What do you want to know about travel?

What Do You Want To Know About Travel? Ask Away!

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What do you want to know about travel?

Over the past few months there has been a great surge of traffic here on the blog and along with it has come an influx of new readers. And from what I can tell, you are all people I’d love to see stick around for a while!

So first, I’d like to welcome everyone who has recently come across the site (and to thank everyone who has helped spread the word about the site as well!). I’m very happy to have you here and I certainly look forward to interacting and talking travel with you, whether through the comments, via email or through the Facebook fan page.

Second, considering that the aim of this site involves helping others achieve their own travel goals, encouraging people to get out of their comfort zones and learn about the people and places of this world first-hand and trying to convince you that “a life of travel is not a crazy fantasy, but a realistic lifestyle option instead”, I just want to make sure I’m still on the right track.

Let me begin with a summary of what I’ve been up to over the past 14 years…

In 1999 I took a 3-month trip to Southeast Asia with only $1500 to my name and that trip has never really ended. Ever since, I’ve been living, working, backpacking and volunteering overseas, having spent time in 84 countries around the world so far. I’ve taught English in Thailand and India, worked on board cruise ships as a Tour Manager for several years and since 2008 I’ve been earning a living online, through a variety of projects. I’ve been blogging since December 2009 and the truth is, I would have never imagined that this blog would actually have readers or that it become such a major part of my life. These days, the blog is what I spend most of my time working on, whether writing posts, promoting the site, interacting on social media, answering emails, updating my eBooks and also organizing and leading my Wandering Earl Tours. And I do all of this while continuing to travel, something that generally involves me having a base somewhere (it’s been Bucharest, Romania for the past 1.5 years) and exploring more of the world from there.

That’s how my life has been going. It’s a very basic summary of the past 14 years of course, but hopefully that gives you a quick idea of why I label this blog “The Life of a Permanent Nomad”.

Question – What Do You Want to Know?

Now that you know what I’ve been up to, here’s what I’d like to do. To begin with, let me state again that it is indeed my desire to help you achieve your own travel goals and I do believe that I have enough travel/life experience to make that happen. However, I’ve realized that the only way for me to provide you with the most useful information possible is to know exactly what you’re looking for.

And while there are over 200 blog posts on this site (the most popular/useful being listed on my “Getting Started” page), I know that there is so much more for me to talk about, discuss and share from my years of travel. But instead of just guessing, I’d really love to know what topics you would actually like to read about (or see on video!).

So, I’d like to ask…

What would you like me to talk about? What do you want to know about travel? What do you want to see? How can I help you travel?

I invite you to leave a comment below, telling me whatever it is you want me to put on this site. And I promise that if you do leave a comment, I will answer and provide the information you are looking for in an upcoming post.

Also, it doesn’t only have to be a request for practical ‘how-to’ information. It could be a request for additional details about any of the countries I’ve been to or about any of the experiences I’ve had. It could be about the logistics of long-term travel or short-term travel, asking for certain advice or recommendations, questions about the people I meet or about my own personal travel style or even about my life in general…absolutely anything!

What do you want to know?

(I’m looking forward to the comments on this one as I’m excited to give you the information you are truly seeking in order to help get you started with your own travels!)

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  1. Sarah


    I’m in desperate need of some guidance!! I’m wanting to travel abroad from the UK to Canada in 2016 for between a month and two months work for a little while (on cattle ranch’s possibly) and travelling too! I want to see the Calgary Stampede! and I have no clue where to start! what would be a good website to look up ? Help!

  2. Bill

    Hello Earl…Would love to read your blog thoughts on…

    Now that you sold everything for a travel life…how do you maintain a U.S. mailing address?

    ACA (ObamaCare) – What this new law means for travel lifers?

    Onward Travel Ticket – Is there really such a thing as a ‘One Way Ticket’? What to do?

    Tourist Visa – You can stay here for 90 days then you gotta go! What do you do?

    Your advice and the input from other posters would be a great help.
    Thanks Bill

    1. Wandering Earl

      Hey Bill – Thanks for your ideas and I can actually answer those all quite quickly.

      1. I simply use an address of a relative but of course, these days, most things are done online so I receive very little mail. It’s basically just to have the address.

      2. It just means that, unless you live outside the country full time, you will need to have health insurance. I currently have a US-based health insurance plan myself.

      3. Yes, there’s definitely a one-way ticket. I fly on one-way tickets myself most of the time. Have a read of this post (as well as the comments for some useful info): http://www.wanderingearl.com/proof-of-onward-travel-a-story-and-a-solution/

      4. Every country is different. Some let you stay for one month, others for 3 or 6 or more. So it depends where you go. But if I reach the end of the visa validity, I simply move on to a different country or I apply for an extension if I want to stay longer and such an extension is possible. But again, the rules are completely different for every country so you just have to do a little research on each destination to see how long you can legally stay.

      Hope that helps!

  3. Aleshia

    Could you talk about safety guidelines? Especially for women? Also, how do you keep your valuables-money, computer etc. safe while you are out and about?
    Love your website and it’s really inspiring me!

  4. Tony

    Hi Earl,

    Great website you have running here (from your newest fan!).

    I’ve often pondered if you can tend to get bored whilst travelling? I mean I’m sure it’s great, not having to go to work at 9am in the morning, but one can only do so many temples and site seeing in a certain period.

    Do you tend to immerse yourself in your online businesses to kill the time?

    I’m just afraid that when I jetset off, I’ll feel bored after a while and not feel like I am achieving anything in life.


    1. Wandering Earl

      Hey Tony – It’s easy to get bored while traveling and many people I meet do. To me, the key is to always have a purpose, a goal wherever you travel. So instead of just roaming around the world, you need a focus. That focus can be anything – learn a language, learn a new skill, go hiking in the mountains, relax, spend time with friend, study history or religion, learn to surf, etc. If you have a purpose to your travels, even a simple one, it makes a huge difference and the chance of getting bored is greatly reduced.

  5. Bernardo

    Hello Earl,

    I was wondering how you deal with malaria in countries which have high risks of incidence. I ask this, because you apparently have had your share of travelling on those countries, so you know your stuff. India, Southeast Asia, etc. Do you always take malaria pills? Or not at all? Or only in extremely rural areas?

    I found the pills are pretty expensive (something like 40€ for 6 pills…), so I’m really interested in hearing your opinion on this whole malaria affair.


    1. Wandering Earl

      Hey Bernardo – I took one malaria tablet back in 1999 when I started traveling and was headed to Cambodia. It made me hallucinate and I vowed never to take any malaria pills again. And I haven’t actually, even though I have been to many malaria-risk areas. I just don’t like to take them and prefer to take other precautions instead (repellent, mosquito nets, long-sleeve shirts, etc.).

  6. Warren

    Hi Earl . I’m living in South Africa at the moment and I’m currently working in retail. My manager worked on the cruise liners in a retail store. This is my dream! I need to work in the ships. I have a very hard work ethic and an excellent sales person. However my application will just go through with hundreds of other applications. Do you perhaps have a contact for me to contact personally so I stand a chance. I’m 22 and have 2.5 years full time retail experience. For a very well known brand. My email is warrendeklerk01@gmail.com please let me know. WANT TO SEE THE WORLD. Thanks

  7. Gigi

    Hi Katie,

    If you are moving to Mexico, consider getting a Vonage line. My landlords in Sayulita had one and it was a way cheaper alternative to having a cell plan that allows them to call the states.



    1. Wandering Earl

      Hey Gigi – Also check out Movistar mobile company in Mexico because their cell phone plans include calls to the US and Canada. So it’s the same low rate as if you’re calling within Mexico. I just found this out during my last trip and it was a great option too.

      Vonage sounds like a good choice for those staying in one place down there for a while!

  8. Michelle

    I want to know where we should go! My husband and I are planning our 10 yr anniversary trip to Europe. The problem is we have never been outside of the country before so the options are endless & overwhelming. We’ve discussed Istanbul, Barcelona, Rome, London, Berlin, and cruise to St. Petersburg and surrounding countries. We have about 10 days total we can spend and a somewhat limited budget but not limited enough that we can’t make any of these places work. My question is…what would you choose for your 1st trip overseas and why? In addition, should we spend our time in one location or try to visit two cities in the 10 days?

    1. Wandering Earl

      Hey Michelle – I would choose one city unless there are two that are very close to each other. But in the options you listed, that’s not really the case. As for where you should go, it’s hard for anyone else to answer this. Surely if you think about it long enough, one of those places you listed will jump out at you as the place that gets you the most excited. Think about yourself in each of those locations…which one puts the biggest smile on your face? That’s where you should go!

      I’ve been to all of them except for St. Petersburg and I had great experiences in each one. My personal favorites would be Istanbul and Berlin but again, find your answer by seeing which one(s) make you want to pack your bags and travel there right away!

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  10. Marcie

    I would be interested in information about travelling with small children, clearly something you know a lot of about ;).

    Would you be willing to help plan a travel itinerary for a family or arranging a family friendly tour?

    How careful are you about drinking the water?

    I realize sampling the local cuisine is an important part of travel, but how easy is it to find “American” food (you know, for the picky kids and husband?) and how does the cost compare?

    1. Wandering Earl

      Hey Marcie – I’m definitely willing to help plan a travel itinerary. Just send me an email though the contact link above and I’d be more than happy to communicate some more about it!

      As for drinking water, I basically find out before I travel to any country/city if the water is drinkable or if it is advisable to drink bottled water. And if it’s not clean water, I’ll go with bottled water all the time.

      In terms of American food, it really depends on where you are. In some places, there are McDonald’s and all that stuff in the major cities and maybe the odd American-style restaurant here and there. But outside of major cities, it would be somewhat difficult to find anything beyond a hamburger on a menu. With costs, they will be in line with the overall costs of the country you are visiting. So if you’re in Thailand, the costs will be lower than in the US while if you are in Germany, the costs will be more.

      Shoot me an email and we can talk some more!

  11. Megan

    Like many others, I’ve also recently started my travel blog and am working on that. The requests for info about how you built your community, what tools you’ve used, etc. would be incredibly helpful!

    But, I’m mostly interested in the business side of the tours you’ve started to do! I don’t really see my travel blog as a potential cash cow, its more of a way to connect with other kickass people and a “portfolio” of sorts for future freelance writing and client work I’d like to get into. BUT, I think the idea of travel bloggers leading group tours has a lot of potential for success. I’d love to hear more about that particular side of things!

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