Border of Moldova and Transnistria

My Visit To The Breakaway Territory Of Transnistria

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You may or may not have heard of the country of Moldova. It’s a tiny country, only 34,000 square kilometers and with only three and a half million inhabitants, located in Eastern Europe, to the northeast of Romania. But, that’s not the question right now. The question is – have you heard of Transnistria? Transnistria is a Moldovan breakaway territory, …

XShot camera extender

The XShot – Why Every Traveler Should Carry One

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It’s so simple, yet it’s such a brilliant idea. And it’s something that is useful for every single traveler who takes photos during their adventures around the world. It’s actually useful for any human being who takes photos of anything, anywhere, at any time. It’s the XShot camera extender, something that I’ve now been using religiously for the past two …

Cathedral Park, Chisinau

A Random Day In The Life Of A Permanent Nomad

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In an attempt to give you an idea of what a day in the life of a permanent nomad can be like, I figured I would pick a random date from this month and tell you exactly what happened during that particular day. I’ll just close my eyes right now and say the first number that comes into my head…. …

Baboon in South Africa

Why Travel Planning Can Be Dangerous

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Young, naïve, frightened and desperately trying to look brave, I walked out of Bangkok’s Don Muang Airport at midnight, my first time in Asia, my first time backpacking, my first time in such a foreign place. And apart from my flight to Thailand, I had chosen not to do any travel planning at all. So, there I stood, my courage …

Tirana Clock Tower, Albania

How A Clock Tower In Albania Changed My Life

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While my last post was all about the people you meet while traveling, I also want to make it clear that I do enjoy visiting the sights of a particular destination as well. Popular attractions are popular for a reason and so I often do try to seek them out in the hopes of discovering something interesting, educational or just …