Help Me Find a Home

Please Help Me Find A Home!

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Help Me Find a Home
Here’s the situation. I am still very much addicted to traveling and I don’t hesitate for even a millisecond in stating that I plan to continue wandering around this world for many years to come. The thought of hanging up my backpack for a different kind of lifestyle right now is simply not a thought that I’m able to entertain.

However, that does not mean that my lifestyle will always stay the same. In fact, my travels have already been constantly evolving over the years and when I look at the traveler I am today, it is quite clear that I am not the same traveler I was when I arrived in Bangkok back in 1999, nor am I the same traveler I was in 2003 or 2007 or even last year for that matter.

My goals, motivations and needs often change and as a result, I’ve had to make adjustments accordingly. There was a stage when teaching English worked perfectly for me, when working on board cruise ships was ideal, when I just wanted to volunteer or wander around aimlessly, or when I could think of nothing better than staying put in one place for a while…and on and on.

And over the past six months or so, I’ve realized that it is perhaps time to make some adjustments once again, to start a new stage.

What will this next stage involve?

Well, I think it’s time for me to find a home.

I need my own apartment or house, a place that will provide a base for my wacky traveling lifestyle, a base that will undoubtedly help keep me focused on my goals as well as keeping me sane. Frankly, it’s not easy to continue moving around all the time while trying to not only enjoy my travel experiences, but trying to work on my blog and other projects at the same time. Being able to pop over to my ‘home’ on occasion, to buckle down, prepare my own cup of tea and get some work done in comfort (i.e. in my underwear), would have a major impact, a positive impact, on my life.

Am I looking for a place to move permanently?

Definitely not. In fact, I imagine that I would spend maybe two or three months per year at this ‘home’ that I’m seeking. It’s the idea of having that base that seems to make sense right now, even if I rarely use it.

Just knowing that there is a familiar bed to sleep in every now and then, my own set of drawers to hold my underwear, a wall to hang my Tibetan thangka painting that has been buried in a box for the past seven years and a mirror to sing my favorite Lady Gaga songs in front of without having to worry about others listening, would be an absolute dream.

I really can’t wait to sing me some Lady Gaga in peace.

The Main Problem

Here’s the thing. It’s one thing for me to decide I need a base/home. It’s an entirely different matter to try and decide where on earth this home should be. My family and friends are scattered all over the planet and I have no real ties to any one particular location these days.

I have no idea how to even begin this search.

And this is why I want to ask all of you for your help.

Knowing that the readership of this blog comes from all over the world, from almost every continent and dozens and dozens of countries, I figured that you would probably have some good recommendations as to where I should create my base.

So let me give you some information about what I’m looking for…

A small to medium-size city/town, one that offers a good standard of living for a decent price, preferably near the beach although it’s not a must, close to nature, easily accessible and decently connected by flights to other parts of the world, preferably a warm climate (doesn’t have to be year-round warmth), a laid-back community with opportunities to interact with diverse groups of people and having such facilities as a gym, basketball courts, cinemas and good food options in the vicinity.

And that’s it, although, I’m honestly open to hearing about any kind of place you have in mind, in any country!

I really am excited to hear your recommendations and I would like to thank you all in advance for taking a moment to help me find a home…

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Any recommendations??

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Comments 362

  1. Ben L.

    Normally, I would say London because it’s so well located right in the middle of everything. However it ain’t cheap. So what about somewhere in Spain? There are lots of options that tick all or most of your boxes. Malaga and the surrounding towns are reasonable, close to the beach and with such a large tourist draw, it would be easy for you to offset expenses by leasing it out on a short-term holiday basis (should you so desire). There are also connecting flights to many places and several budget airlines fly in there. That said, I recently read a wonderful feature in the New York Times magazine about expat life in Tangier, which would be even cheaper.

    1. Wandering Earl

      Hey Ben – Thanks for that recommendation and Tangier is a new one I never thought about. I’ll see if I can find that NYT article right now actually.

  2. George

    Hey Earl
    Just thought I’d throw in a quick advert for New Zealand. Specifically, the Coromandel Peninsula and the Bay of Plenty have a load of smallish towns littered along the coast. If you are looking for something closer to a city, Mt Maunganui and Papamoa are a hop and a skip across the harbour from Tauranga, one of NZ’s larger cities.
    Summer is brilliant, and the winter is pretty mild due to the coastal climate. Plus there’s surf, so you can hone the skills you started to develop in Mexico. The two regions are a magnet for Aucklanders during the November-February period, so if you’re not home you can do well out of renting it out as a summer house.
    However, I did see on one of the other comments that you replied to that you considered South Africa too far away from everywhere, and I can’t see NZ being a huge step up in that regard. You probably know more than me about finding cheap flights, but generally it seems to cost an arm and a leg to get anywhere further than the southeast asia/pacific area.
    Not sure if you’ve been here yet, so you may well know some of this already.
    Anyway, best of luck.

    1. Wandering Earl

      Hey George – Thanks for that information and while I have been to NZ a couple of times, I haven’t been to the regions you mention. I do love NZ but like you pointed out, when it comes to visiting family or anything else I might have to do back in the US, it is a bit of a distance away. I was talking with a friend today here in Romania about NZ actually and we were both saying that we would probably spend much more time there if it was closer!

  3. Cyril

    Hi there !

    I’ve been doing some travelling in asia, europe and now I’m moving around south America right now. There is one town that I really enjoyed, and found it really nice place to live was Medellin in Colombia. Maybe did you already went in ? When was it ?
    First of all, the city changed a lot : most of people will think about drugs when they talk about this place, but this was 15 years ago (well today drugs moved more to Cali but that’s another question !).
    -This city has a young population so it is really active
    -The actual mayor is doing a lot of smart stuff to make the city an even better place to live
    -A friend of mine already moved in !
    -There is a lot of differents places to go like Bars and Club, there is several parc that are -used to be full of people who want to get a drink and chat.
    -It’s a travelling city and there is a lot of backpacker (Hostels too)
    -There is an airport that deserve it
    -The weather is hot the whole year so no winter ! (colombia have every single kind of weather)
    -There is a really smart and cheap public transport service
    -Ok there is no beach…nothing is perfect !

    Well there is a lot more I could say but I’m going to stop here !

    1. Wandering Earl

      Thanks Cyril. I know a lot about Medellin but I’ve never been there myself. I’ll get there at some point though to test it out!

  4. Julien


    I would suggest Cape Town in South Africa:
    -weather is nice most of the time
    -landscape is amazing
    -people are really friendly
    -lots of things to do around
    -not too expensive compare to European big cities.
    -Betwin South America, Australia and close from other countries of Africa of course…

    Let me know if you need more information about Cape Town, I love this city!

    1. Wandering Earl

      Thanks Julien! I’ve been to Cape Town twice actually and it is a great city. The only problem is that it is quite a far flight from many parts of the world that I spend time in – North America, Europe and Asia.

  5. Pam

    Niels, thanks for recommending Israel!! I have lived here for 39 years hailing from Canada. I came here for the more conventional reasons but I was most impressed to read how much you like it.Very refreshing during these difficult times.

  6. Ppeng

    Well, I live in San Jose, CA, which is really close to Santa Cruz. While the greater Bay Area might be great to visit, it’s waaaay too expensive to live for any wandering type. A rundown house here costs a million dollars. Santa Cruz might be cheaper, but I doubt that it will be a whole lot cheaper. Earl’s 2,000 a month passive income will not stretch too far here, I am afraid.

    We are thinking about moving to other states where it’s a whole lot cheaper…

  7. Starr

    I’ve not traveled in a long time so my info first hand isn’t so good anymore. But if you check out it could give you all the information you could want, plus articles from those that are living in the areas you want to check out.

    Personally, I’m planning on taking a trip to Ecuador, with Manta as a base from which to spread out. I also liked the idea of taking the train between Quito and Cuenca too. I love the opportunity to have good healthy food, lots of seafood and a less stressful pace to each day.

    I’m thinking that with how affordable it is, that my sons would like to join me for my adventure. It’s a simple 4hour flight to the U.S. and I like that some cruise ships visit Manta. (I’d like to have my older son get a job on one of them, I think he’d really like it.) I would just like to find a place that was less wound up and tense like it is where I’m at in the states. The atmosphere here is downright suffocating with all the overly political boiling points in the media. I would like to get away from all that with my family. Let them enjoy learning and experiencing another culture first hand.

    I hope that you find the perfect place for you home base… even if it’s only for a relatively short time. It’s nice having someplace to come back to when you’ve been away awhile.

  8. Carolyn

    As someone who traveled by working in foreign countries I didn’t last as long as you did until I wanted a some of what comes with a life where you have a base to operate out of… Close to when I bailed on this as a lifestyle choice I signed up for an outward bound course in the Netherlands because I didn’t want to have to think about where my next meal would come from nor where I’d sleep that night – I was a bit burned out on that at the time. Of course you kind of have to work hard to get that food and tent spot LOL, but I didn’t care what they made me do, someone else was providing the food and tent spot. There are things I miss about traveling year round and some things I do not.

    I’d sugest you add safety of your stuff as a consideration if you are gone for weeks or months at a time to your list of things to consider, unless you plan to rent a room in someone else’s house, then store your stuff in a storage unit (get a climate controlled one so you don’t come back to mildew city) while you are gone again.

    I know I finally got to the point that I wanted a cat. Yes a cat. And I wanted long term friendships again. All the friends I have in a variety of countries are appreciated, and visiting them after not seeing them for months or years was also something I liked… but on a fundamental level I missed having those friends who are a constant in my life who know me through thick and thin… For that reason I bailed from a lifestyle that required extra pages in my passport, figuring out how to find an under the table job or a work permit if I was running short of cash… Do I miss it? – sometimes. But I also find that my new life (and no I haven’t quite managed to stay put in one place forever so to speak) is also something that I enjoy because of the deep connection I can have with the people in my life. And those people will take care of my cat when I take off for a month here and a month there…

    And… to bring up another subject that iI never really thought about all those years and now am starting to regret – paying for retirement. I ignored that itty bitty issue while roaming the earth… unfortunately now I am stuck in the kind of bad spot a student is who is walking into the final exam with a D average and the final is only worth 20% of their grade. No way to get an A. Or even a B. As I plot out my financial future I am realizing that I am way behind. While I might get lucky and get hit by a bus in some obscure corner of the earth and not live long enough that this to matter, odds are high I will have to deal with poverty while being 89 or older (my relatives all live into their 90’s and some into their 100’s). And yes I could live somewhere that was cheaper than the USA, however some of these kinds of plans only work if you aren’t sick in your old age, if you aren’t losing your marbles or your mobility… Saving for retirement so that I can take care of myself if I ever reach the point that I can’t get by with working now and again has reluctantly become a priority. Might want to do the math on that one for yourself and figure out how to work that into your future plans.

    Good luck. I miss the days I lived on someone else’s boat working for room and board, or taking people backpacking for a living in various countries… But I also like my cat curled up in my lap purring (like he is doing now) and knowing I now have a 12 year history of relatively frequent contact with the same people; people who are important to me and me to them.

  9. Guillermo

    I am partial to home.

    So, I would say consider taking pause here in the Desierto Sonorense(Sonoran Desert).

    Winters are pleasantly mild and the summers are hot. I prefer dealing with heat versus cold. Namely, visit Tucson when you get the chance. The climate, and blend of native cultures and Europeans, attracts visitors, students and retirees from around the world.

    There are national forests of saguaros and pines on the edge of town. Winter skiing is possible just 45 minutes away, and few hours further north as well. There are plenty of resorts and many apartment living arrangements the include swimming pools and common areas for exercise/fitness. The downtown area has been revitalized, so, there is plenty of nightlife to be had along the downtown trolley corridor. Centennial hall on the University of Arizona campus attracts some of the greatest performing artists around. Tucson is a relatively small city with the benefits of a larger community. What else can be found here….Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, Center for Creative Photography(archive of Ansell Adams work is maintained there), Arizona State Museum(largest collection of intact Native American pottery and basketry), El Tour de Tucson, Mariachi Festival, street fairs, hiking, live theater, social dancing clubs….I could go on.

    San Diego is about at 5 hour road trip, my preference versus flying, and the Sea of Cortez is only 4.5 hours away.

    Concentrate on finding a place in central Tucson, just east of the University along bus Route 3(there is a nearby bike corridor as well). This should make access to all Tucson has to offer more accessible by bike or bus, and now trolley, when you choose to leave your car at home.

    Give a shout when you are in town. I can show you around.

    Hasta pronto!

  10. LJM

    Santa Cruz CA is the perfect place for getting grounded, meeting great people, tons of beach time, healing and creative expression. Only one hour from San Jose airport, lots of room shares on Craigslist. The winter weather isn’t bad, and the water is cold, but that doesn’t stop the surfers. Good luck!

  11. Tricia

    Earl When I first started reading your blog I truly thought as a wanderer you were enjoying yourself, but looking for a place to put you under ware as you put it in a drawer. Which means you want time on the ground in a house, but still want to be able when you get the urge to go can go at a whim, so you need an airport at your disposal not too far from this domasile or beaches and you want suggestions from others who may have some ideas as to where you might find such a place. Did I get that right?
    Well I am a 73 year old widow that hasn’t gotten this bug out either, except my fedish is in a RV which fell apart and now I can’t afford to replace it. My travels and the freedom I get from living in an RV without any ties or outside bills is a feeling of such freedom every time you move from one park to another or just driving down Americas Highways is indescribable. When my husband was alive, we traveled full time for two years, we worked on the road to support ourselves and our travels. It was wonderful. Once he became too ill we had to come off the road and the RV sat too long and deteriated and was sold for peanuts. He later passed away. Now I am looking for and have found an older and smaller RV that is just right for me. Problem is I need help financing it. It’s only $20,000 which is not bad for a 1999 with low miles. I lost my home to foreclosure with Robo signers during the bank fraud schemes the lawyer ended up in prison, but the judge said the “Banks have to be paid” and I get left out in the cold. Maybe someone reading wanderers blog will help me pjhodes. And I am on gmail.

  12. the mermaid mama

    We’ve traveled and lived all over the place. Finally feeling like finding a home base as well. Decided on a small beach town on lake michigan close to two chicago airports. its cold in the winter, but that’s when we leave to travel. low cost of living, laid back, close to international airports. also look into wilmington, nc. suerte.

    1. Wandering Earl

      Hey Ashley – I’ve thought about it but for me, I love the Caribbean coast of Mexico too much so if it was going to be this part of the world, I’d probably just choose Mexico 🙂

  13. Atul

    Hello Earl,
    Been a fan always! Hoping to be a nomad like you soon.
    As I read this post, the entire time, I was thinking of places along the west coast of India.
    As people have already suggested you pondicherry, I would like to suggest you any main city on the west coast of India. Mangalore (my home town), Pondi, Kochi, etc. People of maharashtra, karnataka and kerala are really good and are also fun to be with.
    But Let me tell you, DO NOT TRAVEL and even think of SETTLING on the east coast, especially Tamil Nadu. People here may be good by heart, but they love tamil so much that a traveller or even god, they will not speak to you in any language but Tamil!
    So Try for various places in Kerala and Karnataka. It would be good for you as per your description. Also No winter problem in India 🙂

    PS: Let me know if and when you visit Kerala or Karnataka or south India. Would like to spend some time with you and ask you a lot of things.


    1. Wandering Earl

      Hey Atul – Thank you for all of that information and that is a region of India that I do love quite a lot. I’ve been down to Kerala and Karnataka several times over the years and it would be a great place to live I’m sure. I’ll let you know the next time I’m heading that way!

  14. Cecile

    Greetings from a semi-nomad!
    Love your blog to begin with. I’ll keep it short as you have lots of other things to do.
    I think it should be somewhere in the middle of mother earth, to me that is Europe (with all respect, you can try Africa but that would be more difficult. So I think you should consider Italy. It has a good climate and delicious food. You could try something near Milan or Rome. And for the days, weeks or months you are not home, you can rent the place more easily than a little village in Zimbabwe.
    From Milan or Rome you can fly to East or West or even South. You’ll find yourself a good ‘nonna’as a neighbour or a big family and you can always join them for a Italian lunch or dinner.

    1. Fahimah

      That sounds beautiful. I was thinking Italy for myself when I get out on my own. The culture is admirable and as a person who was never a part of an overall culture, it is one I would love to immserse myself in. So I am just writing to let you know that I think that that is a good idea and to let you know that I appreciate hearing about it. 🙂
      Arrivederci, amico. (new to the language)

  15. Jack

    Hi Earl.

    Not sure if you have found a home yet, however I have a recommendation to suit your needs. Brighton on the south coast of England is merely and 40 minute drive from Gatwick and 1 hour 15 minutes from Heathrow. It is also 1 hour 30 minutes from the Dover/Calais ferry connection if you’re looking for day-trips or weekends to France.

    The weather is lovely and warm during the summer and not too cold like the north of England in the winter.

    Labelled as the gay capital of the country, it is clear that the local community are feel able to express themselves and it opens up a wide range of diversity (much like everywhere in the country).

    I would also recommend visiting Southampton (1 hour 30 minutes) as it is a great city with a ferry crossing to the Isle of White, home to some of the most warm and friendly people in the world and a great array of nature.

    Just one other suggestion, a bit off the beaten track, would be Malta. Valletta, the capital, is a wonderful city with Middle Eastern style buildings and wonderful beaches and natural beauty. It is home to some of the most friendly people on the planet and you can drive the length of the main island in merely 45 minutes.

    It has extremely cheap connections (maximum $50) to Italy and the UK, which are home to some of the most major airports in the world. You really feel like you are somewhere different and due to its small size, it is an (almost) completely untouched part of the backpackers’ itinery.

    Just stay away from St Julian’s and Paceville during the April-September periods as it is the tourist capital of the country. Home to some of the best nightlife (some would recommend over Ibiza), also.

    Brighton and Valletta are two possibilities to where I plan to use as my ‘base’ when I’m a little older.

    Happy travels and the best of luck finding a place of your own.

    Jack. 🙂

    1. Wandering Earl

      Thanks for that Jack! I’ve actually been to Southampton dozens of time as I used to work on board the Queen Mary 2 and we would be there dozens of times per year. And I’ve also been, and liked very much, Malta. It is on my list of potential options as I really had a great time there on my two visits.

      Haven’t been to Brighton though so perhaps I do need to check out that option as well. All the info is much appreciated!

  16. harshil

    Hey earl! I’ve been very inspired by your blog and I did a solo backpacking trip across India for six months and plan on becoming a full time traveler when I graduate college. I want to suggest you the place Pondicherry, India. It’s a beautiful medium sized city with a lot of french influence in their culture as it was a french colony for decades. The weather is beautiful all year round and there are also some good looking beaches alongside. The place is really budget friendly and offers everything you are looking for. Happy searching 🙂

  17. Jen

    Very curious where you end up buying a home. We just sold our in Southern California and plan to pick a few home bases around the world. Possibly something outside of Rome and some place quiet by the beach (as you describe). Good luck on your search and I look forward to your updates.

  18. michal baldran

    We live on a boat, a family with four children, plan to travel around the world as the boat home with us all the time
    That’s how we get the house and traveling in the same package
    So save travel costs, accommodation, and without time limits

  19. Ryan Lesacados

    I defently suggest you Berlin.
    It’s where i’m living actually….
    Have you ever been in this city ? I mean, not as a tourist, but as a local ? With locals ?
    It’s just incredible.
    I’m traveling around the world, working on internet just like you, but i made Berlin as my “base”.
    Why ?
    -It’s cheap (really, technically, you are able to live quite good in Berlin for 0 euro a month… I could develop this part if you want ).
    -It’s multicultural (people coming from every where in europe/the world)
    -Everybody- or almost- speak english
    -Intersting (artisit coming from every where, exposition etc..)
    -A great nightlife (the best in europe, with tones of small and great bars, and the best nightclubs)
    -It’s a capital, so it’s always a good investment (now the price starts to grow, but it’s still cheap to buy. For a exemple a studio in Kreuzberg can be found around 60 000 euros, this is nothing for a capital !)
    -It’s in middle of europe
    -Girls are good looking 😉
    -Many bloggers (or peaople living with internet activity) live here

    I’ve been traveling everywhere I’ve seen many places, many cities. I love Palolem where i’ve been living for 2 months last year. But Berlin is totally different, it’s a great place to “live”, it’s a great place for a “base”.

    1. Wandering Earl

      Hey Ryan – Thanks for your thoughts on Berlin. I have been a couple of times and it is a city I love but in the end, I really can’t handle winters or any weather that falls below 50F for the most part. So the chances are high that I’ll need a more tropical location. Berlin is an excellent city though and I definitely agree on all your points!

  20. jazz

    Hi Earl,

    Just came across on our website. Maybe you would like to consider Cebu, Phils. Rent ranges from 100-200 a month a decent room/apartment. Less traffic than Manila. Lots of beautiful beaches which is near to the area and air is fresher too 🙂

  21. guido

    Earl – I’m someone contemplating a nomad lifestyle – as a retiree — you’ve spent alot of time in Bucharest, and seem to like it. Yeah, it gets cold in the winter, but it’s so accessible to so much – – the Middle East, India, Italy, the cultures of northern Africa, and the rest of Europe. It seems to me that a base in southeastern Europe offers more cultures at closer proximity than anywhere else in the world. . . .I’ve bicycled down the coast of Croatia, and really loved Dubrovnik. The geography is spectacular. Since the Adriatic coast is alot warmer in the winter than inland, maybe this could be your place.

    1. Wandering Earl

      Hey Guido – Thanks for commenting and I’ve been to Dubrovnik actually. It wasn’t one of my favorite places though. It gets a bit too busy with all the tourists for me.

  22. Aussie

    This one is easy. Although you may have already decided on your ‘Home’, New Smyrna Beach, FL is exactly what you described in your Blog. A great community with all the above. A mellow vibed beach town, one hour from Orlando International Airport. Good luck in your new base findings. Your website and blogs are not only extremely informative but also inspirational to those truly trying to take that first step and making their truest dreams become living realities. Warm Vibes from coming at you from the Sunshine State.

    Safe Travel,
    Port Orange, FL

  23. Niels Bogeskov

    Hi Earl
    Well, not knowing exactly who you are, it is really hard to advise about at permanent residency.
    Although there are many places in the world that are civilized and therefore having an impeccable infrastructure and a calm and quiet society, I still would recommend Israel to you. To own a place and stay for up to 3 months, extended to 6 can be done by most nationalities. The fact is that you would want to find a place where you can stay, but also leave again and leave it to itself. Having an apartment or if you can afford it a house/villa in Israel is really a good investment too. There would be plenty of people who would like to housesit, and there is a long tradition for that in the land also. You would also want a place where maybe you in time could settle, if needed or desired. This you would know yourself it is possible. Israel is a society that is modern, structured, organized, actually peaceful and where you would be able to pick a climate zone to your liking. There are all the things you have mentioned you want and many more. You can choose between different countryside or cities. The demography and geography you either know of or can find out easily.
    I’m sure the US seems very tempting as you have good knowledge of the society and the language there. You would find no problems of adjusting to life in Israel either, particularly since you have extended experience traveling in many cultures. Getting older and maybe desiring an education or a family can be done in any country or culture, the result will however vary with the environment.
    The Nordic countries are known for very good social security, and it is also a place you could consider. Some American parents choose the Nordic countries to raise children, as they fell it safer and cleaner than many other places. This depends on your preferences. In the Nordic countries it is very common to have a second smaller house for vacation only. These houses are usually placed anywhere in the countryside close to nature. They can be left unattended without worry for destruction, we all leave then for many months at a time.
    As I’m sure you know, both all the Nordic countries and Israel have an excellent infrastructure that would take you anywhere anytime -given you can pay!
    Have a good hunt and let us know where you choose to be left alone 😉

    1. Wandering Earl

      Hey Niels – Thank you for those suggestions. The Nordic countries would be a bit too cold for me but Israel is not a bad option. I’m still looking so I’m still open to hearing all kinds of ideas before I hopefully decide in the next few months.

  24. Dina

    Hey Earl,
    Just discovered your blog, not sure if you’re still looking for a place?
    Have you considered the coast around Barcelona (Costa Brava, Costa Maresme, Costa Garraf, Costa Dorada)? Plenty of nice beach towns. The area offers a little bit of everything. Great beaches, nice weather, not far from ski areas in the winter, great hiking, mountain biking etc. and Barcelona is a great city as well. Usually plenty of cheap flights to within Europe (Ryanair, Easyjet, Vueling etc.) from Barcelona (Prat) airport or Girona airport and connections to places further away aren’t bad either. Public transport is good, no need for a car.
    Teaching English is an option, but there’s also plenty of other jobs around for English speakers, lots of internet/tech businesses that have created a vibrant community. And if you want something less expat/touristy, just move to a town a few kilometers away from the beach.
    Spanish food is awesome too 🙂
    I lived in Barcelona for a few years and am planning on going back there at some point. I could go on and on about it… love the place. Happy to share more info if you’re still looking and considering Spain!

    1. Wandering Earl

      Thanks for that Dina! A few people have mentioned this region of Spain and as a result, it is on my list of places to explore some more 🙂

  25. Kevin

    Hi Earl,

    Just started reading your blog. Love it. I’ve traveled a lot in the past but am constantly thinking about just up and going. Pretty sure the next few weeks of reading your blog and ebooks will push me over the edge. So I thank you in advance for that. Anyway, I went to Australia on a whim with a friend a couple years ago and was going to go for 2 months but it turned into a year (wasn’t going to waste the visa) which is similar to how you got started. I’d definitely suggest having a residence there, I see you’ve been there so you know how awesome the place is. There are so many nice suburbs but I think you’d really like the Hawthorne area. I lived there for a while and worked there and had an amazing time. Australia is a bit out there but if you spend a lot of time in SE Asia, it’s right there, with cheap fares to and from as you know. If you don’t want to be just outside of a major city then come up to New Hampshire. We’re not far from Logan and there are plenty of awesome little towns here. Portsmouth or Dover are both really nice and are less than an hour from Logan. Although I’ve been all over America and a handful of countries, I love this area and definitely want to set up shop around here, after more extensive travel. I am biased as I’m from NH, but I think it offers a nice balance of city life/outdoors and a convenient location (plus no sales tax!). Happy hunting man, and thank you for what you do, I’ve become really inspired to make long term travel work for me.

    1. Wandering Earl

      Thanks for all that Kevin! And I do love Melbourne, one of my favorite places on the planet, but for what I’m doing these days, it’s just much too far away unfortunately. Great place though!

  26. Laryssa

    It may be a little on the expensive side, but Encinitas is one of my favorite places on the planet! Great beach community; only half an hour from downtown San Diego, and connected by train to Los Angeles.

  27. Annie

    Hey Earl,
    Ever been to Arizona? Hot summers, but beautiful winters. Tucson is surrounded by mountains. Awesome hiking. 6 hour drive to San Diego, 6 hour drive to Rocky Point, Mexico if you need your beach fix. Tucson has an international airport for a quick escape route! :). Growing up there, I can’t say its a place I would suggest for every travel bug, but as a home base it would be a very nice place. Property is cheap, and it has all of the offerings of a big city, without feeling like one (it’s very spread out). Just a thought.

    1. Wandering Earl

      Hey Annie – Yes, I’ve been to Arizona a few times to visit some family that live there but never really considered it as a place to live. I think that’s because of the beach issue. While 6 hours isn’t terribly long, I still prefer 6 minutes 🙂

  28. Deepti

    Aloha Earl,

    Came across your blog for the first time today and feel inspired. It has been my dream to travel the world, but I didn’t think (a) it would be safe for me to travel alone and (b) that I could afford to pursue my dream (visas, money, etc.) until now! Am going to purchase your eBook and educate myself.

    In any case, I wanted to respond to your question above…have you considered Honolulu, HI? I moved out here (from Chicago) a year ago and LOVE it. It meets all the requirements you list above and much, much more.

    Oh and take a look at this:

    So…what do you think?


    1. Wandering Earl

      Hey Deepti – Thanks for the comment and I have thought about Honolulu actually. The only problem is that I will still be traveling quite a bit and having to fly in and out of Hawaii all the time is extremely expensive, not to mention that it will almost always involve very long flights. But I really do love it out there!

  29. Tim

    Hey Earl… since I posted my comment a few months ago I actually moved from Charlotte to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Beautiful beaches, pleasant weather, and a really laid-back lifestyle. Yeah, the airport thing might not be perfect (Norfolk is about 90min away and Raleigh is 3 hours), but living at the edge of the world has its advantages… and I’m walking distance from a craft brewery! Swing by for a visit sometime… the guest room is all yours!

    1. Wandering Earl

      Hey Tim – Thanks for another suggestion and actually, since my sister moved to Durham, I have given NC a bit of a thought. As soon as I can I hope to check it out some more.

  30. Samuel

    Geelong, Australia (or other smaller towns near eg. torquay) – average sized city, right next to the great ocean road and all the beaches at the surf coast, never to cold weather, only drops to about 15 (Celsius) at worst, probably averages about 27 all year round, could spend the summer their, only an hours drive from melbourne, a major international airport, also near the grampians national park as well as the brisbane ranges, bogong high plains. Certainly the example of torquay is a very beachy casual atmosphere with excellent weather all year round. Look at the geelong and surf coast region though.

    1. Wandering Earl

      Hey Samuel – Geelong is not a bad idea and I have been a few times actually. Never thought of it as a potential long-term base though. Thanks for the idea!

  31. Tia

    Check out Bozeman, MT, and surrounding areas. Livingston, MT, is a smaller town nearby that is nice as well. Friendly people! Beautiful area! Lots to do outdoors!

  32. Tyron

    Hey Earl.

    My family owns a couple of houses in South Africa (Betty’s Bay capetown, Eastlondon & kruger park) if you need accommodation here you more than welcome to use it, I admire what you are doing! I live in Johannesburg but if you need a place to crash let me know. We also have a farm in Zambia so when or if you go there let me know and you can stay for free.

    All the best and keep doing what you doing!

  33. Christiam

    Rancho Santa Margarita California. Is a small town, nice small lakes, beautiful mountains perfect for hiking, the beach is only 20 min away, so close to all the most amazing beaches, Laguna Beach, Dana Point etc, etc, you can get a nice studio for $800 a month, I am talking about a big nice studio, right across the lake, you can go Kayak, sailing, diving, horse back riding. There are libraries, movie theaters, gyms,restaurants, bars, church around the corner. And the best of all we live so close to Santa Margarita, that you can use our card to go to Lake Mission Viejo, use our timeshare on Capistrano Beach, and help you if you have any emergency. Well is only one idea for a beautiful small city with the best weather all year around for you to conider, good luck in your decision.

  34. jean-marc

    Hood River / White Salmon. Small town 55 miles from Portland on the east side of the mountain so fairly dry. Very active community. 45 minutes from ski station and trails everywhere ( between mount hood and mt Adams. Warm in the summer. Cool in winter but mostly Sunny. Famous for windsurfing and kit surfing as well as white river kayak. Poeple from all over the world in the summer are coming here. Has great food and lots of micro brewery. I have been leaving here 4 years and love it. Let me know if you want to visit. You will have a place to stay.

  35. Trevor

    Tijuana sounds right up your alley. Or anywhere in northern Baja really. It is extremely inexpensive, has amazing food, great beaches, friendly people, all of the commodities you mentioned like gym, and it is close to the San Diego airport which is a good airport. The weather there is better than San Diego. There is a lot to see as well, very pretty nature with oaks, sage, cactus and wild horses. Amazing fresh seafood. Thanks for the inspiring writing, your living the dream!

  36. Ruann Weidemann

    On the outskirts of Cape town, South Africa. Very close to an int airport. Probably the best weather year round and simply beautiful. Im not going to advertise my home country as In sure you’ve been there believe me, you can’t go wrong.

  37. Kid Voso

    New York…not in NYC, but nearby you can find pockets of inexpensive living. Maybe Western Long Island nearby beaches JFK and LaGuardia Airports.

  38. Ellen Minty

    I haven’t lived there myself, but now that I’m traveling I have been contemplating where I would like to end:

    Santa Cruz, CA – close enough to San Francisco, but cheaper, better weather, more laid-back atmosphere.
    Berlin, Germany – because it’s the coolest city
    Amsterdam, Netherlands – that’s where I’m from
    Melbourne, Australia – if I could find a way
    Wellington, New Zealand – again, if I could find a way

    I figured my list might help you, I guess weather-wise only Santa Cruz would be appropriate for you.

  39. mpm

    Hi there. I have to say “congratulations!!” first things first.
    I would like to say, hey i’m a millionaire, love your story and have a spare room (in fact a few) /guest house for you. That would be cool. But.. I’m sorry it’s not the case. I really wanted to help you solve the Lady Gaga thing, man you must be longing to hum in peace!
    I understand you so well. I’ve been travelling around as well and, not always, but once I realize I was addicted to it and that travelling was it, I thought I need it a head quarter. I move to Edinburgh in Scotland when I was 18 (turn 29 two days ago, damn!) I’ve always came back here… the weather sucks but is the main ingredient in this beautiful recipe of town (what the heck is that expression?!) anyway.. the weather is bad but it was always easy to find a job, specially as a waitress, (yes.. I’m a girl) and the tips gave me the chance to save enough money to be out there again in less than ten months so… uk. I’m not telling you to come here… I don’t even know where you’re from… i just checked your site today for the first time and I was so attracted to this post that I went straight for it. I haven’t read anything else so maybe i’m gonna ask you silly questions and make assumptions that you have explain in previous post before… sorry about that. It’s just that I read this and my head went like ” what does he mean? he’s travelling, does he work? he wants a house.. how is he planning on buying it? can we buy a house together?… yes… let’s just say it” so here I am… telling you this. Crazy. I have two daughters (wait. keep on reading. I’m not looking for a dad. We have one already) … we came back from our last trip one year ago. We spent a year in Australia, living in a campervan and came back “home” on the trans-mongolian train. I don’t work, we do home schooling, which means they don’t go to school so we are free to learn from what ever we want when ever we want at our own peace, just in case you are wondering. People lately is giving me faces when I say that. I think they preferred the old “I teach them everything every morning from 9 till 12 while we cook lunch for father” fuck it, I’m not that organize.
    I don’t work so it’s not like I have any income, I don’t know why I’m even thinking about buying a house with someone.. unfortunately I’ll have to work so… hey, maybe eventually I can afford it. I like your conditions anyway. I keep you post it if I get lucky. Till then, good luck and again.. thumbs up for the ones that achieve their dreams.

    1. Debra

      I’m wondering if u have anything for a single professional woman looking for a place to stay until I can get on my feet. I’ve been in a enlightening yet abusive relationship Looking for some peace of mind time to heal, I do not have family around mom passed away from cancer dad died at same time due to broken heart. I’m active ( runner) happy, great personality, love my work, ( paramedical examiner) spiritual, praying for better experiences everyday, I’m kind, caring just a good person in need of a place to soul search and back on track. Debra is there anyway u could consider or guide me to a place or help? Please! God bless! Look forward to hearing from u. I have pics if needed, phone # as well.

  40. Jaclyn


    I’m moving to Seattle in a few weeks 🙂

    Beautiful, the ocean, mild weather (40’s during the winter) and yes it does get dark. But you can sublet your home and vacation in San Diego for the winter months!

    I have also heard great things about Boulder Colorado however it does get cold there and I am not a fan of cold. the last time I was in Seattle in January and I was shocked at how warm it felt (mid-40’s which in the Midwest is considered “spring” weather)

  41. Hannah

    Well I’m in Flores, Guatemala now, and falling in love with it here…incredibly warm water to swim in, water and views all around, a big mall for “conveniences” just over the bridge into Santa Elena – close enough to be nice, far enough away to be nice, too. Tikal and lovely beaches that you never hear about in guide books (Chechenal is only like 15 minutes away by short boat ride and then short walk)…I have been thinking that this would be quite an ideal spot to stay for awhile. Wasn’t expecting it at all before landing here.

  42. Carl

    Hey Earl – You should check out Madison WI. Winters are horrible but summers and fall are beautiful. It’s not near a beach but there are tons of lakes in the area for swimming, boating and fishing. There is an airport in Madison (domestic flights only), but you are within a short drive or O’Hare and Milwaukee Airports. Wisconsin has lots of biking and hiking paths and is in the center of the country so trips both East and West are relatively easy (East more so than West).

    1. Wandering Earl

      Hey Carl – I have not been to Madison but from what I know of it, I’m sure I’d enjoy it very much. But those winters are a big turn off for me..just can’t do it!

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