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How I Stay Organized While Traveling & Working

How I Stay Organized While Traveling, Working & Being A Fool

I have two brains. There is my work brain and my travel brain. And the truth is that these two brains are not the best of friends. As much as I have tried over the years, I can’t seem to … Read more

Guide to Travel Blogging

Wandering Earl’s Guide To Travel Blogging…Sort Of

It’s been some four years since I wrote my first blog post on this site. Four insane years. When I clicked the “Publish” button on that very first post back in 2009, never could I have envisioned the wild ride … Read more

Make Money Online

How I Make Money Online To Support My Travels

Ever since 2008, which is when I decided to stop working on board cruise ships, something I had been doing on and off for several years prior, I’ve known no other work but the kind that can be done on … Read more

Inspiring Travel Stories

Ordinary People & Their Inspiring Travel Stories

Ever since I arrived back in Bucharest some ten days ago, my level of motivation has been at an all-time high, so much so that even the gray communist-style apartment blocks scattered all over this city seem inspiring these days. … Read more

Work Around the World

42 Ways You Can Make Money and Travel the World

Have you ever asked yourself, “How will I possibly make money while traveling?” or “How will I survive on the road?” or maybe “How can I can’t start traveling when I don’t have much money?”. Chances are that these very … Read more

Berat, Albania

How I Can Still Afford My Life Of Constant Travel

The most popular post on this blog has been “How I Can Afford My Life of Constant Travel”, a post I wrote back in April 2011. The idea of that post was to offer better insight into exactly how I’ve … Read more

Great Ocean Road, Australia

Do Long-Term Travelers Prepare For Retirement?

There seems to be a general belief that anyone who decides to travel extensively or to give up the traditional 9-5 lifestyle in favor of a life that focuses on the achievement of one’s goals, is at least in some … Read more

Working in Florida

There’s Nothing Wrong With A 40-Hour Workweek

Four-hour workweeks, two-hour workweeks, zero-hour workweeks…that’s what it’s all about, right? After a little research, anyone looking to break out of the traditional path in life, especially those of you who want to do some traveling, will undoubtedly discover an … Read more

Johns Hopkins University

Do You Need A University Degree To Travel Long-Term?

The quick answer to this question is of course a big fat ‘no’. It’s not as if you’ll be asked for your university diploma when entering a new country and you certainly won’t need to show proof of extended study … Read more

US Passport

Long-Term Travel: Does Nationality Play A Role?

Let me ask. Is it easier for me to travel extensively because I am from the USA? I personally don’t think so. However, I tend to receive the occasional email from people who feel that creating a life of travel … Read more