Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor, Montenegro: Straight Into A Brilliant Fairy Tale

Derek Montenegro 35 Comments

Have you ever been to a destination that instantly makes you feel like a kid? I’m not talking about Disney World or any place like that. I’m talking about a city or town that, as soon as you arrived, made you completely giddy and eager to explore every single corner possible. A place that left you wide-eyed and in awe, …

View of Ulcinj, Montenegro

A Relaxing Beach Vacation in Ulcinj, Montenegro

Derek Montenegro 32 Comments

When I decided to start my trip to the Balkans with a ten day vacation from the blog, I began searching for an ideal beach town in Montenegro where I could do nothing but relax. At the time, I admittedly knew very little about Montenegro and as I did some research, I found it quite difficult to determine which of …

Train from Bucharest to Timisoara

I’m Going On Vacation

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As of this very moment, I’m taking a break. It won’t be a terribly long break, maybe 7 or 10 days at most, but during this period of time I will not be putting any posts up on the site and I’ll be responding to emails at a much slower pace than normal. This will actually be the first break …