Lucerne, Switzerland

Lucerne, Switzerland: How Not To Buy Apples

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Swans. A great deal of swans, and ducks. Bridges, wooden bridges, too. And flowers. Flowers everywhere. Lots and lots of flowers. This is Switzerland after all, and one should not expect anything less than swans, wooden bridges and an abundance of flowers. And yes, I was greeted by all of those things upon arrival in the town of Lucerne, along …

Things To Do List

The Final 24 Hours Before A Trip

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The countdown has begun. I now have less than 24 hours before my flight to Europe and as usual, this is proving to be a most hectic period of time. Even though I’ve had to prepare for dozens of flights, trips and adventures over the years, I still find myself a bit overwhelmed upon realizing that I only have one …

City in India

How To Deal With The Culture Shock Of Big Cities

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Arriving in a new country, especially if it’s your first time traveling, is almost guaranteed to be an intimidating experiencing. This is even more so the case if you’re starting off in a mega-city such as Bangkok, Mexico City, Delhi or Sao Paolo, among many others. It’s one thing to ‘force’ yourself to get on that plane, often times alone, …


Overseas, I Read That It’s Beautiful Over There

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This past Tuesday I went to get a haircut in the city of Worcester, Massachusetts, a city that is located about an hour to the west of the city of Boston. I had simply woken up in the morning and decided that it was time to trim the hair and so I asked my uncle, who I was visiting with, …

Travel Questions Answered

Travel Questions Answered: September 2011

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Here we go with this month’s installment of the Travel Questions Answered series. The goal of this series is to share my responses to many of the emails I receive from readers just in case more of you may have the very same questions on your mind. This month’s questions focus on such topics as saving money, travel motivation, safety …

Atlantic City Bally's Casino

Atlantic City: Two Days Of Losing Money

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Over the past few years, every time I visit my friends in NYC, a most interesting phenomenon has taken place. We’ll be sitting around one random morning, perhaps in the living room of my friends’ apartment or maybe at the funky, yes, I said funky, Tillie’s Brooklyn Cafe, a few blocks away, and we’ll be discussing the usual topics that …