Hostel in Beirut

Why Have Travelers Stopped Talking To Each Other?

Derek Perspectives 142 Comments

Yesterday I received the following email from a close Australian friend of mine… “So I’ve just arrived at Broome Backpackers [a hostel in Broome, Australia], staying four nights in an 8-bed mixed dorm room. It’s 9pm and there have been five of us in the room for the past hour. The other four have been on their laptops or mobile …

Peles Castle, Romania

Sinaia, Romania: Home Of The Bizarre ‘Peles Castle’

Derek Romania 54 Comments

Living in Bucharest has been quite a positive experience so far. But I’m still a traveler and I can only sit still for so long. As a result, it should be no surprise that I try to take advantage of as many opportunities as I can to escape the city and visit other destinations in this remarkably diverse country. So …

Hindu Temple, Singapore

Why I Travel So Much

Derek Perspectives, Slovakia 74 Comments

A few days ago, as I was combing through my own Facebook fan page, something I do from time to time because I somehow tend to miss a few of the messages that readers leave on the page, I noticed a message that I had in fact not noticed before. It was a very upbeat note, full of genuine curiosity …

Tuscany, Italy

Every Country Is The Friendliest Country In The World

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The other day, I met up with fellow travelers/bloggers Johnny and Ian, who happened to be passing through Bucharest. I had met Johnny in 2010 while in Beirut and so this was a great opportunity to catch up with him and learn more about his recent travels along the Trans-Siberian Railway and all over Northern and Eastern Europe. As we …