Beach in Cancun, Mexico

Here’s $50 To Get You Excited About Travel

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Beach in Cancun, Mexico
We all think about travel. Chances are that we all find ourselves daydreaming about travel quite often as well. Even I daydream about travel…even when I’m traveling. That’s how attractive the idea of visiting foreign lands can be.

But there is clearly a difference between thinking or daydreaming about travel and that feeling of pure travel euphoria that suddenly strikes from time to time, a feeling so intense that we are left wanting nothing else but to be instantly transported overseas. Suddenly, not only do we want to be riding camels across the deserts of India, swimming in the waters of Tahiti and wandering through the Roman Colosseum, we want to be doing all of these things RIGHT NOW!

We go from being merely excited about travel to being so insanely, super-flipping excited that we can’t sit still and we start trying to re-arrange our lives so that we can begin a new trip immediately.

I’m sure any of you travelers out there know exactly what I’m talking about. And even those of you who have yet to travel probably experience certain moments as well when you feel an uncommonly strong urge to drop everything, run straight to the airport and get on a flight to somewhere new.

So what is it that turns on that switch?

For me, it always changes. Sometimes the excitement is cranked up upon purchasing a flight ticket or obtaining a visa from the Embassy of a country I’m planning to visit. Other times, it’s from reading a particular book or magazine article or listening to a certain song. And there are even times when it may be from something as seemingly insignificant as buying a new pair of sandals because my current ones simply won’t survive being dragged through another country.

Yes, sometimes that’s all it takes. With new sandals in hand (or on feet) I’m ready to embark on another adventure, and that realization can send me into a such a state of joy that it’s as if I’m in the midst of an out-of-body experience.

Before I left home back in 1999 to start this life of travel, the grand moment of excitement came when I purchased my very first backpack. I’ll never forget that day when I put a Kelty Redwing 2900 on the checkout counter at Eastern Mountain Sports in Boston and told the clerk, “I’ll take it”. (At least that’s what I think I said. My excitement at that very moment was so uncontrollable that it probably came out as “Owl techie.”)

Anyway, the point is, we all have something that sends us into that glorious state of travel euphoria, where the only thing on our mind is finding a way to get out there and experience this world of ours. If it’s not buying a backpack or a flight ticket, maybe it’s reading a guidebook for some faraway, exotic land that you hope to visit one day. It could be anything and…

Whatever it is, I want to help you reach that level of excitement. So here’s what I’m going to do…

$50 Travel Euphoria Giveaway

Here are the rules:

1. Leave a comment below explaining what gets you into that state of travel euphoria where you become so excited about travel that nothing else seems to matter.


2. Head over to my Facebook Fan Page and if you haven’t already, “Like” the page. (This is an important step, although the only reason I included it is because I’d love to have more Facebook fans! But in order to win, you’ll need to “Like” the page.)

And that’s it.

In one week from now, at 6pm GMT (2pm EST in the US) on July 23rd, 2011, I’m going to choose one comment at random (using the website and that person will receive $50 towards whatever it is that would immediately get them super-excited about travel. To make it more interesting, if by 6pm GMT on July 23rd there are at least 100 comments on this post, I will pick 2 winners who will each receive $50 to help them reach travel euphoria.

So be sure to spread the word! And remember…

It doesn’t matter if you plan to start traveling tomorrow, next month or even next year, it’s never too early or too late to start getting excited about the adventures that lie ahead!

Please note: If the item that will make you most excited to travel can be found on, your $50 prize will be in the form of an Gift Card. However, if the item is not available on Amazon or you currently reside in a country where you cannot receive packages, I will use another method to ensure you receive your prize in full. (This is not a sponsored giveaway.)

Good luck!

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Comments 79

  1. Craig Lan

    I know it’s after the contest, but I did get the travel goosebumps from reading what gets everyone else excited about travel so I thought I’d share my own! Whenever I read FB / Twitter posts from old friends I’ve made while on the road or while living in other countries, I immediately start reminiscing about new places I might check out, new ways of looking at the world, new food *especially*, and fun people I might never get to meet otherwise.

    1. Earl

      Hey Craig – That works and the end of your comment sums it all up for me as well. I am always thinking about all of the people out there in the world that I would never come into contact with if I don’t continue traveling!

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  3. Earl

    I just wanted to let everyone know that the winner of this giveaway has now been announced on my latest post!

    And I also want to thank you all for your participation 🙂


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  5. Zofia

    For me it’s buying airline ticket. I’m always dreaming, planning where to go next, reading travel books, buying guides, but in the minute when I purchase ticket it is it. I’m flying high.

  6. Desi Ilieva

    It is this sparkle in my mind that starts it all: “It must be possible! There must be a way to go there.”
    And that’s how I started travelling back in the mid 90s when Bulgarians had an average income of 15 euro per month and could not get a visa to even visit their neighbouring countries. I haven’t stopped since then, and my two-year-old princess adds a whole new dimension to how we experience travel now.

  7. G @ Operation Backpack Asia

    I’m always in a state of perpetual preparation for the next adventure or chapter, even if I’m knee-deep in the current one. Great ideas beget more great ideas after all, and life’s too fun to not be excited about all the possibilities! But the excitement tipping point is that one moment that it goes from being just an idea or one of many possibilities to the next actual Plan. Everything from then on revolves around that, and it’s Going to happen. You’re writing your own adventures and memories, and it’s all up to you what they’re going to be? That’s some exciting stuff!

  8. Michael

    For me what gets me going is imagining myself arriving at the terminal at the new country, since that’s when it finally hits home “Wow.. I’m in a whole new country!” So once I decide I’m going somewhere, I imagine myself looking at those foreign words in the terminal and that gets me pumped as to what’s going to happen next and what’s the first adventure here!

  9. grace

    You’ve got one life to live.. lets live it the best we can.. that’s a phrase in a song that always push me to wanna travel the world because I wanna see its beauty while I’m still here

  10. Jeremy

    I think it hits me at different times but definitely really hits me when I start discussing possible itinerary outlines and activities with a travel partner.

  11. these parts unknown

    Before I book travel it’s like standing on a high dive, with my toes dangling over the edge. Is it the best place? The lowest airfare? Will I like it? Am I nuts? Hitting the pay button is the jump. Relief washes through me, apprehension is gone, and I can swim in the excitement of preparation.

    1. Earl

      @these parts unknown: That is an excellent way to describe it and I think that many of us can relate. Those same questions still go through my head every time I book something 🙂

  12. Kathy Winn-Worley

    The motto of, “Just Do It” , inspires me to go after whatever you want whenever you can! Do not let anyone sway you and go with what makes you happy plain and simple! See what you can in this big beautiful world of ours!

  13. Todd D

    Though looking into and reading about various destinations can be exhilarating. I gotta go with the moment I buckle my seat belt for take off. It’s that feeling that anything and everything is out of your hands. You’re on your way and there’s nothing you can do about it. You have talked the talk for the last couple months and now it’s time to walk the walk!

  14. simply three cents

    My ‘moment’ is as soon as I press purchase for airline tickets. Since I’m always researching and planning and dreaming, the ‘purchase’ button seals the deal. When I booked the flights for my recent trip to Argentina, it was nearly midnight, I had work the next day and all I could do was jump up and down on the bed in excitement. And I should add, I’m in my thirties.

    1. Earl

      @simply three cents: Haha…nothing wrong with that! As we get older though we just need to make sure we don’t fall off the bed and injure ourselves 🙂

  15. Ewelina

    I get so excited when I watch house hunters international too, but if anybody mentions going on vacation my face lights up and if it’s a place I want to go I add it to my list.

  16. Maria

    That excitement is constant in me. It’s not that I think the grass will be ‘better’ on the other side of the fence, but how do I know? How do I know if there is grass on the other side at all? I have to travel, climb the fence and check it out for myself. -*grin*

  17. Frances Zarnitzky

    Reading travel blogs at work, which makes me think of the separate account I set up to save for the BIG trip, which reminds me why I’m declining a dinner invitation during Restaurant Week in NYC.

  18. Eric

    Reading travel books does it for me. Not just any travel book has produced this euphoria but there are ones that have resonated with me and sent me into a tizzy. I just had to be where this person was writing about. No wonder the travel literature section is the first place I browse when visiting a bookstore.

  19. Maureen

    The euphoria starts with the anticipation and planning stage. It is sustained by reading guidebooks, looking at blogs, and practicing the language….the best part is when I finally am seated on that plane and become airborne! The possibilities are endless. That’s what really fuels me.

  20. Nomadic Samuel

    Earl, I can honestly admit that I never really truly get away from the traveler’s mindset. I split the majority of my time backpacking or teaching English in South Korean. When I’m backpacking I’m fully immersed in what I’m doing on the road and when I’m teaching I spend the majority of my free time researching new destinations, working on photo and video projects, or reading travel related materials. Now I’ve got my own travel blog to add to this obsessive mix 😛

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