Bucharest Gara de Nord

Eurail Adventure: Bucharest to Targoviste

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Even though I spent my final week of this Eurail trip in Bucharest, I did manage to get away from the city for one of those days in order to visit a random destination that had been recommended to me by a local Romanian. I had told her that I wanted to visit a town where no tourists go at …

Transylvania, Romania

Eurail Adventure: Sibiu to Bucharest

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After having made the sudden decision to return to Bucharest and not continue further into Transylvania, my next step was to walk over to the train station and book a seat on a train. I had several options to get from Sibiu to the capital but most of them took over 8 hours and arrived at the most inconvenient of …

Parliament Building, Bucharest, Romania

Impressions Of Romania: Transylvania To Bucharest

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When I crossed the border from Serbia, my initial plan was to spend about ten days in Romania before continuing on into Bulgaria, where I hoped to spend the final week or so of my Eurail Adventure. However, three weeks later, I still had yet to leave Romania. My experiences from Transylvania to Bucharest made me want to skip Bulgaria …

Train to Sibiu

Eurail Adventure: Sighisoara to Sibiu

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Saying goodbye to the town of Sighisoara was not so easy. Despite barely surviving my wander around a graveyard on Halloween night, this is the kind of town that really appeals to me. It’s small, it’s peaceful, laid-back and as far as medieval, fortified towns are concerned, Sighisoara is as perfectly preserved (and renovated) as they come. What more does …


What It Feels Like To Be A Friend

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On my final morning in the town of Sighisoara, I opened up my laptop at around 10:00am, minutes after finishing off a mediocre breakfast that consisted of a couple of eggs and stale toast. The first thing I did was to log into my email account where I scrolled through the many messages I had received during the night. And …

Train to Sighisoara

Eurail Adventure: Brasov to Sighisoara

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From the small city of Brasov to the medieval town of Sighisoara, this leg of my train journey made the previous one from Bucharest to Brasov seem much less crowded than I had earlier described. In fact, that earlier trip now resembled a quiet day on a deserted island in comparison to the circus that was my trip to Sighisoara. …

Pumpkin in Romania

Halloween In Transylvania: My Lucky Graveyard Escape

Derek Romania, Travel Tales 37 Comments

The fact that I ended up celebrating Halloween in Transylvania was a complete accident as, after twelve years of traveling, I barely remember when most holidays take place. I had actually forgotten that Halloween was nearly upon us when, just about ten days ago, a fellow traveler I met in Belgrade happened to ask what my Halloween plans were while …