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501 Places
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A Little Adrift
Almost Fearless
Am I Nearly There Yet?
Bacon is Magic
Borderless Travels
Canvas of Light
Chicky Bus
Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler
Don’t Fly Go
Expert Vagabond
Enjoy Living Abroad
Fevered Mutterings
Flashpacker HQ
Flip Nomad
Fogg Odyssey
Fox Nomad
Geeky Explorer
Globetrotter Girls
Go Backpacking
Go Chase the Sun
Go. See. Write.
Indefinite Adventure
Jack & Jill Travel
Jet Set Citizen
Just One Way Ticket
Keep Calm & Travel
Ken Kaminesky
Lash World Tour
Legal Nomads
Man On The Lam
Man Versus World
Man Vs. Clock
Monk Bought Lunch
Never Ending Voyage
Nomadic Chick
Nomadic Notes
Nomadic Samuel
One Step 4ward
On Our Own Path
Ordinary Traveler
Otts World
Phil In The Blank
Quiet Wanderings
Raam Dev
Runaway Guide
See the World in my Eyes
Shameless Traveler
Simplicity Collective
Solo Friendly
So Many Places
Someday I’ll Be There
The Longest Way Home
The Lost Backpack
The Planet D
The Professional Hobo
The Road Forks
Traveling 9 to 5
Traveling Canucks
Traveling Savage
Travel Reportage
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Turkey’s for Life
Unconventional Life
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Wandering Trader
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Recommended Tools


*Official Flight Booking Engine of Wandering Earl*
JetRadar – excellent airfare search engine with their heavily discounted “Magic Fares
More information: JetRadar Airfare Search Engine


Hostelworld – the best way to find hostels all over the world
Couchsurfing – meet locals, crash on their couches, have a unique experience
Airbnb – great option to rent rooms/apartments/homes for short-term stays directly from owners

Work & Travel:

Workaway – work exchange opportunities around the world
HelpX – another solid resource for work exchange opportunities

Link Policy: While I generally don’t do link exchanges, if you have any other suggestions or have your own blog, please send me an email. I’m always interested in finding new blogs to follow, especially those that may also be of interest to the readers of this site!

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  2. Robert says:

    Great blog Earl, i have done the same as i work away, now mainly in Australia, but i still live in the UK, it be a honor for me to put your link on my site if you wish.

    Your blog is really fantastic as i share the same sort of thing, i travel a lot


  3. Petra says:

    Hi Earl,
    you should definitely check
    it can find cheaper flights than JetRadar

    • Wandering Earl says:

      Hey Petra – I’ve tried Momondo many times over the years but I’ve always found cheaper flights on other sites.

  4. Anna says:

    Great list! I’d love to be included in it 😉

  5. Cash says:

    Hi Earl ,

    I’m a huge fan of your blog . Have you heard of I just stumbled across it when i was looking up places to potentially visit . Its a database of homestays and volunteering at any place in the world you can think of which offer you a place to stay in exchange for a bit of work . I immediately wanted to tell you about it . Its definitely easier than searching on google all day lol !


    • Wandering Earl says:

      Hey Cash – I’ve definitely heard of Workaway and I’ve mentioned them many times on the blog as a great option. Definitely worth checking out for anyone trying to get started with long-term travel.

      • Yara Coelho says:

        I had such bad experiences with Workaway… And seems like most travelers I meet also get exploited by the families, most people are ok with overworking and having nothing in return but a bed, but I got really upset I wasted so much time and a bit of money on that website.

  6. Congrats on Today’s NY Times Article! There is hope for us Travel Bloggers… not sure if this link will show up:

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