Dream Destination

I’m Off to My Dream Destination for My 40th. Guess and Win!

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Dream Destination
On March 31st, I shall turn 40 years old. And tomorrow I’m off to my dream destination.

When it comes to turning 40, I’m all good.

Of course, there’s always a chance that the clock will strike midnight on that day and I’ll have a breakdown, then head off to Ibiza, pluck the first few gray hairs from my head, rent a Harley and cruise up and down the main strip, trying to feel as carefree and invincible as I did when I was 18.

Is that how it works?

I highly doubt that will happen though.

In all honesty, what a 40 years it’s been. From growing up in a town outside of Boston, to three different universities scattered around two countries, to wanting a career as a sports agent and then to a post-school life that I could never have envisioned, and that certainly didn’t involve becoming a sports agent.

Visiting ten countries? Maybe I would have believed that to be possible.

A year or two of traveling? Absurd, but I guess it could happen somehow.

98 countries (with #99 and #100 coming up next month), 18 years of travel, working as a blogger, organizing tours, living in various destinations overseas? Absolutely unimaginable!

(Take that as a lesson – the most unimaginable goals in life really can be achieved. It’s no joke and as a result, there is little time to waste. Please take a step today, even a tiny one, towards some goal or dream that you want to reach in life but have yet to move towards. Again, just a tiny step. It’s the only way to build momentum and actually make that change happen.)

So, When’s the Birthday Party?

As I write this post, I can easily remember when my father turned 40 years old. We had a big party for him at our house. Dozens of friends and family attended, we had a BBQ, the adults drank a little and it was a grand occasion. I recall wondering at the time what my very own 40th birthday party would be like when the day arrives.

Well, the day has arrived.

But it turns out that my 40th birthday won’t quite be like that one. I don’t have a house to party in, my family and friends are quite scattered around the globe and oddly enough, I don’t travel with a BBQ grill.

Am I sad about that? Not at all.

Here’s why…

I Really Am Off to My Dream Destination!

Ever since I was about 13 years old, when I read a particular article in a travel magazine, there has been one country on this planet that I have labeled as my ‘dream destination’. It might seem odd that, despite my life of travel, I have yet to visit my one and only dream destination, but that’s how things turned out.

Maybe I was just waiting for the right time.

Recently it occurred to me. I’ll be damned. It’s now the right time!

Tomorrow, off to my dream destination I shall go. My girlfriend and I will spend almost two weeks in this location, which will include my 40th birthday celebration on March 31st.

For me, it is a dream come true, literally. And despite the places I’ve been in my life, I still can’t believe this is actually happening!

Where is this dream destination?

Well, I can’t tell you that, at least not right now. This is going to be a surprise trip that I’ll reveal once I’m there.

But to make things interesting…

Wandering Earl’s 40th Birthday Giveaway

If you want to guess my dream destination, please go for it!

Here’s how it will work:

1. Leave a comment on this post or on today’s FB post with your guess.

2. Only one guess per person.

3. Guesses are accepted until 11am EST on March 24th.

4. On March 25th I shall reveal my dream destination (I’ll already have arrived by then).

5. The first three people who guess the correct destination (based on day and time) will win a gift package containing:

  • cool local products from my three upcoming destinations
  • 50% discount voucher for a Wandering Earl Tour
  • $50 VISA gift card

** If I receive more than 500 comments on this post (on the blog and FB post combined), I’m then going to choose three more comments at random, regardless of whether it is the correct guess or not, and those people will receive the above prizes as well.

6. If you are a winner, you will be notified directly on March 25th.

*Close friends and family of both my girlfriend and I, who already know the destination, are not eligible!! Sorry 🙂

So, what’s your guess? Where is my dream destination?

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Comments 182

  1. Izy Berry

    Belated Happy Birthday, Derek!! That island was WOW. And those rocks at the back? It looked like someone had manually placed them on top of each other to look picture perfect. Thanks for taking us along with that video!

  2. Post
      1. Post

        Hey Esther – As I had stated in the post, the winners would be the first 3 people who guessed correctly. There were about 5 or 6 people who had guessed Seychelles before you. Sorry!

  3. Daniel Martins

    Here’s my guess: Brazil ! If I’m right and you need any help navigating the country, let me know! And my wife and I wish you a happy 40th! (I’m getting there soon…)

    1. Post
  4. adam coletta

    Hi Earl! Well, since you say you haven’t been there and you recently arrived in Africa I will go with Madagascar ??

  5. Ray

    For your 40th Birthday, I imagine it has to be something that was very intriguing that you have still been thinking about this place since you were 13 years old. My guess is that you are going to Peru to hike the Inca Trail and finally visit Machu Picchu. While the four day hike is doable, the second day is definitely challenging and a great way to test your strength – both mental and physical – as you look forward to your 40th year on this planet. If I am right, then I really hope you enjoy the trek. It is certainly worth it!

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