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How Much Money Do You Need To Start A Life Of Travel?

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A desire to explore the world is hard to ignore, and for many travelers, as soon as that desire became too strong to be ignored, they simply packed up their backpack or suitcase and took off into the unknown. However, along with that strong desire to travel, there is something else that is needed in order to actually make it …

Se Renta Cuartos

Living Abroad For Less Than $1000 Per Month

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During a walk around Playa del Carmen yesterday, I happened to pass by a small, colorful building down a narrow side street, a street that I had never been down before. In the front window of this building, hanging from some sort of rotting suction cup hook, was a handwritten sign advertising “Estudios En Renta Por Mes” (Studios for Rent …

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Mexico…Here I Come, Again!

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Tonight I’m in Florida. Tomorrow morning I’ll be in Mexico. That’s right…Mexico, the country I left over two months ago, and the country to which I assumed I would not be returning to any time soon. But that’s how life works and given the fact that I’m still unable to depart for my adventure to the Middle East (as a …


Your Life Should Be The Greatest Success Story Ever Told

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(This post is part of a unique project organized by Jonny over at Through his efforts, a new inspirational eBook titled “SUCCESS” has just been released that consists of 30 bloggers’ personal definitions of the term ‘success’ and how to achieve it. The eBook is completely free to anyone interested and can be downloaded here: The Success eBook. In …