that. And I look forward, each and every day, to the meals that await me wherever I may be. During my recent trip to Mexico, the situation was no different, especially considering how fond I am of the cuisine. I really do love to eat …

Is Mexico Safe to Visit

Is Mexico Safe To Visit?

Derek Mexico 52 Comments

“Is Mexico safe to visit?” is a question that not only am I asked quite often but a question that I see popping up all across the internet as well. And due to the fact that, just about ten days ago, I finished leading my two-week Wander Across Mexico tour, a tour that involved me taking a group of ten …

Human Connection

A Little Human Connection Goes A Long Way

Derek Perspectives 84 Comments

It happens to all of us when we travel. We walk down a street and before we know it, people are approaching us, locals who are trying to sell us something we don’t need or trying to convince us to eat there or sleep here or to join a day trip somewhere. Maybe they want us to exchange money at …