Monsoon Rains in India

How To Turn Severe Weather Into A Travel Memory

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First of all, let me reintroduce myself. Here I am. Wandering Earl. Let me repeat, “Wandering Earl”. It appears that more than a few people have been quite confused about my identity over this past week, often mistaking me for someone completely different. I’m not mad or anything. And even though some of you have berated me via email or …

Se Renta Cuartos

Living Abroad For Less Than $1000 Per Month

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During a walk around Playa del Carmen yesterday, I happened to pass by a small, colorful building down a narrow side street, a street that I had never been down before. In the front window of this building, hanging from some sort of rotting suction cup hook, was a handwritten sign advertising “Estudios En Renta Por Mes” (Studios for Rent …

Mango Lassi

3 Best Kept Travel Secrets

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Quite a few months ago, Katie over at initiated an interesting project in which travel bloggers interact with each other in order to create an extensive database of ‘travel secrets’. Each travel blogger, once nominated, writes a post about their ‘3 Best Kept Travel Secrets’ and then nominates other bloggers to do the same and thus adding to the …


Why Every Traveler Must Visit INDIA

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I’m just going to come out and say it…I LOVE INDIA! In fact, I’m so thoroughly addicted to the madness of the subcontinent that I’ve now spent over two and a half years exploring it. What am I addicted to? The GAME. Traveling in India is like playing a game, one that both challenges and changes every player. In the …