Video: I’m Going On Vacation Tomorrow

Sometimes I just feel like making a video…

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When’s the last time you’ve taken a vacation? Was it a good one? Are you going on vacation soon?

And before I go, I wanted to mention an interesting website whose founder I’ve recently been in touch with. It’s called Friends of Friends Travel, a new travel social marketplace. You can find a free place to stay, a place to leave your stuff, tips and information or have coffee with a local from your own trustworthy network of friends and friends of friends. You can sign up for free over at Friends of Friends Travel!

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25 Responses to Video: I’m Going On Vacation Tomorrow

  1. tropikiwi says:

    ooh a mystery.
    Where in the world is Earl?
    My guess is Cuba.
    Or perhaps North Korea.

  2. shrie says:

    have a good vacay..its never a bad idea to break away from the tron world and just get back to you and gain some sanity in the process..can’t wait to hear bout ur secret exploits, so i can live through ur vacay until i get the opportunity of one of my own.

  3. Is it a mysterious island? Spill the beans! :)

  4. ha ha, I loved this video Earl! Hope you are having a good time.

    I am off out to shake some hands!

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  6. Thanks so much for mentioning us at Friends of Friends Travel! We really appreciate that! Best of luck with your vacation – a brain recharge is always a good thing to do!

    Friends of Friends Travel is still in its startup stage so if anyone has any comments or feedback on the website, we’d really appreciate it.
    – DJ

  7. It’s so refreshing to see some video posts! It’s a nice way of getting an update and feeling a bit more of a personal connection to you. Enjoy your vacation :)

  8. Jes says:

    Good choice on the Magic Hat 9, I used to miss that when I was away… Especially the bars that have it on tap. Can’t wait to hear where the vacation was, enjoy!

  9. Andy says:

    Have fun and enjoy your well deserved holiday! If you can, please try to really really and completely unplug yourself from computers, TV and the internet for a week. I’ve done it and it was one of the most refreshing experiences ever!

  10. Jade says:

    How very intriguing…
    I just took a 3 day vacation from exam revision in Sardinia and it was terrific! A little sunshine and time away from my laptop and pen was just what I needed! Hope your holiday is just as revitilising!

  11. Sam says:

    Good for you, Earl! Have a great time.

  12. Have a great vacation and I cant wait to her all about it once you are back in 10 days :)

    PS – Love the video post idea.. Its nice to change things up every now and then!

  13. Nikki says:

    A vacation? In a mystery location? Is it Australia? Is it? Have fun

  14. Have a great vacation Earl! I’m intrigued…

  15. Gaelyn says:

    Enjoy your getaway. Me, back to work. Although Rangering at the Grand Canyon can hardly be considered work.

  16. Kate says:

    Haha this is so funny. Great way to build drama!

  17. Alexandria says:

    Bahaha! Under the table. :)
    I can’t wait to hear the destination! See you in ten days.

  18. Osvaldo says:

    Where Am I? MYSTERY? Serious? Hahahaha, that’s funny :D

  19. Haha “Just decided to get under the table and start filming as usual” :)

    I think I also need a vacation from the internet, because I actually just sat here and continued to watch while you whistled and fell asleep. My brain must be melting…haha

    Enjoy your vaca!

  20. Tyrhone says:

    Vacation from the tinternet, it’s hard to just let go of that damn keyboard sometimes innit. Have a good time on your mysterious retreat.

  21. wong kae chee says:

    enjoy yourself wherever you are going.

  22. Robert says:

    Have a great vacation!

  23. Chris says:

    Hmmmm.. I’m intrigued.

    As for the break from the laptop, good for you! Sometimes a break from technology and your full attention on enjoying yourself is exactly what is needed.

  24. Lia says:

    Wooohoooo!! Cant wait for the 10 days to b over n getta know ur vacation details! Take care wherever you are!

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