Travel Planning

A Quick Word About Pre-Trip Planning

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Now that I’m no longer living in Mexico, I’m beginning to realize that, in terms of being a backpacker, I’m a little bit rusty. I haven’t been ‘on the road’ for quite a while and as a result, I just haven’t had to think about such things as long-distance transportation, finding nightly accommodation and of course, obtaining tourist visas. Basically, …

ATM Washington Mutual

How Much Money Do You Need To Start A Life Of Travel?

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A desire to explore the world is hard to ignore, and for many travelers, as soon as that desire became too strong to be ignored, they simply packed up their backpack or suitcase and took off into the unknown. However, along with that strong desire to travel, there is something else that is needed in order to actually make it …

Thank you, merci, gracias, arigato

I Want To Thank Each & Every One Of You

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Nine days have now passed since the official launch of my new project – I really didn’t have any expectations when I did the launch and as a result, found myself overcome with giggly excitement when the first sale was made less than 3 hours after introducing the product right here on this blog! Now I could lie to …

Monsoon Rains in India

How To Turn Severe Weather Into A Travel Memory

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First of all, let me reintroduce myself. Here I am. Wandering Earl. Let me repeat, “Wandering Earl”. It appears that more than a few people have been quite confused about my identity over this past week, often mistaking me for someone completely different. I’m not mad or anything. And even though some of you have berated me via email or …