View of Cape Town

I Can’t Believe I’m Back in South Africa!

Derek South Africa 68 Comments

Walking from the airplane towards the immigration area, I noticed that I was walking a little faster than normal. And when I turned the corner, walked down the small staircase and straight into the immigration line itself, I could not help but smile widely. I received my entry stamp, picked up my backpack (which for the first time in all …

Mouse Trap at the Sheel Hotel in Mumbai

Is This The Worst or The Best Hotel in Mumbai?

Derek India, Perspectives 77 Comments

One of the most important things about travel, something that every person should understand before they set off on their adventures, is that no two people will ever have the same experiences. What one person will love, another won’t enjoy at all. What one person feels is a ‘must-see’ place, another person will label ‘not worth visiting’. There are simply …

Palolem Hospital, Goa

Seafood Poisoning Is Less Fun Than I Ever Imagined

Derek India 115 Comments

It is only natural that the day after I published my post on how healthy I’ve been feeling as of late while here on the beaches of Goa, I would be stricken with an illness. And what an illness I’ve ended up with. My face is swollen and red, there’s a rash on my arms, my legs and even in …

Evening at Palolem Beach, Goa

The Healthiest I’ve Felt in a Long Time

Derek India, Perspectives 84 Comments

It’s all thanks to the beach. I’ve been planted here on Palolem Beach in Goa for 17 days already and this morning I realized that it’s been a long time since I’ve felt this physically and mentally healthy. My daily routine since arriving in this paradise has been quite simple and it has barely changed at all during my stay. …