“Live a Life of Travel” Resources

Are you ready to travel? Are you ready to travel for as long as you wish?

Welcome to the page that will help make that goal a reality! Below you’ll find a handful of guides that are designed to change the life of anyone interested in long-term travel.

And if you’re interested in what travel gear I carry around with me on my travels, be sure to check out my Travel Gear List where I share it all!

Guides Written By Me

How to Live a Life of Travel“How To Live A Life Of Travel”
Nothing is stopping you from turning your love of travel into an actual lifestyle. If you’re not sure how to make it happen, every single thing you need to know can be found inside of this 200+ page guide. Get ready to discover how you can earn money all over the world, how to travel well without spending much at all and how to achieve the freedom you deserve. (Warning: This guide may cause you to start traveling at once!)


Cruise Ship Employment Guide Cover“How To Get A Job On A Cruise Ship”
Learn exactly how to land a job in an industry that pays you excellent money to travel the world. This guide provides detailed instructions on how to apply to every major cruise line. Without such guidance, it’s almost impossible to get hired. As a former cruise ship Tour Manager myself, I can tell you that the benefits of ‘ship life’ are simply life-changing.


Recommended Guides from Other World Travelers

Travel Blog SuccessTravel Blog Success
If you’re ready to start earning money with your blog, I highly recommend Travel Blog Success. This step-by-step online course is where many travel bloggers, including myself, learned exactly how to build a successful site. Created by the brilliant Dave Lee (GoBackbacking.com), who earns an impressive income from his 3 sites, TBS is an essential investment for every travel blogger.


Ultimate Tech Guide CoverThe Ultimate Tech Guide For Travelers
Written by Anil Polat, the tech guru/world traveler at FoxNomad.com, this guide teaches you more secrets about how to increase the usability, versatility and security of all your gadgets than you even knew existed. I personally use most of his expert tricks and I now firmly believe that this eBook should be required reading for anyone who travels with a laptop.


How to Work in TravelHow to Work in Travel
Wouldn’t it be nice to actually work in the travel industry? This eBook will open up infinite opportunities that you probably never considered before. You’ll not only learn about dozens of positions that exist in every sector of the travel industry, but you’ll also learn about the benefits of each and how to go about applying for and landing such a job. Great resource.


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