LAX Airport

Minor Observations On Life From An Airport

Derek Everything Else, USA 31 Comments

While traveling from Florida to New York City two days ago, I found myself mid-journey sitting in the airport at Charlotte, North Carolina, nibbling on a sandwich and observing life around me. There is always so much to observe in airports and many a time have I amused myself for hours in between flights simply by doing nothing else but …

Mexico: 2 Years In 2 Minutes

Derek Mexico, Videos 35 Comments

When I first crossed the border from Guatemala into the Mexican state of Chiapas back in late 2009, I had no idea how long I would be sticking around Mexico. I really had nowhere to be and had no specific plans for the near future but at the same time, I was quite exhausted from having just traveled overland throughout …

Palmyra, Syria

The Death Of Random Travel Experiences

Derek Perspectives 102 Comments

Do you know those days when you find yourself stuck in a foreign city, standing on a street corner, dripping in sweat from the burning heat, your shoulders in pain from carrying your overstuffed backpack, unable to find any hotel that has an available room and suddenly realizing that you are completely lost in a part of town that looks …