Apartment in Playa del Carmen

How To Find An Apartment In Playa del Carmen

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Apartment in Playa del Carmen

As I mentioned in a post about Playa del Carmen a few weeks ago, travelers I’ve met here in this coastal Mexican town typically seem to pass through a remarkably similar set of stages.

They get off the bus.
They stand in shock at seeing so many tourists.
They immediately hate the place.
They book a room and plan to leave the next day.
They walk around.
They start to like the place.
They go to the beach.
They now love the place.
They eat at a restaurant away from the tourist zone.
They now want to move here for a while.
They ask me for apartment recommendations.

That’s the power of Playa del Carmen.

But since I’ve already written about that, this post is an answer to that final stage. It is an answer to the question, “How do I find an apartment in Playa del Carmen?


This is the biggest dilemma. Should you try and secure an apartment in Playa del Carmen before you arrive or should you wait until you get here before you begin your search?

I’ve always felt that the best method of finding an apartment is to show up and do your research on the ground. Not only does this ensure that you know exactly what you’re renting, but you’ll also have infinitely more options to choose from.

Also, consider this. If you were to search right now for an apartment in Playa del Carmen, you’d probably go to Google and type in “Apartments for rent in Playa del Carmen”.

Well, let me ask you… Would it make sense for someone in Japan to search Japanese-language websites in order to try and find an apartment to rent in the USA? Not really.

So, if you’re interested in finding an apartment in Playa del Carmen, searching online in English won’t get you very far. You’ll find plenty of websites full of apartments for rent, but these websites will all be geared towards foreigners who don’t realize that searching in English for apartments in a Spanish-speaking country is not the best of ideas (for anyone looking to save money).

Local apartment owners are not going to advertise their apartments on the internet in English, unless they are trying to attract vacationers who don’t mind paying exorbitant weekly rates. As an example, I have a friend who rented an apartment for one month from an English-language website before actually arriving in Playa del Carmen. He paid $3200 USD for his place, which was located in a building where apartments are typically rented to locals for $900 USD per month.

Had this person showed up in town and contacted local apartment owners directly, he would have easily saved over $2200 USD.

That’s obviously a great deal of money to be saved, which is whey I always recommend traveling to Playa del Carmen first, spending a day or two wandering the streets and calling the phone numbers on every For Rent (Se Renta) sign you pass. There are literally hundreds of excellent apartments available in this town and most of them are not advertised online, especially not in English.

For Rent Sign - Playa del Carmen


A common, and quite reasonable, question that I am often asked is, “Can I get a good deal if I don’t speak Spanish?”

The answer is yes. Contacting local apartment owners instead of owners and real estate agencies focused on the tourist market will always get you a better deal, even if the extent of your Spanish is “Hola, agua, cerveza”.

Of course, speaking Spanish can land you an even better deal, but usually only if you’re completely fluent or able to convince a local that you’re from Mexico, which is not easy to do. The problem is, as soon as an apartment owner discovers that you’re a foreigner, and regardless of your Spanish-speaking abilities, the rent automatically increases to a level that is more than what locals would pay.

On the other hand, if you can communicate in Spanish, then you have an advantage in terms of being able to search websites such as VivaStreet.com, which lists, in Spanish, dozens and dozens of apartments for rent that are being marketed to locals, not only in Playa del Carmen, but all over Mexico.


Once you find some apartments that you’re interested in, the absolute best method for securing the lowest rent possible is to have a local Mexican inquire about the rent and negotiate on your behalf, while you hide in the bushes (or around the corner).

This is actually the method I used when I returned to Playa del Carmen a couple of months ago. I typically waited in the car, and sometimes in the bushes, while Liz, who is Mexican, negotiated with apartment owners. In the end, we managed to land a 2-bedroom apartment for $800 USD per month that normally is rented to foreigners for $800 USD per week. I only showed my face after the owner gave Liz the ‘local discount’.

Of course, I’m aware that most people looking to live in Mexico for a while probably don’t have a local Mexican friend ready to start negotiating for them, but I’m actually in the process of creating a solution to that very problem. At the end of this post I’ll reveal some of the details.

Apartment in Playa del Carmen


If you’re searching for an apartment while in Playa del Carmen and you find one that you like, it pays to ask other tenants of the same apartment building how much they pay per month. While this might seem like an uncomfortable question to ask a complete stranger, it is actually quite common here in Mexico and people will usually be more than willing to give out that information. Knowing what others are paying for similar apartments obviously helps you determine whether the rent you were quoted is what it should be or if it’s too high.

Also, if you’re only planning to stay here for 1 or 2 weeks, you’re best option is to stay at one of the small boutique hotels in the center of town that offer excellent rooms in beautiful settings for around $30 – $50 USD per night. Apartments will be outrageously expensive for such a short period of time.

On the other end of the spectrum, the longer you’re planning to stay, the better deal you’ll be able to get on an apartment. If you’re able to commit to a 3 or 6 month contract, especially if it’s during low season, which runs from May to October, you’ll be in the best position possible to really grab a great deal on a place.

Finally, there is always one other method that you should consider using when searching for an apartment, a method I wrote about last year in my post “How To Rent An Expensive Apartment For A Budget Price“.


Given the amount of emails that I receive from people interested in moving to Playa del Carmen, I recently started thinking of ways for me to help make the process easier for everyone. And I think I’ve come up with a solid idea.

I don’t want to make a formal announcement yet before the kinks are all worked out, but the general concept is to have a team of local Mexican friends available to do your apartment hunting and price negotiating for you.

They’ll inspect apartments, take videos and photos of the exterior and interior, which they’ll send to you along with a full report, and they’ll negotiate the rent for you, which ensures that the rent offered will be at the local rate. Once you’re happy with the apartment and the quoted rent, our team will close the deal and then pass along your details to the apartment owner.

This solution ensures that you end up paying local rents without having to speak Spanish and without having to wait until you arrive in Playa del Carmen to search for an apartment. I know that I would have personally loved to use such a service in many of the places I’ve lived around the world, which is why I’m confident that this idea will prove useful for many people.

For now, until I make a more official announcement, if you’re thinking about renting an apartment in Playa del Carmen for 1 month or more, I invite you to send me an email and I’ll gladly forward you some more details.

Any other tips to add? Anyone headed to Playa del Carmen in the near future?

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Comments 115

  1. Brad

    Hello Earl. Would be interested in resources to help me find an apartment in Playa for 6 months or so. Could you please advise. I like the solution to have a local person/team handle my apartment search. Would be well worth their fee.

    1. Post

      Hey Brad – Thanks for the comment. At the moment, to be honest, I don’t have any resources as things ahve changes quite a bit over the past couple of years in Playa. It is simply far more expensive than it used to be so finding good deals is very difficult unfortunately. Your best bet now is to contact real estate agents and hope you find a reputable one that can assist with what you’re looking for. But the days of $500 per month apartments are pretty much over. A good 1 BR in the city center is around $800+ these days, utilities not included.

  2. Melissa Bahre

    Mr. Padron, could you please send me an email address as a means to contact you. We are planning a 2 week vacation in July & are hoping to return at the beginning of September. I saw your response to several peoples requests regarding housing. I’m hoping to hear from you soon. I can be reached at melissa.bahre@gmail.com

  3. Mrs Lydia Gibbs

    Hi Earl .. .My husband and I would like to visit playa del Carmen in July 2018 for six months ,our highest budget is $600.00 a month,and would like to be as close to the beach and 5th ave as possible …hoping to hear a favourable response Lydia.

    1. Mrs Lydia Gibbs

      PS…we need a one bedroom with kitchenette.. Stove with oven,fridge… laundry facilities etc… Balcony with a view of the sea , a/c ,fan… I am sure. you will come through for us ,.thanks Lydia

    2. Post

      Hey Lydia – Thanks for the comment but honestly, I can tell you that what you’re looking for won’t be possible. To have a view of the sea, you’ll need at least $1200 USD per month as the apartments that have a view are all more high-end. There really aren’t any budget places so close to the water any more. $600 would only get you a very simple studio apartment in an area that would be about 15 minutes walk from the sea. Playa is much more expensive than it used to be unfortunately.

        1. Post

          I don’t actually rent apartments as I’m not living in Playa any more. This is just based on the situation there as I do have plenty of friends living there and one working in real estate. You can contact her – Liz – at elizabeth@rentingplayadelcarmen.com and she might be able to help. The only thing is that it is very rare to have electricity included because it is so expensive there. So that would be an extra expense with every apartment.

  4. Melissa Bahre

    Earl, I am inquiring about your idea of having locals act on behalf of people relocating in regard to housing? I think it’s an exceptional idea & was hoping for more info. Love the idea of hiding in the bushes! Look forward to hearing back from you.

  5. Monesha

    Hi Earl,

    I am hoping to move to playa del carmen after grad school June 2018 for a few months but I would like to work in a nonprofit/human services field. Do they have jobs in playa de carmen that pertains to nonprofit work? Thanks in advance and your great tips!

    1. Post

      Thanks for the comment Monesha but I’m not too sure about that question. I’m no longer living there so I don’t have any updated information on that unfortunately.

  6. Ron Rudat

    My wife has been saying for years she wants to move to Mexico and live on the water. Are there many retirees living in Playa? And what do you do when retired besides going to the beach? I am an artist and would love to paint down there. We would love to get the feeling of Mexico in a traditional style apartment hacienda. Do they have anything like that down there?

    1. Post

      Hey Ron – There are plenty of retirees in Playa, that’s for sure! As for what you do, it’s up to you 🙂 Everyone has their own interests and they participate in all kinds of activities, depending on what they like. Water activities, art classes, yoga, volunteering, teaching…the list goes on and on! As for a traditional style place to live…that’s a little hard to find in Playa since this is Caribbean Mexico, which is quite different culturally from the rest of Mexico. It doesn’t exactly have that traditional Mexico feel, it’s more like a Caribbean island given its location right on the Caribbean Sea.

  7. Laura Smith

    I am interested in spending January – March 2017 in Playa del Carmen and would like to rent an apartment for the three months my husband and I are there. We would want a furnished one bedroom apartment with a kitchen so we could do some of our own cooking. We also need air con and wireless internet. Our price would be around $500.00 Canadian. Do you have any contacts we could use or ideas for finding a place to rent?

    1. Post

      Hey Laura – Unfortunately, these days, especially during the highest tourist season (Jan – Mar), it’s impossible to find an apartment in Playa del Carmen for that price. 1 BR apartments would start at about $800 USD plus utilities to be anywhere near the center of town and the beach. The town has become a lot more expensive lately.

      1. Rebecca

        Hi Derek,

        What would a studio run for those months in USD? I could maybe do without AC that time of year, and I don’t even need to be that close to the beach. In fact, I’d prefer a pool. But really, all I actually need is somewhere that’s walking distance from some places to eat and a convenient bus ride to a grocery store. But it’s gotta have good wifi.

        Basically, I’m just going there for the weather and the food, to work and hopefully save on expenses.

        Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.


    2. Carlos Padron

      Laura hello there

      I am from Mexico and I have a very good option for you. A nice house with kitchen, air con, and a nice swiming pool. Brand new house. If interested, plese let me know. 700 USD per month.

      1. Mrs Lydia Gibbs

        Hi Carlos… Just saw this email of places you have on offer, we’re looking for a budget rental for 2 or 3 months could be more , depending on price… 2 bedroom ,5 min walk to the beach and 5th Ave with view,
        All utilities included, stove with oven ect !.. Lydia.

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  9. Roberta

    Hi Chris, I jus booked a flight for myself and my 2 children to spend Christmas (28 days) in Playa del Carmen. I need to find a super affordable, budget friendly apartment. The top of my budget would be $800 usd. The idea of going to a foreign country with kids and not having a place to go freaks me out!!

    Thanx in advance,

  10. nicola

    Hi Earl,

    just discovered this website when searching for places to rent in Playa. My family will be staying in playa for 2-3 month in jan-april and I was wondering if you now any good webpages or similar where I can find decent priced apartments for a family of 6 – 2 adults and 4 children?



      1. Adriana


        Is this email for Liz still in use? I found somewhere, I just was wondering if she knew any better please!

  11. Melanie Dodge

    Sara- Did you find out any further information about working at the hotel there? I would love to hear any details. We are thinking of moving there in March.



    1. Gaelle

      Hi Melanie,

      As part of a homework for a business program I am doing, I am doing some market research about people who think of relocating to a beach in a foreign country. I’d love to interview you to know what is making you wanna move and what difficulties you may have along the way. If you would be up for a little call or a skype, please send me an email at mobilefrenchie@gmail.com
      I am living in Playa since last year and in exchange I would be happy to share my experience or answer any questions I might be able to help you with!

  12. Sara

    Aloha From Hawaii!
    Just came across this post. I am heading there in 2 weeks. I was there over 15 years ago when I worked in Cancun for a student travel company doing Grad Trips. (talk about a crazy time.) back when it was a sleepy hippy town and I loved it. Anyhow, I work for a large hotel chain and they are building a property there, so I thought I would go scope it out again. Not sure how hard it is to work as a foreigner, but think my company will get proper permits, if I transfer. Did you know of any Americans legally working there? Also, any real estate companies to suggest?

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