Trams in Melbourne

A Typical Summer Week In Melbourne

Derek Australia 23 Comments

This past week in Melbourne has been full of activity as I had a chance to take part in some events that, every time I’m in Australia, I seem to always find myself attending. Of course, as you probably can guess, none of these events were Music Festivals or any other event that involved camping, yet they were all events …

Taxis in Sulamainiyah, Iraq

How To Avoid Being Ripped Off By Taxi Drivers

Derek Travel Tips & Advice 132 Comments

It happens. Travelers get ripped off. And it happens often. One of the most common ways of getting ripped off involves taking local transportation and sometimes it seems as if we spend hours every single day trying to negotiate taxi or rickshaw or tuk-tuk fares wherever we go. And somehow, no matter how hard we try, we almost always end …

Music Festival

Why I Won’t Attend Another Music Festival

Derek Australia 69 Comments

Something flew onto my upper lip and I woke up. In my exhausted state, still half-asleep, my attempts to swat whatever was bouncing around my face, nearly ended up giving me a bloody mouth. The insect swooped down again and hopped from my left cheek to my left eye before gently coming to rest on my nose. I swatted again, …

Melbourne, Australia

The Melbourne I Call Home

Derek Australia 64 Comments

The first time I traveled to Melbourne, Australia was back in 1998 as part of a student exchange program during my university years. And during the 6 months that I spent here ‘studying’, as well as dying my hair bright blue and having my eyebrows pierced, I fell in love with this city more than I ever imagined I would. …

Microwave my socks

Why I Shouldn’t Complain About Wet Socks

Derek Australia 48 Comments

This morning I was forced to dry my underwear and socks in the microwave. It all began when I had the unfortunate timing of washing a load of laundry at the exact same moment that the rain started to fall here in Melbourne. And that was five days ago. For the most part, the rain has been falling ever since. …

Bus Trip from Homs to Palmyra, Syria

Exhausted But Not Ready To Sleep

Derek Perspectives, Syria 38 Comments

As I stumbled onto the bus, all I could think about was finding my seat and passing out. I had reached that point of exhaustion where my brain was able to do little more than perform it’s most basic functions and and even an attempt to speak resulted in a jumbled collection of incomprehensible caveman sounds. The time was only …

Am I Dumber?

Has Travel Made Me Dumber?

Derek Perspectives 162 Comments

For all the talk about the positive benefits of travel, and more specifically, long-term travel, I’ve begun to realize that there is a completely different side to the story, one that is rarely, if ever, mentioned. And I will say that before I decided to discuss this unfortunate aspect of life on the road, I thought long and hard about …