Me on the Great Ocean Road

How I Can Afford My Life Of Constant Travel

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I’m confused. I’m simply confused as to how it’s possible that I have so far failed to properly explain how I’ve managed to travel/live/work abroad nonstop for 12 years straight (and counting). The questions are still pouring in every single day: How do you do it? How is it possible to travel for so long? Where does the money come …

Spiti Valley, India

Spiti Valley, India: A Land Of Missing Roads

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Bus travel through India’s mountainous regions involves dramatic scenery, remote villages, fresh air and colorful passengers. The only thing missing sometimes is the road itself. An overly squeaky, yet oddly enjoyable, Hindi pop song blared from the crackly speakers as the decrepit bus chugged along through India’s remote Spiti Valley. The wooden-planked floor rattled constantly, adding a unique beat to …

Acer Aspire TimelineX

My New Laptop & An Offer From Travel Blog Success

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Today I write to you on my brand new laptop. As reluctant as I was to give up my previous machine, one that surprised and shocked me repeatedly due to its remarkable ability to over-achieve like no other laptop that I had ever owned before, that whole spilling lemonade on top of the keyboard incident really left me with no …

Continental Airlines

Continental Airlines: This Post Is For You

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On Thursday afternoon, I picked up my mom from the airport in Cancun. She was coming to Mexico for a quick holiday and even though her JetBlue flight had arrived 3 hours late, she was in quite a happy mood upon arrival. Actually, I would have understood had she been in a worse mood, considering what she went through to …

Sloth in Costa Rica

June Update: Travel Plans Cancelled

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About ten days ago, I was working on my laptop as usual in the wonderful Ah Cacao Cafe here in Playa del Carmen. At one point, I stood up from my seat and walked towards the restroom. And then I unzipped the zipper to my shorts as one would do before using the urinal. However, without even realizing it, I …