Wandering Earl Tours

Wandering Earl Tours

Forget about typical group tours. Wandering Earl Tours are different. They are informal, small group excursions that I personally lead myself. The focus is always on going local. We use local transportation, we stay in quality budget accommodations, we eat at local food stalls and restaurants and we visit destinations that aren’t always mentioned in guidebooks.

And the most rewarding part is that our small group will share the entire experience together, having an incredible time in the process!

My goal is simple – charge less and offer more. All tours include accommodation, transportation, many meals, entrance fees and activities as well as plenty of surprises along the way!
2014 Tours
India: March 6th – 24th (SUCCESS!)
Mexico: June 4th – 10th (SUCCESS!)
Southeast Asia: August 15th – 29th (SOLD OUT!)
Istanbul: October 23rd – 29th (Spots open!)
India: November 5th – 23rd (Spots open!)
2015 Tours
Mexico: (Dates TBD)
Istanbul: (Dates TBD)
Romania: (Dates TBD)
India: (Dates TBD)
Kyrgyzstan: (Dates TBD)
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Here’s what tour participants are saying about their experiences…

The Wander Across Mexico Tour was amazing and I loved every minute of it. Earl was a superb leader and chose amazing places to visit. The accommodation was beyond expectations and his knowledge of the areas, particularly places to eat local specialties was invaluable. The tour was just the right pace with some busy days exploring, and some slower days to relax and enjoy the locations. It seemed like the value for money was too good to be true.
Alison (Mexico)
If I was able to take unlimited time off from work, I would take a Wandering Earl tour several times a year. I can’t imagine the next tour I join topping Mexico, but I know with Earl as our guide, the odds are awesome it will exceed my expectations!
Lisa (Mexico)

I took Earl’s trip to India. IT WAS AWESOME!! If you’re on the fence, go for it.Matt (India)

Traveling with Earl was everything I thought it would be and more! His genuine enthusiasm for Mexico was contagious, and he went above and beyond to submerse the whole group in as much culture as he could. One of my favorite things was that every time we walked by a food/drink stand, he would buy enough of the local fare for everyone in the group to try. He quickly became not only my tour guide but my friend, and I’m already planning on traveling again with him in the near future!Michelle (Mexico)

For more information or any questions you may have, just send me an email via the link below…


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More feedback from previous tours…

The Mexico tour itself was in one word: Amazing. As I write this, I cannot believe that I’ve seen and done so much in two weeks. Our itinerary crafted a beautifully varied, and well-paced tour. I would not hesitate to recommend this tour to anyone and especially someone who wants to start venturing out on their own for the first time. I think the most powerful testimony I can give is this: I already paid my deposit for the India tour for October this year!Queenie (Mexico)

Earl’s travel MO is exactly the same as mine: staying off the beaten path, budget accommodations/transport, and full immersion in the local culture (a rooftop dinner in Delhi, complete with live music, comes to mind). I definitely recommend jumping on board one of Earl’s tours.Andy Schrock – AndySchrockPhotography.com (India)

If you want to experience a fun, relaxing trip wandering through Mexico, I would highly suggest the Wandering Earl Tour. I had been following Earl’s travel blog for over a year and couldn’t pass up the chance to experience all the diverse locations and events planned for this trip. Ranging from white sandy beaches to magical ancient Mayan ruins to quaint Spanish colonial towns, I felt I was able to encounter the many faces of Mexico. Everywhere we went, Earl would provide us with interesting facts and historical information that would make the experience of being there that much more authentic. His respect and passion for the Mexican culture was very apparent to me and all of the group members. Because of Earl, I have a new appreciation for this country and look forward to another opportunity to travel with Wandering Earl Tours.Laura (Mexico)

We had a most excellent time  thanks to your well organized and detailed approach to conducting the tour. No question was left unanswered!Ken & Heather (Mexico)

My trip to India with Wandering Earl was fantastic! Truly a great way to experience “Incredible India”. We hit the sights I had wanted to see coming into the trip, along with a ton of places and experiences I never would’ve come up with on my own. A highlight for me was stopping in a village to have lunch with the family of a friend of Earl’s. It was an amazing experience, a glimpse of part of India I didn’t think I would get to see. I am hoping to get on another Wandering Earl tour in the near future!Leah (India)

Memories of this trip will be with me forever. It was a great pleasure to meet and get to know such a diverse group of people. Mexico surpassed all my expectations and I found a new love and appreciation for the country, the culture and the people. Thank you Der’k for bringing us all together and giving us such a wonderful insight of this charming country. You are a very knowledgeable guide and have a unique way of presenting the local life.Anastasia (Mexico)

Accommodation was WOW, I wasn’t expecting the hotels to be that charming. I can’t think of any other areas for improvement because I don’t think there is any. We did and saw so much because of the way you planned it… I will definitely tour with you again Earl, count on it! Thank you for getting to know us individually as well as a group. Thank you for hanging out with us after the tour ended and thank you for being a genuine friend to all of us, means a lot.Rashelle (Mexico)

The Wander Across Mexico Tour was perfect in order to get acquainted with such an awesome place. This tour just gave me a great taste of this country to see what’s out there before I continue with my travels, but would be great for an adventurous vacation as well. From ‘Caribbean’ Mexico to the contrasting ‘Mexican’ Mexico, I learned so much from the broad variety of locations we visited, and had so much fun! I would definitely recommend Wandering Earl’s tours. I totally trust him as a guide, I loved the experience and would go on another in a heartbeat. I loved the variety we got to see, in every place there was a different feel, a different style of  buildings, a different range of residents, different things to do. I think you’re onto something great!Cindy (Mexico)

The Wandering Earl Trip through India was a life changing experience. I got to do the ‘crazy’ backpacking tour I have always wanted but with the security of a guide who knew the answers to the questions you would never think to look up before hand. It was also nice not being stressed about figuring out transportation and just learning about it all as we went. I made some life long friends and learned that I know absolutely nothing…and thats okay. The trip gave me the confidence to be out on my own in the future as it was more relaxed than the average ‘tour’ that comes to mind. I will always look back on the memories of this trip, I am glad it was my first adventure into the unknown. Thanks Earl!Tamara (India)

It was a great tour! It felt like a group of friends traveling around rather than a tour group, and I really enjoy how you took us to local, smaller, more off the beaten path restaurants, attractions and places (along with the big famous stuff as well). You were a great guide as well (lots of fun).Leslie (Mexico)

(Many tour participants have offered to answer any questions you may have. If you would like to communicate with someone who has already been on a Wandering Earl Tour, just let me know and I’ll put you in touch!)

27 Responses to Wandering Earl Tours

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  8. Oh, wow! Going to Socotra must be amazing, can’t wait for photos. That’s up high on my wish list!

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  10. Santiago says:

    Yalla, prepare a tour to Syria after the war :) keep up the great work!

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  12. Jacqueline says:

    I would love to go on the Iraqi Kurdistan with you guys! Unfortunately, that depends on what I heard back this week.

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  16. Jeanne says:

    I read your blog….. I was shore-x staff for 5yrs and now home for 2 yrs… wow… it brought back memmories reading it.. haha.. the good old ship life… :)

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  18. Thanks Earl,

    I was hoping to make this Romania trip but I don’t think I will have things wrapped up here in the US in time, maybe the next one!!

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  20. Your tours look so cool! I hope I can go on one of them soon.

    • Wandering Earl says:

      Hey Jen – Would be great to have you on board…let me know if you have any questions about any of the departures.

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  24. Ron Wesner says:


    I am very interested in the visit to Socotra Island and also to visit Yemen as well

    So, please keep me in touch when plans develop

    Ron Wesner

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  26. Robert says:

    It’s wonderful that your tours are expanding and that you are sharing your vast knowledge and experience with people looking for authentic experiences.

    Looking forward to joining you on an upcoming tour.

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