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It happens. One minute we’re happily exploring the markets of Yangon, diving deeper into the history of Turkey or practicing our Spanish in Buenos Aires and then, in a flash, we are forced to change our entire travel plans without … Read more

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As I gulped down my second mouthful of ocean water while struggling to get my snorkeling tube into my mouth, I suddenly heard some frantic shouting behind me. When I turned around I saw our boat captain yelling and pointing … Read more

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At 4:00pm every single day for the past nine years, Francisco has slowly climbed onto a worn out bicycle seat and begun pedaling his food cart across Playa del Carmen. His journey always begins in front of his one-room home … Read more

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Well, thanks to the wonderful advice of so many of you, I can now say that I’ve finally been spending a significant amount of time away from my computer over the past few days, and as one might expect, I … Read more

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I’m not quite sure I can remember the last time I did what I did yesterday. To sum it all up, I did nothing at all. Honestly, up until 10:17pm last night, my day had not even existed. After enjoying … Read more

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After writing my “Living Abroad for Less than $1000 per Month” post a few weeks ago, I received all sorts of interesting emails from readers. I honestly had a great time answering them and I stayed up until 3am a … Read more

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This is a tale about my day today. While at this very moment I am able to laugh about the day’s events, I cannot say that this was the case earlier. Actually, far from laughing, I found my legs shaking, … Read more

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During a walk around Playa del Carmen yesterday, I happened to pass by a small, colorful building down a narrow side street, a street that I had never been down before. In the front window of this building, hanging from … Read more

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Tonight I’m in Florida. Tomorrow morning I’ll be in Mexico. That’s right…Mexico, the country I left over two months ago, and the country to which I assumed I would not be returning to any time soon. But that’s how life … Read more

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When it comes to protecting our stuff while traveling, such methods as chaining our backpack to our train seat, using a PacSafe when leaving our bag in our hotel room and hiding our valuables in random places, go a long … Read more

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