End of a Long Trip - Warsaw Airport

Everybody Told Me I Was A Useless Bum

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You’re a no good, life-wasting, rotten, monkey-loving, responsibility-avoiding, useless, bum. That’s right, if you choose to avoid the normal routine in life and replace it with travel, whether for a few months, a year or even a decade or more, you’re a bum, without exception. When we voice our desire to travel, it is unfortunately common to be met with …

Aerial View of Helsinki

Join Me For A Tour Of Helsinki, Finland

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After recently spending three days in Helsinki, Finland, and luckily discovering that a visit here doesn’t have to be as prohibitively expensive as I once imagined it to be, I thought I would take you on a tour of Helsinki right here on the blog. First, I must admit that this is not exactly a city that immediately appears to …

Wandering All Alone

Am I Destined To Wander The World All Alone?

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Having just woken up from a night’s sleep on my rock bed inside the cave where I am now staying, a remote cave far, far away from any civilization, I think I’ll head outside for a walk. Of course, since I woke up alone, as I always do, I’ll just wander down to the river by myself, sit down on …

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia: Museums, Pancakes & Hot Chocolate

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While Riga, Latvia, as you might have read last week, was a most pleasant city to visit, it would seem only natural that my stay in Tallinn, Estonia would be described similarly. After all, the main focus of the city center is the Old Town, yet another collection of cobblestone streets and pastel colored buildings. However, I shall not use …

View of Riga, Latvia

You Should Visit Riga, Latvia…It’s Quite Pleasant

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Only one word enters my head when I think of the time I just spent in Riga, Latvia. And that word is ‘pleasant’. I’ve tried, but that’s the only word I can use to describe it, so much so that originally, this post was just going to say “Riga is pleasant” and nothing more. Of course, my inability to describe …

Old City, Riga, Latvia

My Travel Plans For The Rest Of The Year

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Oops. I forgot to publish a post yesterday. I wanted to write about my travel plans for the rest of the year but Monday came and went and between getting ready for my next set of travels and actually flying to my first destination, I apparently didn’t have any time to sit down and write something. So, here we go, …