Orphans in Khula Township

A South African Township & My Zulu Warrior Dance

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Some travelers do it, many don’t and in my opinion, every traveler should. I’m talking about paying a visit to a South African township. Created during the Apartheid era, these communities, typically located on the outskirts of towns and cities, were designed to house the ‘non-whites’ who were living in what were then designated as ‘white-only’ parts of the country. …

Capetown, South Africa

Everything I Thought About South Africa Was Wrong

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Please take a moment, close your eyes and repeat the words “South Africa” three or four times. The goal of this short exercise is to see exactly what pops into your head upon hearing the name of this country because, after all, everybody has their own idea of what a trip to South Africa would entail. Then, once you have …

Boulder's Beach, South Africa

I Went To South Africa & Adopted A Penguin

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It is only natural to expect some sort of animal encounter when one visits the vast continent that is Africa. And even though I prefer to travel without too many expectations these days, I would be telling a fib if I were to claim that I was not at all excited about seeing the animals that inhabit this region. Images …

Taj Mahal, India

Every Trip Is A Trip Of A Lifetime

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Okay, some trips may be classified as a trip of several lifetimes, but, at the bare minimum, every single trip we take should be considered a trip of a lifetime. All it takes is a constant reminder that, even if our idea of travel is a yearly visit to Uncle Jim’s house on the other side of the country, backpacking …

Durban, South Africa

I Think I’ll Travel To South Africa On Saturday

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As usual, my next set of travel plans have all come together at the last minute. Actually, in this case, it didn’t come together at the last minute, but at the very last minute. I will travel to South Africa on Saturday. Let me just recap the past couple of weeks. After my Eurail trip came to an end, I …

Bucharest Gara de Nord

Eurail Adventure: Bucharest to Targoviste

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Even though I spent my final week of this Eurail trip in Bucharest, I did manage to get away from the city for one of those days in order to visit a random destination that had been recommended to me by a local Romanian. I had told her that I wanted to visit a town where no tourists go at …