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I meant to write this post a week ago but somehow I got a little sidetracked. So here it is now. Hopefully, and despite being late, this short post will still accomplish exactly what it is meant to accomplish – to play a role in providing clean drinking water to people in developing nations around the globe.

Several weeks ago, I wrote a post titled “My 3 Best Kept Travel Secrets”. This post was part of an excellent blogging project organized by Katie Sorene over at The goal of the project was to have over 150 travel bloggers write a post about their own travel secrets in an attempt to generate even more excitement, among both the bloggers and their readers alike, in regards to exploring this incredible world of ours.

And needless to say, the project worked and it worked well. It also proved to be a great tool that helped me connect with other travel bloggers out there as well as with dozens of new readers that have now found their way over here to (And I thank each and every one of you for joining this wonderful community!)

With all of that said, Katie’s project has a much more important purpose.

Last week, Katie and released a series of unique (and free) travel eBooks consisting of the exact travel secrets that were written about all over the internet during the initial campaign. Each book in the series makes for a highly entertaining and enlightening read, offering endless descriptions of travel highlights and secrets, ranging from the interesting to the flat-out awe-inspiring. (The entry that really captured my attention was “camping at the Darvaza Gas Crater in Turkmenistan”. It’s one of those places that apparently must be seen to be believed!) So, based upon content alone, I strongly recommend that anyone interested in travel takes a moment to read through these eBooks.

And, and, and….there’s another benefit to downloading one or more of these eBooks.

Every time that someone downloads one of them, is donating $1 to Charity: Water, a well-respected organization that works to build freshwater wells and provide clean drinking water to those who need it all over the developing world. If you haven’t heard of them before, take a quick look at their site. Their performance record and reputation are the main reasons why Charity: Water is quickly becoming the charity of choice for many people looking to donate money to a good cause.

But again, this project doesn’t require you to donate any money, but of course you can always donate some in order to help out even more! All you need to do is go and get your free copy of the Travel Secrets eBooks and that’s it. And considering that every eBook in the series is guaranteed to inspire you to either start traveling, keep on traveling or travel to new places that you’ve never even heard of before, I’d say that it’s well-worth the minimal effort involved.

And just so you know what to expect, the series includes eBooks on Travel Tips, Worldwide Travel, Worldwide Beaches, Foodie Travel, Family Travel, United States Travel and Italy Travel.

So far, over $2800 has been raised for Charity: Water through this project and the overall goal is to reach $5000. Once reached, this amount will help build 4 freshwater wells which will then provide clean drinking water for an entire school for the next 20 years.

Therefore, as you can imagine, every single download counts.

I honestly appreciate your support for this project and be sure to let me know some of your favorite secrets that you read about!

If you have any questions at all about the project, please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.

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Comments 12

    1. Earl

      Hey Osborne – Those eBooks will probably provide you with a long, long list of new places. I’ve added quite a few to my list as well. I’d be curious to know which new places caught your attention the most!

      1. Osborne

        Truly I love the looks of all of them. I haven’t gotten to do any traveling outside of the US yet. But I have road tripped everywhere from Nevada to VA, up to NY, all through TX and everywhere in-between. I still need to make it out to the West Coast which I will be doing later this year. I just love seeing and experiencing new things everyday and I am a pretty intense adrenaline junkie. I try to stay away from the touristy type places that most travelers go to. I was wondering where you might suggest a good place to start my overseas adventures would be, especially if I travel alone.

    1. Earl

      Thanks Andi! I’m sure your trip to Brasil was well worth missing out on a few things in the blogging world!

    1. Earl

      My pleasure Dina. I’m just thrilled about the new and strengthened connections that were formed with other bloggers such as yourself!

    1. Earl

      Thanks Jennifer, I appreciate you taking the time to download an e-Book. Hopefully you discovered some new, amazing place that you now want to visit!

    1. Earl

      Hey Moon – It does appear that everyone who participated made it into the book, resulting in quite a diverse collection of ‘secrets’. Thanks for checking it out, I really appreciate it. And I hope things are going well as your time on the east coast winds down!

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