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Morning Reading

Five Steps to Bringing Home More Compelling Photographs This Year

This post involves something I’ve never done before – it is written by a guest writer. And the reason I decided to publish this article here is because the author, Darin Rogers, is a super nice guy who has taught … Read more

Long-Term Travel

A Test: Is Long-Term Travel Right For You?

Do you enjoy being challenged? Would you maintain your sanity if you had to constantly face unexpected situations, surprises, plans that always changed for one reason or another? Could you handle a lack of routine and perhaps not knowing where … Read more

Travel Questions - Baalbek

Facebook Randomness – Answers to All Your Travel Questions

An hour ago, I was about to start writing a post. Everything was in place – my laptop, my fruit salad, my glass of beer – until I quickly realized that one thing was missing. A topic. I had no … Read more

According to Plan

Why Your Travels (And Life) Should Never Go According To Plan

This post is brought to you by Bupa Travel Insurance. During my senior year of high school, and after a great deal of debate, I eventually chose the university that I would attend for the next stage of my studies. … Read more

Visit to Las Vegas

I Love Las Vegas & I’m Not Ashamed (Here’s Why…)

I love Las Vegas. I love it so much in fact that I made sure I included a visit to Las Vegas on the itinerary for my recent road trip around the Western USA back in December. That itinerary also … Read more

Eliza - Solo Female Travel

Advice From A Solo Female Traveler Riding Around The World

Her name is Eliza Massey. She’s 57 years old and she’s riding her motorcycle around a good chunk of the world over a period of 18 months…all on her own. I met Eliza while in Palolem, Goa, in the south … Read more

Budget Traveler

I’m A Budget Traveler, But I Don’t Mind Spending Money

It happens all the time of course. I show up in a new town, I check out a few different guesthouses or budget hotels, I ask for the room prices and then I make a decision. And when I first … Read more

Frequent Flyer Points

Air Travel – Fear. Cost. Frequent Flyer Points.

Fear. There was a time when I didn’t enjoy flying at all. In fact, it wasn’t too long ago that I wrote a post about that very subject, reaching the conclusion that the older I was getting, the more afraid … Read more

One Person Rule

The “One Person Rule” That Can Change It All

When I first began this blog several years ago, it was purely an experiment. I knew absolutely nothing about blogging and I had never really written much before, especially not for an audience. I also had no idea how to … Read more

Using Local SIM Cards

Mobile Phones & Travel: Save Money With Local SIM Cards

You arrive in Rome. You call your friend to have him pick you up from the airport. You talk for ten minutes. You still can’t find him, so you call again. Ten more minutes later, you finally understand where he’s … Read more