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WANTED: People interested in traveling all over the world while watching their bank account grow every month.

If you want to take advantage of such a life-changing opportunity, you owe it to yourself to consider working on cruise ships. I can honestly say that working on ships changed my life in incredible ways, most importantly giving me the freedom to live on my own terms.

Get started today! Step-by-step instructions on how to apply to every major cruise line plus insider advice to guide you through the entire process are only a couple of clicks away.

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Once you walk up the gangway of your first ship, your life will never be the same.

Why? Your life will instantly involve…

Travel, Money & Social Life
WORLD TRAVEL – Explore all kinds of destinations (yes, almost every position offers a good amount of free time off the ship), from Alaska to the Caribbean, Europe to South America, the South Pacific to Southeast Asia.

MONEY! – Earn up to $6000+ USD per month, depending on position. And with very few expenses (room and meals are provided) it’s possible to save $6,000 – $20,000+ in a few short months!

AMAZING SOCIAL LIFE – Live the good life with access to crew bars, crew lounges, internet cafes, hot tubs, swimming pools, a crew gym, crew-only sunbathing decks, crew parties and other events.

SPECIAL PRIVILEGES – Spend your evenings socializing in passenger bars, and lounges, receive discounted tours in each port, attend the theater performances, dine in passenger restaurants…it’s all possible. Many positions offer these extra benefits.

INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIPS – Build friendships with crew members from dozens of countries around the world, and when you’re on vacation, you’ll have plenty of money to visit your new friends overseas!

LIFE-CHANGING OPPORTUNITIES – Network with crew members, local residents in every port of call and thousands of passengers and you’ll discover opportunities you simply never imagined. (Through networking on ships, I’ve been offered jobs in Greece and Costa Rica and a business partnership on the stunning Caribbean island of St. Kitts.)

2-4 MONTHS OF VACATION – Enjoy up to 4 months of vacation per year, which you can spend anywhere in the world you wish. You’ll actually work less and save more money than if you were working on land!

Friendship, Opportunity & Vacation


Applying for a cruise ship job is not the same as applying for a job on land. The rules are different, the process can be complicated and without any guidance, it’s nearly impossible to do on your own. Without knowing how to navigate the specific steps involved, cruise lines will often never even notice your application. In fact, you’ll have trouble simply trying to get an application in the first place.


When you purchase this guide…

Cruise Ship Job Guide - Description

How To Work On A Cruise Guide


“Thank you for a great guide! I had to laugh because you wrote ‘right when you least expect it, you’ll receive an email informing you that you have been selected for an interview.’ That’s exactly what happened! They offered me the job on the spot and said I looked very good on paper (thanks to you!). So instead of freezing over the holidays, I’ll be working on Holland America Line visiting Mexico, Honduras, Belize, and Guatemala.”

Katie Hart, North Carolina, USA


“I always say that working on cruise ships as an Entertainment Host was the ultimate job. Who else would pay me to hang out with passengers all day, travel the world and meet amazing people? BEST EXPERIENCE EVER… and I was able to pay off all my debt in a couple of contracts and then purchase my first home!”

Leah Bolton, Vancouver, Canada


“I would like to personally thank Earl for helping me to acquire a cruise ship job. I followed his guide precisely and in less than two weeks I have landed a job on board a major cruise line! I’m headed to Alaska and I’m so excited to begin this journey. To those of you who want to work on board a cruise ship, GET THE GUIDE!!! It helped me tremendously and I know it will help you!”

Santana Mackline, USA


“I thought I’d update you about my cruise interviews. I had three interviews just a couple weeks after applying and I was offered all three jobs! I went with Carnival Cruise Lines in the end and I can’t wait to begin. Just want to say a big thank you, the guide was really helpful, as were your emails.”

Xander McGrouther, USA


“I went for an interview last Tuesday in Vancouver and the next day I heard back that Cunard Cruise Lines wanted to talk with me. Four hours after my chat with Cunard, they offered me a position on the Queen Victoria as an International Host. I will board the ship in six days! Once again, thank you for everything!”

Jan Kerekes, Vancouver, Canada


The low, one-time cost for this detailed 175-page guide is only:

$25 USD

(November 2015 Edition)

That’s all you’ll ever need to spend in order to land a cruise ship job that will allow you to save $2000, $3000 or even as much as $5000 per month.

When that first pay check comes in, we guarantee you’ll consider this one of the best investments you’ve made!

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Works For Everyone: The information in this guide works for EVERYONE, no matter what country you live in. Cruise lines hire people of all nationalities and the only standard requirement to apply is that you are at least 21 years of age and not a convicted felon.

Money Back Guarantee
Also, every order of this guide comes with my personal guarantee…

60-Day Money Back Guarantee: If you don’t believe the information you receive will help you find a rewarding job on board a cruise ship, you have a full 60 days to ask for a refund. Just send me a quick email and I’ll refund the full amount without any questions asked.


Once you order your guide, you’ll be able to contact me directly with any questions you may have along the way. You’ll find my direct email address on the last page of the guide and I encourage you to use it. I guarantee you that I’ll do my very best to help get you working on board a cruise ship as quickly as possible.

Bon Voyage!


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555 Responses to Work On Board Cruise Ships

  1. matt says:

    Hey, Earl
    I first saw this page years ago and knew I wanted to try ship life at some point.Thanks to your help I will begin in the Youth Department on Carnival Pride in September! Thanks so much for all of your help.

  2. Devon says:

    Hey there, I’ve read a decent amount of articles online that say cruise lines are super strict about dress code. I have my earlobes stretched, is that going to be a major issue preventing me from finding a job?

    • Wandering Earl says:

      Hey Devon – They are strict in some sense and most cruise lines would not allow stretched earlobes on a crew member unfortunately.

  3. Susan Servos-Sept says:

    I am wondering about your comment that cruise ships do not hire the over 60s. I have a 60ish friend that was recently hired by one of the big cruise line companies to work with children. It seemed they were not concerned by age. I am confused.

    • Wandering Earl says:

      Hey Susan – That’s interesting and definitely something that is very rare. For paid positions, cruise lines generally don’t do that unless the person has extensive experience that translates well to one of the specific jobs on a ship. Even then it’s still very uncommon.

  4. K.L. LOH says:

    Hi, Earl…I’m a retiring Police Officer at the age of 60 this year with the rank of Assistant Superintendent, do you think they will employ such an old man to work in the cruise ship ? if so, what type of job do you think they’ll offer to an ex-police officer? For your information, I was working as Police Intelligent Officer during my endure of service. Thanks in advance and have a nice day.

    • Wandering Earl says:

      Hey KL – That’s a tough one…at 60, it would probably be a little tougher to land a job, especially since your experience doesn’t really translate to a particular position on the ship. While there are security officers on each ship, they often come from Nepal though and it’s rare to have a security officer from a western country.

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  6. Lara says:

    Hi Earl

    I live in Switzerland, do you think the book would still be helpful?


  7. Hi there,
    I am definitely going to have to consider this!!!! I’ve been on the road for 8 months, and my plan for refilling my bank account was to get to Vietnam and teach English there, but this might be a better way! I wont have to pay to fly to Vietnam and sounds like I may be able to save even more.
    Plus, if I don’t like it, it’s just 4 months and then I’ll have money and won’t have to take another contract if I don’t want to.
    But I’m assuming they don’t take resumes in the form of paper airplanes… 😛

  8. Amy says:

    Hello Earl,
    First of all, I am glad I found this website Earl. :) I had lost interest on what I thought I wanted to do as career wise and I have been trying to figure out what I should do in life because I want to travel, meet new people, try new things, something that’s a different routine everyday. What I have read in order to get this job, you need a degree, work experience or resume. I don’t have a degree but went to college for a year, work experience I only had two jobs (One- I worked for 2 years at a restaurant Two-I am working currently at coffee place). I am 19 turning 20 on March and I won’t be apply until I am 21. I always wanted to travel, learn new things, know about cultures from all around the world. Will I be paying for anything else besides the guide, if I do have to pay, how much will it be? Do I need to have to know a language in order to get an interview or get hired? Besides English, I know to speak/read Spanish and I know sign language. Thank you, hopefully I get a response :)

    • Wandering Earl says:

      Hey Amy – The guide basically shows you exactly how to apply for every position with every major cruise line, making sure you have the insider information to get your resume noticed and for you to have the best chance possible of getting hired. With that said, without a degree and with limited work experience, it will be difficult to get a job on a ship unfortunately. Normally, if you don’t have a degree you would need several years of relevant work experience in order to be considered for a position.

  9. Sarah Pouzet says:

    Does one have to be a U.S. Citizen or Canadian ( or be a green card holder) in order to be hired by the companies you are mentioning in your book? Thank you. Sarah (French citizen)

    • Wandering Earl says:

      Hey Sarah – Not at all…those are not required to work on cruise ships! 99% of cruise ship crew members are not from North America.

  10. Jun says:

    Good day Earl, I’m a graduating student for a 4 year course in IT here in the phils but i dont like my course so im looking for what to do with my life. i will be 21 years old this june 2015. does working on a cruise ship need some training or education? do I have a chance? also im near sighted so i wear glasses. does it stand against me?

    • Wandering Earl says:

      Hey Jun – You would either need a university degree or several years of relevant work experience. Wearing glasses is no problem though.

  11. Demetris says:

    Ηey Erl! I was wondering! Can someone get a job in cruises without having any experiance? I Have not a degree but i am interested in travelling and going to work to a Ship! Thanks for replying :)

    • Wandering Earl says:

      Hey Demetris – To be honest, without work experience and without a degree, it will be difficult to get hired. Most of the time they require that you have both, or at least one at the very minimum.

  12. Rachael says:

    Hi Earl,

    some time ago I purchased your book and I seemed to have lost my copy of it (after my motherboard decided to throw a paddy and decide not to like me any more) is their any chance I can get another copy of it? Because it was a brilliant source of information.

  13. Diogo says:

    Hey earl,

    right now I’m a lost soul , I’ve quit my biology course because it’s not really what i wanted and I’m looking to find myself somehow. I’ve been reading your blog which is kinda helping me .

    Anyway I think working on a cruise ship would be a great opportunity for me but I got no experience at all in any job, the only quality I have is that my English is really good and I like to help people. Is there any chance for me ? And if there isnt how can I make it happen ?

    Would love to have your help , best regards , Diogo.

  14. Carol says:

    Hi Earl, congrats on your amazing blog! I came across it while researching jobs on cruise ships, after a week of cruising the caribbean myself 15 days ago. I’m interested in exploring the possibility of working on a cruise ship and have the opportunity to save up some money while visiting new places (the idea is really very inviting). Will your guide help me understand what position would better suit me? Could you maybe point a few out for a 33 year old woman with a PR degree, fluent in spanish, english and italian and with event planning experience? It could help me understand the earning potential for me, since it’s always a bit scary to leap and leave one’s current job, even if it is to pursue a dream…Thank you so much!!!

    • Wandering Earl says:

      Hey Carol – Great to receive your comment and yes, the guide will go over every position available so that you can determine which one(s) would be most suitable for you. The earning potential for each position is in there as well and I always offer personal email support for anyone who does get the guide. From what you say, there are probably several positions that could be a good match.

  15. Jacqueline says:

    Hey Earl, is it possible to have your husband/wife come on the ship with you during your contract? Me and my husband both are both in our early 20’s and have good qualifications, him being an electrician with many years of experience, but I can’t imagine trying to sort it out to work on the same ship at the same time. We wouldn’t want to be separate for so long, so were hoping if one of us got a job the other could join too. I would assume if it was possible it would be for some sort of fee. Thank you!

    • Wandering Earl says:

      Hey Jacqueline – Unless you get one of the top few positions (Captain, Staff Captain, Hotel Director), they won’t allow you to have your spouse on board. You could apply to both work on the ships and if you apply to a small cruise line that doesn’t have many ships, the chances of being on the same ship would naturally be much higher. But just to have your spouse on board while one of you is working isn’t really an option.

  16. Cami says:

    Hey Earl,
    I m a romanian citizen, and I look for a job on a cruise ship. My question is there are any chances after a while to do a step further in career.
    I’m interested to apply as a assistant F&B (I have all diploma in the hospitality field (university + master management hospitality and sommelier ….and 7 years experience work in this field) but my problem is I have 35 years old, and I don’t know if are chances applying for this positions on a cruise job and and increase in career life.
    What is your advice
    Thank you in advance for your answer.

    • Wandering Earl says:

      Hey Cami – Your age is no problem at all. You can definitely apply and if you get hired, there is also room for promotion. The F&B department is a big department, with many higher level positions.

  17. Rodrigo says:

    Hey Earl. You´ve done an exciting and enviable life style.
    I´m mexican and i have over a year planning this. I´ve searched for all this time a lot of information about life on board (almost all in Youtube). I´m a Tv producer and director and i couldn´t find specific info about video or technical position (that´s what i want). I applied 3 weeks ago with an “agency” in Mexico, but they still did not call me :(
    Do you recommend apply by my own directly with the cruise lines?

  18. Anil says:

    Hello Earl,
    I have read through your straight-forward review on working on a Cruise ship. I will admit the fact that it’s very hard work on ship with a feeling of hostility as you are travelling in the middle of an ocean. I have friend who worked for four years on Carnival and says it isn’t a bed of roses.

    I’m 32 year old, single Indian guy willing to see the world. I have a hotel degree, but very less experience. I have impeccable spoken English and basic Spanish. I’m tall, lean and follow a vegetarian diet. Do you think I would stand a chance to work in Housekeeping or Bartending roles on Cruise ships. I generally heard Indians are looked down upon on Cruise ships for any customer facing roles? If that isn’t true, which other roles I might fit in? Thanks in advance.

    • Wandering Earl says:

      Hey Anil – Everyone has their own experience of course and there are way too many factors involved (ship, itinerary, fellow crew members, position, etc.) to say that working on a ship isn’t a bed of roses. It’s another job of course, so it has its ups and downs but for many, it’s a very positive experience with a lot of great benefits.

      As for you in particular, it’s difficult for me to say what your chances would be without knowing all about you and your work history but working in housekeeping or bartending could be options for sure. Again, it really depends on your CV and the experiences that you’ve had that might make you a good candidate.

  19. Dennis says:

    Hey Earl!

    I have some tattoo’s on my wrists, will that be a big problem for aplying? It is easy to cover them up by wearing a long sleve shirt or by wrist bands.

  20. Ni says:

    Hi Earl,

    I got here through Nomadic Matt’s post on you :) and am thinking of buying your book. But I also saw this at the same time and wondered what happened here (Are they copying your stuff??)


    • Wandering Earl says:

      Hey Ni – That’s also my site :) I offer the book on two different websites – my blog and the site. This just helps more people find the book!

  21. Jenny says:

    Hi Earl!
    Do you cover jobs on adventure style cruise ships… for instance ships that go to Antarctica and the Arctic?

    • Wandering Earl says:

      Hey Jenny – I don’t cover those cruise ships simply because it really is a completely different industry. There are ships from the main cruise lines that do go to the Arctic though. But for ships that specifically do those regions, you need more experience usually and it’s not quite the same as other cruise ships.

  22. Tayo says:

    Hey Earl! Considering that I currently live in Africa, and a citizen from an African country, are there possibilities to work on a cruise ship for someone like me. I went to university in New-York and Montreal though! I will definitely buy your book if it’s affirmative. Thank you

    • Wandering Earl says:

      Hey Tayo – Absolutely! There are many, many South Africans working on board cruise ships all over the world. I don’t think there was a single ship I worked on that didn’t have a good amount of South African crew members actually.

  23. Emily says:

    Hey Earl! I was just wondering if all the maor cruise liners you mentioned were US-based? I’m from the UK and really, really interested in this, and was wondering if your help with the big cruiseliners extended to the ones based across the pond too? Thanks in advance, and for your wonderful, inspiring blog!

    • Wandering Earl says:

      Hey Emily – Thanks for commenting and it actually doesn’t matter where the cruise lines are based. You can apply to all of them no matter where you’re from or where you live as the crew members on every ship are usually from 60+ countries. So you would just apply and whoever hires you, they fly you to meet your ship wherever it is in the world. And interviews are generally done by Skype as well.

      • Emily says:

        Thanks for all your help! I read through your guide cover to cover last night and found it really interesting. I am looking at applying for a gift shop position as I already have a fair amount of experience working in gift shops on land, do you know of anyone who had experience of doing that and what it was like for them? Thank you again :)

        • Wandering Earl says:

          Hey Emily – Sure, there are plenty of people working in the gift shops and it’s a good job for sure. You have decent privileges, a good amount of free time off the ship and you’re always interacting with passengers instead of just sitting at a desk. It’s also a good position to get some experience on the ship and then move over to a different position as well. And if you already have that experience of working in gift shops, that’s probably the perfect position for you to apply for with the cruise lines!

  24. Niall says:

    Hi. I’m an Irish and British citizen I was wondering if this guide would be useful for me. I’d buy it in a second if it is as I love this kind of intense 3/4 months of work then 3/4 months off to travel.

    Anyway thank you very much I you’ve a good website here

    • Wandering Earl says:

      Hey Niall – Absolutely! This guide works for citizens from most countries and I have had many British citizens use the guide and land jobs on ships all over the world.

  25. Erica says:

    Hi Earl, Thank you very much for this information.
    I wanted to ask you a few questions before downloading the guide.
    Is there any nationality requirement? I mean, do they recruit people from certain nationalities? I am Italian and Have a Bolivian College Degree. Would that make a difference on the salary I’d be earning?
    Thank you so much!

    • Wandering Earl says:

      Hey Erica – There isn’t any nationality requirements. There are plenty of Italians on board ships! And your salary shouldn’t be affected by your degree. Nothing to worry about with that!

  26. Jessica says:

    Hi Earl,

    Does your guide address married couples trying to gain cruise ship employment? Is that even permitted? My partner and I are looking at cruise employment opportunities.

    We are both in our early 30s, college educated and work full time. We plan to open a small business in 2years and want to travel in the interim. Cruise employment would be perfect for us in order to travel, continue to save, and gain more valuable experience in customer service.

    My partner’s skills apply directly to coffee service management, as she’s been a barista/manager for 9 yrs now. My background is in the project management of historic sites and new development. I believe my skills could be applied to excursion tour coordination with guest education.

    Please let us know if your guidebook addresses couples seeking employment on board!

    Thank you!

    • Wandering Earl says:

      Hey Jessica – The guide does address couples seeking employment on ships but I will state that it’s not easy. The main reason is that first, you wouldn’t be able to work in the same department and as a result, the chances are slim that two different departments would need each of you to start on the same date, have the same contract length and have your vacations match up too. And if they needed one of you on another ship for one reason or another (someone quit and they need someone to fill in that position), they just send you to that other ship as that’s how it works. So, as you’ll see in the guide, there are ways to try and have things work out well for couples but it is challenging.

  27. Aakriti says:

    Hi Earl,
    It was recently when I stumbled upon your lovely blog; I have been surfing a lot of travel blogs lately.Upon reading this post, trust me when I say this, I had butterflies in my stomach! I really want to go ahead and buy this book but was wondering if it will be helpful for me particularly since I live in India. I am thinking that the info in the book must have been written keeping in mind the Western folks. Kindly let me know. Thanks!

    • Wandering Earl says:

      Hey Aakriti – The book will be useful for you as well. It will point you in the direction of the legitimate agencies that each cruise line uses in India and will show you exactly how to stand out when applying. And you can always ask me questions along the way and I’ll always help out as best I can!

  28. Curt Murphy says:

    What about people like myself who have worked in high volume nat’t parks, and have been a camp counselor for years and am 66 years old. With a magnetic personality that likes people, do persons of my age bracket get hired? Curt

    • Wandering Earl says:

      Hey Curt – Thanks so much for commenting. At 66 though, the cruise lines probably won’t be interested unfortunately. Up to mid-50s seems to be the cut off point for most positions. I’ve worked with crew members up to 70 years of age but they had all started when they were younger and kept going. I don’t think I know of anyone who has been hired over 60. Sorry about that.

  29. Richard says:

    Wondering Earl, hey, this is the second time I saw this…. right now, I am a security officer, I have done this on and off for the past several years. I worked in the oil field for 10 months recently. Now I am back doing a job that is not so pleasant, but, would rather do this kind of job on a cruise ship. I am 38 years old. I have TONS of life experience with only an associates in Electronics that I never got to use! I guess what I am getting at is this, I would like to work on a cruise ship to get the kind of money I was making in the oil field. I have a wife in the Philippines with our two babies. I am still working on my wife’s application, but things have slowed down due to financial difficulty. You said in your blog you would work hard to help me land a job. I am MORE than willing to work HARD right along with you since it will be ME getting the job. I have looked and looked and looked, and like you said, it is difficult to try and get it by yourself! So, here in the next few days hopefully, I will buy your stuff and well, I hope to be talking to you through email soon. Thanks for your blog! Again, this is the SECOND time I saw this, and well, I believe NOW is the time! And I hope you can help. Please do encourage me if ya have any encouraging words. Again, I would like to do something along security with a cruise ship. I have a level two security license with the state of Texas! Would that be sufficient? Plus, I am a big guy (intimidating look) I believe it would simply help. I don’t know! I just want to get back to making money and having my own room and board paid for like it was in the oil field, except for the food, I had to buy my food. I think this is a way to go. What do ya think? Let me know? Also, you can check out my facebook : Richie Bagwell, it is a picture of my son looking up at the camera in the picture. Thank Earl!

  30. Brian Klassen says:

    Hi Earl, Your book sounds like just the thing I’ve been looking for. I believe I noticed it was first published in 2010. Is the information in it up to date? Also, I live in Seattle and drive by Holland America almost every day. It seems like they’re a major employer. Is being in Seattle going to make things easier? Thanks for writing the ebook!

    • Wandering Earl says:

      Hey Brian – Yes sir, I am constantly updating the book every month to make sure it is up to date! As for your location, that doesn’t really play a role. Once you apply, the interview is typically done by Skype or over the phone (sometimes in person if possible) and then the cruise line will fly you to your ship if you get hired. Hope that helps!

  31. Megan says:

    Hi Earl,

    I have purchased your guide and am ecstatic about applying for cruise ship positions. I applied for my passport today and am in the process of updating my resume and creating a cover letter. I was wondering if I could still apply for positions while my passport is processing or if I have to wait to apply until I receive my passport in the mail? I am anxious to begin he application process! Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.


  32. pbr says:

    Have you ever heard of people working on a ship while they had small children or with their families?

    • Wandering Earl says:

      PBR – There are plenty of people working on ships who have children but unless you’re the Captain or on that level, they can’t be on the ship with you during your contract.

  33. emor says:

    my question is
    if i download the guide would i be hired
    i am desperate of job right now coz i don’t like working in drivetru
    I’m doing the drive thru for a year and half now I’m almost 11 months working in tim hortons as a team player and 6 months current today as a cook in a$w ansi also work part time for dominos pizza, chef restaurant as a cook,quiznos sub and subway for couples of 5 months each
    so is there a big chance for me to work as a cook but i have a university degree for mechanical engineering but i have only 3 months experience ins hvac
    i am currently living in canada and work here but i came originally from philippines
    hope to hear from u

    • Wandering Earl says:

      There is no guarantee that you’ll get hired. It depends on several factors of course – education, work history, how well you do in any interviews, etc. But this guide will give you everything you need to apply to every cruise line and will offer all the advice that will make sure you have the best chance possible of getting hired.

  34. Susan says:

    Hi can someone give me some E mail adress or links to apply directly with some cruise ship? i would like to work there but here in my country Peru Recluters ask too much money to help you to apply .
    Thank you .

    • Wandering Earl says:

      Hey Susan – That’s the problem, those recruiters do ask for a lot of money, but it’s not necessary to go through them. At the risk of sounding like a salesman, you might want to check out the guide above. It does provide all the details you need to apply for just about every position with every major cruise line and it also offers pages and pages of advice to ensure you have the best chance possible of getting hired!

  35. Rachel Santoro says:

    Hi Earl! First off, i must tell you that i am insanely jealous of your lifestyle and may have to live vicariously through you, until I can figure out how to make it happen! :-) Secondly, I’m so happy to have found this blog on working for cruise ships! I’m currently in a job that is super stressful and I don’t feel as though I’m utilizing my talents. A little about me;
    College graduate Bachelors degree in Psychology, minor in music.
    Worked in customer service, preschool teacher, server/bartender, currently an account executive for a promotional marketing company.
    Have been the lead singer for a very successful cover band for the past 6 years.
    I’m single, 29, living on my own, and am in desperate need of adventure. I want to see the world more than anything else and I know I’m not making the most of my life. I’m extremely passionate about learning about other people/cultures but I HAVE to work full time (major college debt).
    I guess my questions are
    #1 Am I a good candidate to work on a cruise ship?
    #2 Is it hard to get a vocalist position?
    #3 Can I apply to multiple positions at once (entertainment, hospitality, tourism, customer service, event coordinating…etc. I’d gladly accept it all!)
    #4 How often do you really get to experience the other countries?
    #5 When you have a contract for, say, 4 months, are you on the ship that entire time?
    I have more questions but I’ve thrown enough at you. :-) Thanks in advance for any help you’re willing to give. I’m going to go read about more of your adventures and pretend I’m living it now. Chao!

    • Wandering Earl says:

      Hey Rachel – Thanks for getting in touch!

      1. Yes, you appear to be a great candidate.
      2. It really depends. You need to audition, send in videos of your past performances and go from there.
      3. Yes, but you would need to apply separately for each position and not group them together on one resume/application.
      4. It’s not full travel. You get a nice taste of each port. In the end though, it’s better to have a few hours off in Athens one day, a few hours in Rome the next and a few hours in Malta the next than not traveling at all :)
      5. Yes, you are on the ship, working 7 days per week for the entire length of your contract, with time off every day of course.

      Hope that helps!

  36. Quentin says:

    Hey, Earl
    I was just wondering how common the 21 and over age limit is in the industry. I’m 19, and will be 20 in October, and I was hoping to explore my options on a cruise ship as soon as possible, and it would be disheartening to hear that the soonest possibility would be 2017.

    • Wandering Earl says:

      Hey Quentin – It’s pretty much 21 years and older and in general, you would need a university degree as well. The degree is not vital though as long as you have some good work experience that really translates well to a specific position on the ships. But with the age, they really do stick to the 21+ unfortunately.

  37. Hi Earl!! I just found your website and fell in love instantly, great work, great life!!
    But I have some questions, I want to buy the guide, but first I need to know for how long you can work on a Cruise ship. Well my questions is because I’m a engineer student, I’m 21, but I have class for 4 months (January to May) and for summer I have 3 months of vacations (May to August), and for winter I only have 1 month of vacations (December), so what I want to know is if there are contracts just for 3 months or 1 month?? or what is the minimum contract period? And if you think there’s a chance to apply? Thank you for sharing such a life experience, hope you continue traveling. Love Marlen!

    • Wandering Earl says:

      Hey Marlen – That’s a bit difficult unfortunately as you don’t get to dictate when you can work or for how long you want your contracts to be. Cruise lines generally need people who are available all year round and for at least 4 months at a time for most positions. There aren’t any 1 month contracts and 3 month contracts are only for the higher level officers for the most part. I would wait until after you graduate…then you’ll be all set.

  38. Alexis says:

    Will defiantly be purchasing this in the future. Im only 18 now, but I am certain that this is what I want to do. I have been on over 10 cruises and have another one book for later this year. I love everything about life at sea. I am obviously aware that working on a ship is completely different than being a passenger but I can’t wait to be one of the people creating amazing experiences and memories for future guests. Most of my best memories in my life have come from my cruises. I have met some amazing people from all around the world who I still talk to. You will most defiantly hear from me in the future!!

  39. Nirjo Marak says:

    Is there any age and experience specific requirements for working in a cruise ship?

    • Wandering Earl says:

      Hey Nirjo – In general, you need to be 21 years of age to apply and as for specific requirements, it really depends on the position that you want to apply for. Some positions definitely require more work experience than others.

  40. Dominique says:

    Friendly Hello!

    Just wanted to send an update! I first saw this page years ago and knew I wanted to try ship life at some point. I purchased the guide about a year ago and after several applications and interviews I finally have my ship assignment. Thanks to your help I will begin in the Youth Department on Carnival Pride in September! Thanks so much for all of your help.


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