XShot Photos & A Wacky Video From A Remote Lighthouse

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XShot camera extender

Welcome to the second post of my “XShot Series”, a series that involves the display of photos and videos that I have captured with my new favorite piece of travel gear, my XShot camera extender. As you might have read in the first installment of this series, I use my XShot everywhere I go, both to take photos of myself and friends and to take advantage of the unique angles it allows for, and almost every time I pull it out of my backpack, several people, both travelers and locals alike, come over to watch how it works.

And whenever someone does ask me about it, all I do is give them a quick, simple response – “Just get one!

Video: All Alone at a Remote Lighthouse

Everything below is from my recent trip to Latvia, Estonia and Finland and I’m going to start with a video that I filmed during my stay at the Bengtskar Lighthouse in the Gulf of Finland, a video that actually shows what happens to the mind when you’re in such an isolated location. And without my XShot, creating such a video would not have been possible at all…enjoy!

(If you’re reading this post via email, please click here to watch the video.)

XShot Photos: Latvia, Estonia & Finland

Stick your camera outside your hotel window and capture a different view of the street. (Riga, Latvia)

View of Riga, Latvia

Your panoramic city views just got better because you can be in them…just try to avoid being in the shade! (Riga, Latvia)

Local Festival, Pispala, Finland

Rise above the crowd at a local festival you happen to discover during your wanderings. (Pispala, Finland)

My Hostel Room in Helsinki, Finland

Take a photo of your hostel room, a photo that you would not be able to take without an XShot. (Helsinki, Finland)

Street Performer, Helsinki, Finland

Want a unique shot of a street performer and the crowd watching him? It’s a done deal! (Helsinki, Finland)

St. Peter's Cathedral Viewing Platform, Tallinn

Another city, another Cathedral viewing platform…but the XShot gives you a completely different photograph. (Tallinn, Estonia)

Meeting a Friend in Tallinn

When you meet up with an old friend, you’ll now have unique photos to help keep the memories fresh. (Tallinn, Estonia)

Kayaking in Tampere, Finland

Show everyone back home that you are capable of rowing a canoe with the best of them. (Tampere, Finland)

I Am a Viking, Rosala, Finland

Enjoy dressing up as a Viking every now and then as well? Sure you do, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. (Rosala, Finland)

Outside the Old Match Factory, Tampere, Finland

Stick your camera through an opening in the wall of an old match factory…who knows what you’ll find below? (Tampere, Finland)

New Friends in Tampere, Finland

When meeting new friends, you’ll have new angles to remember them by, even the ones who don’t smile. (Tampere, Finland)

Climbing the Steps of a Lighthouse, Bengtskar

Spending the night at a remote lighthouse? Don’t forget to look down as you climb the stairwell to the top! (Bengtskar Lighthouse, Finland)

Pretty darn cool, right? And it’s all thanks to my XShot.

All I can say now is, “Just get one!”

Versions available: Pocket XShot and XShot 2.0

*This post is sponsored by XShot LLC. I approached them about working together because I really believe their products are quite useful and since I only recommend items that I use and love myself, I felt that this partnership was a natural match.

Any questions about the XShot? Have you already purchased one and tested it out?

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Comments 38

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  3. Jean

    I’m convinced! Went direct to the company website and bought mine! Thank goodness they ship to my country because Amazon doesn’t… Sigh. Thanks for this, going for my first solo trip and this will be handy!

  4. Carlo

    Hey Earl,

    Would this product work with a slightly heavier/larger camera do you think? Not a full SLR type, but one of those bridge cameras which are a little heavier than the one you use.


    1. Earl

      Hey Carlo – The current XShot works with any camera that is under 1.2 lbs in weight, however, they will be soon coming out with a Pro version that will be able to hold an even heavier camera!

  5. Sockeye

    Hi, there, I went to Amazon and got the X2 but I’m not sure if you get credit for this because while i followed the link I ended up getting it from Amazon.ca (anyway, just thought you should know.)

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  8. Ashley

    Wow, that xshot looks really cool. Can you use it for all cameras and camcorders as well? I really want to buy one. Also, I have a question for ya earl: You seem to be gone all year long traveling from place to place so do you spend your birthdays in different countries as well? If so, in which country did you enjoy celebrating your birthday the most? Why? =)

    1. Earl

      Hey Ashley – You can use for any camera/camcorder that has the little hole on the bottom of it where you can screw the XShot into (most of them have this). And then, as long as your device is less than 1.2 lbs in weight, you’re good to go. There’s also a stronger version coming out soon that will be able to hold cameras that weigh more than that.

      As for my birthdays, they are almost always spent overseas but I generally don’t do anything too grand on those days. Celebrating simply on a white sand beach in Mexico or in the mountains of India is good enough for me 🙂

  9. Atticus

    You know, I’ve been following this blog for a while, and the more I read the more I realize that I need t make the leap. I love to travel, but it’s hard to give up a “normal” life for one that’s awesome. I’m not sure why it’s hard, it seems simple when you type it… Anyways, just letting you know your travels are inspiring us out on the webz – keep it up.

    1. Earl

      Hey Atticus – I’m glad to hear you find some inspiration over here and you’re absolutely right, it does seem so easy in theory but in practice, it’s such a difficult step to take. With that said, you almost never find anyone who regrets having taken that step away from a normal life, so that should give you an extra boost of confidence.

  10. Priyank

    Hey Earl, very cool location indeed! Admittedly I don’t watch blogger’s videos because it makes me overly excited (like after you have coffee) and then depressed (like after you visit a pet store). I enjoyed watching your excited theatrical performance though… very funny! wonder what you will do in a chocolate factory. 🙂
    cheers, Priyank

    1. Earl

      Hey Priyank – Haha…me in a chocolate factory might be too dangerous, although, I really did feel like a kid while at this lighthouse!

  11. Nico

    Hey Earl!

    Great footage with the XShot! I got one after reading your first post on it. It is indeed great for filming yourself and taking autophotos. I’ll post a link of a video I’m preparing with it about Portland!

  12. jake

    what can i say earl? u certainly know how to inspire. i have no plan to go out and buy this Xshot deal.. but it certainly does seem cool. however.. you have inspired me to travel to latvia, estonia, and finland. for past several years i have been highly enthusiastic to make it over to scandinavia. you took ferry from estonia to helsinki? sounds great to me. also might want to check out that lighthouse.

    1. Earl

      Hey Jake – Yes, I took the ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki, very easy and super comfortable. And glad you’re inspired to head over to North Europe…it certainly is worth visiting and I have several more posts about my trip coming up in the next month.

      1. jake

        think you stayed at bengtskar lighthouse. is that right? can you tell me name of cruise line? your description of finland makes me feel justified for wanting to go there. i dont need any fancy recommendations or ‘must-see destinations’ to decide to go for visit somewhere. did you spend any time in helsinki? have not heard you mention anything special about that city.

        1. Earl

          Hey Jake – Yes, Bengtskar it is, just as mentioned in the video 🙂 What cruise line are you looking for? I only needed a short 1.5 hour ferry in a small boat to get to Bengtskar. And I did spend time in Helsinki…here’s the post I read about it: Join Me For A Tour Of Helsinki

  13. [email protected]

    That settles it – I.WANT.ONE. I mean, it’s like… you’ve now got your own private CAMERA CREW traveling along with you! Especially handy for we solo travelers, yes?

    Now… if I can just figure out how to get it shipped here to Vietnam…

    1. Earl

      Hey Dyanne – There has to be a way to get one to Vietnam I’m sure…I’d bring one to you if I was headed that way! And yes, it is like having your own camera crew…and who wouldn’t want that??

    1. Earl

      Thanks for that Wends and the XShot is very useful…there’s certainly no shortage of moments every day that are perfect for the XShot!

  14. stephanie

    Hey your videos are so cool. I love when you say in this one “yeah again … this is my lighthouse roooom”. Really?! 😀 And this Xshot camera extender is amazing.

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