Help Me Find a Home

Please Help Me Find A Home!

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Help Me Find a Home
Here’s the situation. I am still very much addicted to traveling and I don’t hesitate for even a millisecond in stating that I plan to continue wandering around this world for many years to come. The thought of hanging up my backpack for a different kind of lifestyle right now is simply not a thought that I’m able to entertain.

However, that does not mean that my lifestyle will always stay the same. In fact, my travels have already been constantly evolving over the years and when I look at the traveler I am today, it is quite clear that I am not the same traveler I was when I arrived in Bangkok back in 1999, nor am I the same traveler I was in 2003 or 2007 or even last year for that matter.

My goals, motivations and needs often change and as a result, I’ve had to make adjustments accordingly. There was a stage when teaching English worked perfectly for me, when working on board cruise ships was ideal, when I just wanted to volunteer or wander around aimlessly, or when I could think of nothing better than staying put in one place for a while…and on and on.

And over the past six months or so, I’ve realized that it is perhaps time to make some adjustments once again, to start a new stage.

What will this next stage involve?

Well, I think it’s time for me to find a home.

I need my own apartment or house, a place that will provide a base for my wacky traveling lifestyle, a base that will undoubtedly help keep me focused on my goals as well as keeping me sane. Frankly, it’s not easy to continue moving around all the time while trying to not only enjoy my travel experiences, but trying to work on my blog and other projects at the same time. Being able to pop over to my ‘home’ on occasion, to buckle down, prepare my own cup of tea and get some work done in comfort (i.e. in my underwear), would have a major impact, a positive impact, on my life.

Am I looking for a place to move permanently?

Definitely not. In fact, I imagine that I would spend maybe two or three months per year at this ‘home’ that I’m seeking. It’s the idea of having that base that seems to make sense right now, even if I rarely use it.

Just knowing that there is a familiar bed to sleep in every now and then, my own set of drawers to hold my underwear, a wall to hang my Tibetan thangka painting that has been buried in a box for the past seven years and a mirror to sing my favorite Lady Gaga songs in front of without having to worry about others listening, would be an absolute dream.

I really can’t wait to sing me some Lady Gaga in peace.

The Main Problem

Here’s the thing. It’s one thing for me to decide I need a base/home. It’s an entirely different matter to try and decide where on earth this home should be. My family and friends are scattered all over the planet and I have no real ties to any one particular location these days.

I have no idea how to even begin this search.

And this is why I want to ask all of you for your help.

Knowing that the readership of this blog comes from all over the world, from almost every continent and dozens and dozens of countries, I figured that you would probably have some good recommendations as to where I should create my base.

So let me give you some information about what I’m looking for…

A small to medium-size city/town, one that offers a good standard of living for a decent price, preferably near the beach although it’s not a must, close to nature, easily accessible and decently connected by flights to other parts of the world, preferably a warm climate (doesn’t have to be year-round warmth), a laid-back community with opportunities to interact with diverse groups of people and having such facilities as a gym, basketball courts, cinemas and good food options in the vicinity.

And that’s it, although, I’m honestly open to hearing about any kind of place you have in mind, in any country!

I really am excited to hear your recommendations and I would like to thank you all in advance for taking a moment to help me find a home…

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Any recommendations??

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Comments 362

  1. Michelle Schroeder

    Hi Earl,
    You should check out Anna Maria Island, FL or even St. Petersburg, FL. Both amazing places and great to come back to when you are traveling. Nothing like the calm of seeing the water as you drive home.

  2. Nikola

    Hello, mate!

    If you still haven’t found a place, may I suggest Sofia, Bulgaria. Since you’ve lived to Romania, you already know how hospitable Eastern Europeans are, especially to people who apprechiate their culture. It answers to all your requirements and more – it is an actual capital city, hence offers some opportunities that a provincial town simply cannot match. It is not a big city – around 1m in population, but offers, in my opinion, an amazing standard of living (I currently live and study in London, but still occasionally miss my lifestyle from back home). The currency is Bulgarian Lev, which is pretty much 0,50 euro cents. Roughly, dinner for 1 in an rather expensive restaurant will be 10 euro, street food 2-3 euro tops, coffee never more than 1 euro. Real estate is very cheap too – around 30,000 euro (nice outskirts) to 50,000 euro (the perfect city centre). If you are interesting in renting rather than buying – a flat in the perfect centre can be leased for as little as 150 euro per month. As far as taxes go, Bulgaria is something of a tax heaven especially in your case – real estate and online businesses are being taxed in a very modest manner. Moreover, real estate ownership virtually guarantees no immigration issues. Plainly georaphycally speaking, Sofia is in the perfect centre of every world map you could find and ,as a capital city, is wonderfully connected via its international airport (direct flights to all major European and Middle-Eastern destinations 3-7 times a week), railway station (compulsary stop on every Europe – Asia line) and both Bulgarian and Greek ferry routes (just 4 hours away by car). Climatewise, you would not get much rains at all, but you will live in a rather significant temperature amplitude year-round from 30-38 C in the summer to -10-0 C in the winter. Any time you want to visit the seaside you can do it with only a 3,5 – 4 hour drive to either our beaches or the Greek ones (both beautiful – I guarantee). If you like sking, you’ll be happy to know Sofia is only a 1,5 – 2 hour drive from the best mountain resorts in Eastern Europe (Bansco, one of those resorts, hosted the Ski World Cup last winter). However, if you only want to hike, you can enjoy the rather rare opportunity to be living litarally next to a mountain (Vitosha mountain is 15 minute ride from the city center and there are 3 regular city bus lines which service the route). You do not have to worry about gyms and etc. by any means – only in my neighbourhood we have 5 gyms, 2 basketball courts, a football pitch and a big cinema centre (all of them in max 15 min walking distance). As for the restaurants in the city – they are hundreds, all over town. There is not a national cuisine in the world you cannot have properly prepared somewhere withing a 20 min drive, we even have a Michelin star place. And finally, the MOST important thing – the ladies are beautiful (seriously, I’m not saying this because I am native to the country :D).

    Show Bulgarian people respect for their culture and they will love you for life and count you as one of their own! If you need ANY more information – feel absolutely free to contact me, I’ll be more than happy to provide any info needed and, ultimately, maybe give my fatherland an amazing new citizen like you! 😀

    Cheers and have fun,

    1. Post

      Hey Nikola – Thanks so much for that detailed comment and I’m actually quite familiar with Sofia. I’ve visited at least 6 times I believe. It is an interesting city and I’ve enjoyed every trip I’ve made there, met some really wonderful people and certainly had a lot of fun! It is definitely worth consideration for anyone looking for a similar setup to what I described in the post so I hope a lot of people get a chance to read your comment and perhaps give it a try! As for me, I’ll probably look at a different part of the world at this point, not because I don’t think Sofia would be a great base but mainly because I’ve already spent so much time in that general region. But again, that is a super helpful comment and the next time I’m in Sofia, we shall meet!

  3. Rebecca

    I gotta say, reading through all these suggestions from others is giving me some relocation ideas. Now here’s my 2 cents. I hope you’re sitting down…they will buh-low. Your. Mind. (but really, it’s a semi long reply. Sitting down is more comfortable, er…) Ahem.

    First suggestion, is Bend, OR. This modest sized town is amazing…beans, beer, and buds (for those into some real relaxin’ good times), all the modern amenities a person could want, beautiful mountain scenery w/ those Cascades just around the corner, and a 2 hour drive to the coast. Also, my cousin Jay (the coolest guy there is) lives there and he knows the place like the back of his hand. He’s a geological engineer for the state so drives err’ywhere. This is my retreat town, when a break is sorely needed. Clean air, friendly people, acres upon acres of forest and glacial rivers to wander through; it’s truly lovely. The downside (at least for me) is that it’s airport is a smaller one, which means you don’t have the copious amounts of choices you’d get from JFK or LAX. Also, w/ the secret out about how awesome Bend is, rent and the like has begun to shoot up. Always tradeoffs, right?

    My second suggestion is the mid-size Salt Lake City, UT. I know, I know…not so much in the beans, beer, and buds area (or so everyone thinks!) But that’s this town’s own secret…(keeps those judgey snobs out of the way, -wink-). This is my own boomerang city. I tend to “visit” a location for months at a time to get to know the place; I’m not a fan of being the “obvious tourist”, if that makes sense. Anyway, this is the town that I bounce back to between my extended city visits and call home.

    The scenery…stellar, with mountains hugging the city (ok, so I’m a bit partial to the mountains…you can take the girl out of the mountains, right? What can I say….it’s my earthy wheelhouse…#STOPJUDGINGME) in the north, and dusky orange landscapes in the south, (all hail Moab!), with the usual 21st century amenities; movie houses, breweries, (yep, not the mythical unicorn after all) a little bit of a wacky culture among some locals (becuz we all needs a little wacky) and modest rents. It’s a four seasons type of climate, and people here can be friendly to a fault. Also, SLC International airport is getting an overhaul; airlines have been adding direct international flights from SLC too, which is kind of nice since going through customs in SLC is a helluva easier time than through JFK or -gulp- LGA. Ugh.

    Downsides, because again, there always are: the heart of downtown SLC is becoming expensive to live. Currently, market rate for a 500 sq ft studio is $1100 month. Kinda ridiculous. (It’s that damn Goldman Sachs…those butt heads opening up satellite offices here cuz it’s cheaper than NYC…boooooo.) There’s also the lovely winter inversion. Dirty air getting stuck thanks to the mountains surrounding the city. Typically winter storms blow through and clean things up, but •wha…hold up• why would you want to be hanging out in the winter anywhere anyways, when you can hit up some tropical paradise instead? Or at least watch some Netflix. I mean, come on. Sometimes it’s sixes. However, if you’ve always wanted to ski those slopes and Sundance w/ the stars in Park City, then winter, my friend, is your jam and there ain’t no inversion over those hills.

    So, there’s my two cents. I could go on, but I’ve reached my small quota for mildly humorous quips. Should you ever want to visit either city, you have a place to stay. Fo’ reals. From my AirBnB days in NYC, hosting folks was always a pleasure, and that courtesy still stands. I hope this has helped, should you still be searching for your own comfortable spot.

    Good travels and thanks for your shared experiences. I support your wanders. Happy home base hunting!



    1. Post
  4. Neelima

    Hi Earl,

    I live in Tampa, Florida and it fits the bill that you are looking for. Pleasant weather throughout minus two short months of humid summer, great beaches close by, affordable living with lots of outdoor activities.

    Think about it..

    1. Post
  5. Jen

    Hey Derek, So did you find a place to call “home”?
    I sold my house a few years ago and have been renting since as I have no idea where in the world I really want to put my roots down… I’m approaching 40 now though so feel a need to get back on the ladder. I’m buying in Devon, England. We have a beach, small town, close community of nice people 20mins from Exeter city and 2-3hours by train to London. Houses are pricey but standard of living is good. Shame the summers are so short and the winters are wet. Would love to relocate somewhere warmer but I need to earn a living and that’s here…

    Let us know if you chose somewhere? x

    1. Post

      Hey Jen – I still haven’t found a place! I have some temporary bases in the meantime but still haven’t found that ideal place to call home yet. The search continues! Congrats on your choice of Devon…sounds like a pretty good location!

  6. Tom Caley

    I have the same problem, actually let’s call it a dream. In the next 3-5 years I want to get myself a place to call mine, even if I’m no there all the time. Living with the ‘rents at age 37 doesn’t do it any more! I guess we all need a place, especially in those winter months to hunker down and get some work done, good luck!

  7. Yum Conwi

    Palawan Philippines where everything is cheap from travel fare, food and people are so nice. You wont have problem with the internet connection either.

        1. Post
  8. bliss

    Hey Earl, look into Pensacola, Fla on the Gulf Coast, we have an international airport not far away, domestic here, fabulous beaches and more….jot me a note…Songwriters festivals, art, music, chill, not like Atlanta of 6 million….but 1 hour flight away, 6 or less hour drive….NOLA is 3 hours west away…..cheerio…..

  9. Andrew

    Hey Earl,
    If you haven’t been, I highly recommend checking out Jacksonville Beach, FL. It easily meets all of your requirements and more. First, it obviously is as close to the beach as you can get. The beach is huge, similar to many Florida beaches, although not nearly as crowded or touristy as south Florida. It is very diverse and growing; many people have moved here from around the states and world, including myself very recently. It is very laid back, much more than areas in south Florida, and nearly everyone is very friendly and welcoming. You can find people on the beach of every race and color hanging out with each other. People enjoying drinks, smokes and sunbathing mixed with surfers, bikers, joggers and anything else you can do outside. There is a huge surplus of amazing restaurants, bars, shops, and entertainment. The area is very well kept and clean and getting around on car, foot, or bike is very easy. There are numerous bars and restaurants with a direct view of the ocean.

    In a 20 minute car ride, you can head to Anastasia state park and have the beach to yourself from horizon to horizon…wonderful for meditation and relaxation. There are numerous other parks and nature areas nearby, along with several historical forts. Of course, nearby is St Augustine, the oldest city in the US and provides wonderful people watching opportunities.

    The average temps in January are 68 for a high and a low of 48….much warmer than most places in the states, minus south Florida of course. Beyond ‘winter’ it’s almost always 76 in the morning and near 90 during the day, and sunny. However, the cost of living is much lower and the pace of life is much more relaxed, and I personally think people are more friendly than south Florida. I am currently in a very nice 2 bedroom 1400sq ft apartment with very high ceilings, multiple pools, a gym. The complex is gated and security cameras (and palm trees) are everywhere, it’s 2 miles from the beach, and it’s only $1000/mo……..which is comparable to what I’d be paying for a similar place in the middle of a cornfield if I’d stayed in Indiana! You can likely find something even closer to the water for the same price if you sacrifice some space.

    As far as traveling, the Jacksonville airport is a quick 20 minute drive, or about $25. It is one of the easiest and fastest airports to get in and out of in the USA, and only a 40 minute flight to the world hub of Miami.

    The next time you are in the states I certainly recommend checking it out, I haven’t been abroad much just yet but I’ve covered nearly every highway in the USA and I doubt I will find a place to live in the states that is a better overall fit than Jax Beach.

  10. Kevin

    Hi Earl. Very cool site. I’m getting ready to hit the road next year for a walk-a-bout and see what sticks. Personally been to all 50 states, 3 continents & about 18 countries and depending on the season you’re looking to “settle down” for I’d recommend Cleveland Ohio if it’s for the summer. One of the best food cities in the US, SUPER cheap living, low crime (West Side) and most importantly close to ORD, JFK & MIA…obvious jump off points to the rest of the world. With two ULCC’s (Frontier & Spirit), Jet Blue and potentially RyanAir (2016/17) operating out of CLE I definitely won’t mind returning to see family during the warmer months. Feel free to shoot me an email if you have an questions or stop for a visit:

  11. Patrick

    Miami might be a bit bigger than you had in mind but in my opinion it is a great home base. Just being in the city makes you feel like you are travelling; Little Haiti, Little Havana, Little Moscow, Design District, etc!! Also it has plenty of beaches, different culinary traditions and it is a great place to practice your Spanish, Portuguese, French. After 15 years of nearly constant travelling, we found Miami to be a good fit.

  12. Tasha

    New follower here. I’d suggest a little beach town south of San Diego. It has a rough history so locals still are biased against it but I personally love it. Imperial Beach. You are literally 20 minutes from SanDiego airport and less than that to Tijuana airport. The community close to the beach is friendly and “oh so non pretentious” ( dog lover types) because the towns past rep has kept people away. ( in 70s and earlier it was biker gang turf apparently) It’s starting to change recently with a facelift of the beach area and the addition of a fancy hotel ( yes I said “a”….. As in ONE hotel. If you look up stats on the town you will not probably get the good impression I am trying to convey bcz the actual town of IB ( a good mile or more from beach area community) is really poor….however if you head north from the beach the next town is Coronado ( linked by bike path).. Look that up and you’ll see. If you don’t know the area, you really might need to visit to see, but it’s the most southwesterly city in the US and really probably the only SoCal beach town that’s still not been overtaken ( and it’s bcz people are so weird about its proximity to Tijuana !!!! I happen to LOVE Tijuana tho). Feel free to contact me if in area. I’m thrilled to find your blog!

      1. Tasha

        Great!! Like I said, I think without visiting you might find a lot of negatives online but I wish you luck. If you ever pass through or need more info feel free to ask me anything.

  13. Lauren

    Hey Earl!
    My sister is a mega traveler, currently working in CO after returning for 4 months in Turkey and France, but we always talk about how great Maryland has been for her as a home base. The Annapolis area (or right outside of it) is pretty much two hours from everything given the season (beach, mountains, skiing, etc). Nice people, a lot to do, tons of resturaunts, 30 minutes from DC and 30 minutes from Baltimore. Three airports within an hour and a a half (Dulles, Reagan National, BWI). Maryland offers a great mix of southern and northern…. And we have banging seafood.

    If not, I know my sister is always looking for more travel buddies!

  14. Petra & Veru

    Hi Earl!

    Hope you’re fine and travels are going well.

    We’ve just read your post that you’re looking for a temporary base for 2-3 months a year.

    We’ve just wrote a blog post about George Town in Malaysia.

    This could be an option for you.

    ‘good standard of living for a decent price’ – yes, definitely

    ‘preferably near the beach although it’s not a must’ – beaches on Penang are not great, but if you wanted to spend some days on beautiful beach, then you could visit Langklawi, Tioma island or Perhentian Islands (Pulau Besar).

    ‘close to nature’ – yes! Botanical Gardens and Penang National Park (jungle trekking) are 45minutes away from the centre by bus

    ‘easily accessible and decently connected by flights to other parts of the world’ – yes! George Town has got an airport and has connections to some parts of Asia. The closest international airport is Kuala Lumpur or Singapore (or Bangkok) – from these three airport you can fly anywhere.

    ‘preferably a warm climate (doesn’t have to be year-round warmth)’ – yes! it’s always quite hot with some showers in late afternoon.

    ‘a laid-back community with opportunities to interact with diverse groups of people’ – yes! George Town is a multicultural town with Chinese, Malay, Indian and some foreigners.

    ‘having such facilities as a gym, basketball courts, cinemas’ – not sure about basketball courts but a gym and cinemas yes.

    ‘good food options in the vicinity’ – yes! there are plenty of for options everywhere in George Town.

    The other positive things are that Malaysia is a quite developed and a safe country. Visa is for free for 3 months.

    Hope it will help.

    Happy travels!

    Petra and Veru

    1. Wandering Earl

      Hey Petra and Veru – Thank you for that suggestion. I’ve actually been to George Town and certainly did enjoy it. And while it is a good option as a base, it’s unfortunately a little far away from the rest of the world where I need to be these days for various projects. Apart from that though, it would be quite ideal!

  15. Erdem

    Hi Earl,
    Despite your recent unhappy experiences in Romania(but has you may know,It is part of the EU, soon to enter Schengen, eurozone and also one of the fastest growing economies in Europe), i think you should check out Constanta. This city has everything you want: malls, parks, clubs, cinemas,etc. The neighborhood i think is good for you is Faleza Nord (Northen Shore). Filled with low density buildings, this neighborhood is stuffed between Tabacarie Lake, the Black Sea and the summertime resort of Mamaia. Here you can find homes of all sizes and prices, from under 50K€
    houses to 500k and over seaside mansions and apartaments. Hope take my suggestion in consideration.

  16. Asta

    Hi Earl,
    according to the last comments here you haven’t found a place yet, is that right?
    I live in southern Germany and altough I work fulltime (as a medical resident in a big hospital) I manage to travel very frequently from here. In my case I have 30-32 days of paid vacation (which is standard here) and because I work shifts, I get about 9-10 weeks off to travel every year, plus a couple of long weekends. The job market is good, there are many startups and everybody speaks English. The standard of living is very high, the health system is very good and most important, there are affordable flights to almost everywhere. Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin are well connected. So have you looked at Central Europe as a home base? Like, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, maybe even Denmark? It’s not as exotic as most of the other suggestions but as I said, we are well connected to the whole world and have a good standard of living. I have lived in the US before and getting around, especially to Asia and the Arab countries, was a real pain and usually involved several layovers and changing airports. Here we have many nonstop flights to Asia and Africa.
    About the beach situation… from where I live it’s about 3-4 hours to the Adriatic, but northern Germany and Denmark also have nice beaches. I sometimes go to Turkey or the Balears for the weekend because it’s only 1.5 hours flight.
    I’m not sure if this helps but I have been following your blog for a while and wanted to contribute something too . 🙂
    Hope you find something suitable.

    1. Wandering Earl

      Hey Asta – Thank you for that suggestion. You certainly do make a good argument for this part of the world 🙂

      I’m still working on it so we’ll see where I end up. It’s a tough one to figure out but I’m thinking that it might be time to go somewhere else outside of Europe since I did just use Europe as my base for the past 3 years. Could change though…we’ll see!

  17. Mike

    Hey Earl,
    Why not move to Ubud in Bali?
    All the hottest Aussie chicks, sun-drenched sandy beaches and a really laid-back culture. It also has an international airport with connections to Amsterdam and London, and most major cities in Asia.
    Cost of living? What cost of living? Cheap roadside food (especially them babi guling stalls) and entertainment (4 dollars to catch the latest flicks.)

  18. Jessie

    Hi Earl!

    If you are still looking, Australia is a great place to live, warm and plenty of areas to explore. You could always consider living somewhere near Sydney thats a bit quieter on the outskirts like Penrith (in the Foothills of the Blue Mountains) or Parrammatta area. The cost of housing is a lot more affordable and you can always get the train directly into the CBD and beach (45-30 mins), go up to the Blue Mountains for some hiking or mountain biking (15-45 mins) or down to Kangaroo Valley; then the airport is just a 45-60 min journey by train to the airport. Sydney is also great for flights to Asia, and the Americas. Both areas (I personally think Penrith might be better but Parrammatta would be good if you want something bigger) have shopping centres, movies, the whole lot.

  19. Rupert Wolfe Murray

    There is only one correct answer; ROMANIA

    The houses are cheap, the people love foreigners, the prices low (including flights), the weather and countryside are awesome too.

    But you know this as you come here a lot.

  20. Michael

    You should check out Armenia for a place to live, you are in Turkey right now so why not. If you want more detail look at my older comment on your Romania Reactions post.

  21. Michael

    I know you were searching for a place to live for a while and it’s too bad Romania didn’t work out.
    However, I think Yerevan, Armenia would be a great place for you to live. It is an up and coming city that is very modern and slightly cheaper than Romania. Armenia is a very peaceful safe country that is quickly evolving. Yerevan and Armenia are filled with tons of history, attractions, and natural beauty so you would love it. The city has a population of just over 1 million and is full of cafés, and restaurants. Yerevan reminds many of Paris. The city also has a modern underground metro system as well as many trains to the suburbs. The main reason I think you would like Armenia is because it could serve you as a midpoint between Europe and Asia with countless direct flights. Reaching the USA is very easy with connecting flights through Paris, Germany, and London ( I live in Boston and have done this before). The Armenian are a very friendly, kind, caring people that will take you in as family and feed you until you can’t eat anymore (the food and alcohol is outstanding). The city is not close to the beach but it is near Lake Sevan which is a huge lake that takes up a large piece of Armenia. The city has all the amenities you need movie theaters, shopping malls, universities (99% literacy rate). Overall it is a great place and you should really look into and consider it.

  22. Margaret Thibodeau

    So Earl, I know this is tragically late, but just heard about your blog, and by the way it is very interesting, have you found a home?????
    My suggestion, if you haven’t found one, would be the Adriatic side of Italy. Not so overbuilt, and quite reasonable to live.
    When will you let us know???? Anxious to find your decision.

    1. Wandering Earl

      Hey Margaret – I still haven’t found one but the search is ongoing. I was actually just in Italy a few weeks ago again and I’m definitely a big fan of that country…I’m considering every option so you never know!

  23. Tammy

    Asheville, NC – it’s not near the beach, but otherwise meets your requirements. The Smoky Mountains are especially beautiful in the spring and fall.

  24. WeiLe

    hey Earl – hope I’m not too late to comment on this post. I’m from Malaysia so I’ll be telling you some option in Malaysia. After I’ve read what you’re looking for, I recommend to check out Penang, Ipoh and Kota Kinabalu.

  25. Diana Ota

    You should definitely check out Timisoara, Romania. 😀 (often referred to as “Little Vienna”)
    It might be just the right city for you! You can find all sorts of super tasty food, prices here are lower than in Bucharest…and the surroundings of the city…uh, lovely! Mountains, lakes, outdoor festivals. You`ll find them all!

  26. Nataraj

    Sorry, this is bit late. I lived in Boise id. It is a beautiful place to live. People are warm and friendly. You have lot of hiking and biking trails.

    1. Wandering Earl

      Hola Carlos – I know San Cristobal very well and it is an excellent location and great town. If it was closer to the beach it would be one of my favorite towns on the planet!

  27. Cheryl

    Hi Earl, take a look at Danville,IL. Housing super cheap and rehabbable,historic, undiscovered!! Cool lake in town,county and state parks 15 min away. 40 mi toAmtrak statio & Uof I and international community,90 mi to Indie,200 mi to Chicago. Downside is few good jobs but can live on $500/mo!!!

    1. Wandering Earl

      Hey Cheryl – Thanks for the suggestion…I’ve never heard of Danville so I’ll have to do a little more research right now!

  28. Eve Sibley

    Hi Earl! Did you find your home yet? I’ve been fairly nomadic for the last 7 years (not nearly as much as you, but have not stayed in one place longer than 6 months, spent most of the last 4 years in India). I’ve also recently decided that its time to find a base. I put word out to my FB friends who have suggested a variety of cities and so far my top picks from their suggestions are Buenos Aires, Berlin, Barcelona, Sevilla, and Lisbon. I’ve used Astro-location Astrology to help narrow down choices and am leaning towards Lisbon 🙂 heading to check it out this spring! Would love to know what you decide and why!
    Best of Luck!

    1. Wandering Earl

      Hey Eve – I have not found a home yet! With my travels and the blogging and other projects I’ve taken on, it’s been difficult for me to actually stop and really try and find a place. But it will happen soon, I feel it! Let us know how Lisbon goes if that ends up being your choice!

  29. Brandi

    Not sure if you found a place, I just found this site but I’ll put in my vote for Roanoke, VA. Have you heard of it? I’ve been here my whole life…although I travel out of here quite a bit. Small city of roughly 300,000 people with a low cost of living. 3 hours from DC to the north or 3 hours to Charlotte, NC to the south (which has an international airport). It has a very low crime rate and an up and coming food scene. Takes about 4 hours to get to the beach but it is a valley which is completely surrounded by mountains for hiking, which includes, The Appalachian Trail. Also, it has all 4 seasons, none of which are extreme at any time. Check it out…

    1. Wandering Earl

      Hey Brandi – Thanks for sharing your city and I have heard of Roanoke. Never been, but have heard about it. I have some family in the DC area so the next time I’m there visiting, I’ll try and head down to VA for a visit.

      1. MCFox

        Hey Earl, next time you’re in the DC area let me know. I’ve just started reading your blog and we’ve exchanged a couple of e-mails about RTW travel. I would love to meet you in person.

        I doubt I can add much to your search, but have you considered the Algarve, Costa del Sol or Dalmation coast? Or possibly Montevideo?

  30. Kane

    Sorry, I’m a few years too late too! Saw your blog as I was Googling cool / safe places to stay for less than $1,000 a month… (current target: Costa Ria)

    I would recommend Dubai for the comfortable lifestyle, beaches, sea, warm climate, English speaking, with a ton of anglo- and non-anglo expats. However, it’s a good standard of living for a high cost (rent, alcohol).

    1. Wandering Earl

      Hey Kane – Thanks for recommending Dubai. The only thing is that I’ve been to Dubai a few times already and to be honest, it’s not my kind of place. It just doesn’t have the kind of vibe that I like in a destination so I can’t see myself enjoying living there too much.

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