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Live From Here (Episode 2): Jalal-abad, Kyrgyzstan

Welcome to the second episode of Wandering Earl: Live From Here, my new video series. Here’s a little background for this next episode… Two weeks ago, I was in the town of Jalal-abad, Kyrgyzstan when I learned about an old … Read more

Wandering Earl: Live From Here! (New Travel Video Series)

After a bit of thinking recently, I realized that the time has come for me to….eat more pickles. I love pickles and it’s just a shame that I haven’t been eating them as much as I would like as of … Read more

Video: Why You Should Travel To Socotra Island

Few people have even heard of this place and even fewer people have any idea where it’s located. But for those who do know and who do travel to Socotra Island, which happens to be one of the most isolated … Read more

Video: I’m Going On Vacation Tomorrow

Sometimes I just feel like making a video… (If you’re seeing this post via email, please click here to view the video.)When’s the last time you’ve taken a vacation? Was it a good one? Are you going on vacation soon? … Read more

I Have Absolutely Nothing To Say Today

For the past thirty minutes, I have typed nothing. Not a word. And the staff here at the Cafe Coffee Day, a sort of Starbucks-like Indian coffee chain, have started whispering to each other every time they glance in my … Read more

From My Beach Hut…A Quick Guide to Palolem Beach, Goa

It’s high season here in the laid-back, popular tourist destination that is Goa, India. And despite the fact that most locals I’ve met have told me that this is the slowest high season they’ve seen in a while, there is … Read more

XShot Photos & A Wacky Video From A Remote Lighthouse

Welcome to the second post of my “XShot Series”, a series that involves the display of photos and videos that I have captured with my new favorite piece of travel gear, my XShot camera extender. As you might have read … Read more

The XShot – Why Every Traveler Should Carry One

It’s so simple, yet it’s such a brilliant idea. And it’s something that is useful for every single traveler who takes photos during their adventures around the world. It’s actually useful for any human being who takes photos of anything, … Read more

Video: Announcing My Travel Plans From The Bathtub

Now that I’ve finalized my travel plans for the next month or so, I wanted to announce the destinations I’ll be visiting. And what better way to do so than from the bathtub… **(If you’re reading this post via email, … Read more

A Stroll Along Istiklal Street in Istanbul

During my stay in Istanbul over the past five days, it occurred to me that taking a stroll along the city’s popular Istiklal Street is something that never gets old. This three-kilometer long, pedestrian-only avenue on the European side of … Read more