I Bought a Zoo

I Bought A Zoo While Traveling In Mexico

Derek Everything Else, Mexico 70 Comments

I don’t buy much while traveling. After all, I don’t have a house or an apartment to call my own and so, where would I put things if I bought them? I’m certainly not going to lug everything around with me everywhere I go and at the same time, I usually don’t see the point of buying something only to …

Wander Across Mexico Group

A Recap Of My Wander Across Mexico Tour

Derek Mexico, Wandering Earl Tours 38 Comments

Yesterday, my second Wandering Earl Tour came to an end. And I must say, it was a strange feeling to say goodbye to another group of splendid people, people whom I was fortunate to get to know quite well over the past two weeks. I would absolutely love to continue traveling with everyone, to continue sharing experiences, to continue engaging …

The Most Amazing Church

The Most Amazing Church I’ve Ever Seen & Can’t Show You

Derek Mexico 56 Comments

Yesterday, our Wander Across Mexico group visited the town of San Juan Chamula, a community of 95,000 Tstozil Mayans that lies approximately ten kilometers away from San Cristobal de las Casas. And during that visit, yes, we entered what I can only describe as the most amazing church I’ve seen in all my travels. Let me give you a little …

Messy Traveler

Are You A Messy Traveler Too?

Derek Everything Else 71 Comments

Whenever I am living in one place for a good amount of time, let’s say a few weeks or more, I tend to be quite a clean and orderly individual. I always make my bed each morning, I keep my clothes in a closet or in drawers and I make sure that everything is in place before I head outside. …

Drink Tepache

What Happens When You Drink Tepache in Mexico

Derek Mexico 53 Comments

This is what happens when you let your friends drink tepache. Some people really like it… Some people are not so sure how to react… Some take the drink quite seriously… Others need to be fed the stuff… Some find the taste quite pleasant… Some people even look quite bad-ass drinking it… And a rare few seem to be in …

Live in Playa del Carmen

Would I Live in Playa del Carmen, Mexico Again?

Derek Mexico 90 Comments

During my lengthy stay back in 2010/2011, I had nothing but positive things to say about the town of Playa del Carmen, Mexico. It was as ideal of a destination as there could be for someone like me who prefers warm climates, beautiful white sand beaches, a laid-back environment, diverse food options, a town that is walkable, a location that …