A Farewell to Ship Life

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My bedroom no longer sways in the night and I no longer work to the melodies of a three-piece Latvian orchestra in the background. Oddly enough, I now seem to wake up each morning in the same location where I fell asleep the night before. Nobody is cleaning my room every day, washing my windows (which have now transformed from …

Sleep, Eat & Surf in Singapore

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When I visited Singapore recently, which was the third time that I had traveled to this small city-state over the years, something quite bizarre occurred. I actually enjoyed myself. During my previous visits, I simply didn’t connect with Singapore at all. I found it to be expensive, culture-less and somewhat boring, three attributes that are not exactly friends of a …

Introducing My New Site Design

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Chances are that I’m sound asleep as you read this post, no matter what time of the day it may happen to be. I’ve been up all night working on the upload of my new site design, right on the heels of a painfully long 45-hour journey from Singapore to Cancun. So, if you could try your best to keep your …

Singapore skyline

Let’s Get To Know Each Other Better

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My route back to North America – after my recent change of plans – has been a long one. First, upon leaving Thailand, I had to make a stop in Bali and after a few interesting days there, I had to fly to Singapore. The reason for all of this bouncing around had nothing to do with some absurd flight …

Negative tourism in Bali

When Tourism Goes Terribly Wrong

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(Note: I was planning to spend some time in Thailand over the next two months but my plans have suddenly changed for a few reasons that I won’t go into now. After making a quick stop in Bali, I’m now actually headed back to the US. More to come about this change soon.) Warning: This post contains strong and potentially …


How Many Beds Have You Slept In?

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No, I’m not asking how many people you’ve slept with, just how many different beds you’ve slept in over the course of your life so far. Last week, while flying from Perth to Singapore, en route to Thailand, I randomly decided to try and count the number of beds that I have slept in over the years. And it didn’t …

Surfing in Mexico

Traveling With A Purpose

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The other day I was asked if one of my goals was to visit every country in the world. And after a lengthy pause, I replied by saying that while I certainly do intend to visit all 193+ countries at some point during the span of my life, I’m obviously not too dedicated to this goal. Clearly, if visiting every …